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  1. Low Attendance Threshold?

    So my memory is correct, it looks like around 2015 they can be moved for a penalty as long as certain ticket sales minimums aren't met.
  2. Low Attendance Threshold?

    To (kind of) answer your question about how low the attendance has to go to be able to break the lease, my understanding is that the lease is "unbreakable" until 2015, and beyond that there are attendance thresholds that must be met but I don't know what they are. In fact, a couple of years ago there was much discussion about it on these boards but no one was able to find a copy of the actual contract. So while we don't have hard numbers, I think it's obvious that there would be fewer entanglements for Heisley to sell/move the team if there was no one in Memphis that would be too sad to see them go.
  3. Wow, the Mike Conley bashing is getting out of hand.

    In your rambling, incoherent diatribe I failed to see anything resembling rational thought--just a lot of emotion. The FACT is that Mike Conley, contrary to customary practices in professional sports, was given his starting position before he started to produce, not after. And ever since he was given the reins, multiple moves have been made to make sure that the status quo at PG isn't threatened. If he plays well enough to justify his position then great, but don't say that the hiring of a 10-year all star is conditional upon his accepting a bench role without opportunity to compete for the starting job.
  4. Wow, the Mike Conley bashing is getting out of hand.

    I'm not as much "anti-Conley" as I am against the preferential treatment he's received since Hollins came on board. Hollins is his chief advocate, and Ron Tillery is their chief propaganda disseminator. By preferential treatment, I'm talking about several things...like why did we need to trade Kyle Lowry? We're in a position now where we're shopping for a backup PG, and we already had a competent backup in Lowry. The primary reason cited for the deal was that Conley didn't need to be constantly looking over his shoulder and having his confidence shattered. And then in the draft it seemed that the team's primary consideration was making sure they didn't bring in a guard that might give Conley competition. Nope, we can't have Rubio, Evans, or anyone else that might put heat on Conley because it will shatter his confidence...so let's take the big stiff (and don't give me any crap about Rubio's baggage, because the decision to draft Thabradley was made well before Rubio's agent started puffing his chest). And now that Iverson is being discussed, the only thing that the Grizzlies have made clear is that Iverson has to understand that developing Conley is their priority and that AI would have to be willing to come off the bench. Wow...you've won 60 games in the last 3 seasons and you tell a 10-time all-star that he can't come in and have the opportunity to compete for and win the starting job? Really? What ever happened to the concept of earning your minutes rather than being entitled to them?
  5. It's RANDOLPH for me

    A couple of questions for the Z-Bo lovers... 1. Where has Z-Bo gone in his career that he made a team better? 2. Where has Z-Bo gone and pushed a team into the playoffs? 3. Where has Z-Bo gone and not had a reporter write something along the lines of "Team X is looking to shed Zach Randolph's horrible contract"? 4. When has Z-Bo played ANY defense? I only ask because if a player scores 20 points but allows his man to get 25 then that's an extra 5 points the rest of the team has to deal with. 5. How many all-star games has Z-Bo played in? (Hint: If we're spending $16MM/yr on a guy then that answer shouldn't be zero).
  6. All Star GASOL

    What I think is amazing is that if Pau had never played in Memphis there would be multiple "should we gut the team to get Pau Gasol?" threads popping up everywhere. I can already see the arguments--"he's the best finisher in the league, he's a great shot blocker, he's the force we've always needed at the 4". Just goes to show you that success in the NBA is not based on the sum of the individual talents of the players on a team but rather how the talent you have fits together to build a cohesive unit. In other words, Dave Berri is full of crap.