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  1. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    Who says we can resign Reke? He did have his resurgence here. Might not happen with another club. He can get his shots and is a fan favorite. Top #5 draft pick, a good coach, and a healthy Conley and we're right back in the game.
  2. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    Marc was passive last night. I've seen him eat LA's lunch in year's past. He's killed DeAndre Jordan several times. Pitiful.
  3. KBM's draft thoughts and opinions

    We need an athletic wing or SG. Someone who can stretch the floor with shooting. No need for a big man unless we're trading Gasol.
  4. Memphis @ Phoenix 12/21/17

    We are tanking. We've won games with a worse roster. Marc can't be this bad.
  5. Rabb to the rescue!!

    I'd like to see him get more minutes. I need him to develop an elbow and baseline jumper.
  6. The issue is at this point, we only have four NBA players: Conley (oft-injured), Tyreke (injury history, but playing great), Parsons (oft-injured, playing on minutes-restriction), and Marc (injury history, not playing great). All four have injury histories that prohibit longevity (heel injuries, foot injuries, and knee injuries). Everyone else on the roster are fringe NBA players or non-NBA players. The contract situation with Jam Green set him back to have a terrible camp, not to mention his unfortunate injury on opening night. McLemore foot injury robbed him of a good start to this season. Wayne's quad injury robbed him of a good season. Brandon Wright played great in spurts until his fragility caught up with him. We banked on a healthy Parson, Gasol, Mike, and Tyreke. Reke is the only player our our Core Four to be relatively healthy. Many pundits had Jam Green as a breakout player, a developing Stretch 4, but that ankle injury and contract situation killed his projected improvement. Wayne Selden was predicted as our starting SG and he's been plagued by the same injury that hit KL in San Antonio. It is my belief that the injuries and lack of NBA talent has doomed this franchise for the foreseeable future. Marc is our only real asset at this time. Unless we trade him at the deadline, we will continue to be stuck in the bottom. Marc is my favorite Grizzly by far, but we need to rebuild on the fly. This year is wasted, so let's play Rabb, Brooks, Davis, Ben, and Harrison extended minutes, to gauge their value. We have to make some moves. Gasol for a couple of good players and a first round pick does it for me.
  7. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    Can we get some consistency? If we got consistent effort from Chalmers, Harrison, Jam, or Brooks I think we could be in games. Restricting Parson on back to backs should be lifted when it's a good team and at home.
  8. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    We traded the guy who once got 23 in a quarter to keep guys who couldn't score 23 in a month? Pitiful.
  9. How long is J B going to last?

    How on Earth do you not get a hot Gasol the ball in the 4th? We finally get him on fire and he becomes invisible down the stretch. Pitiful.
  10. Zach Lowe ESPN article

    Why can't we get shooters? You'd think that Wallace would be fired on that pretense alone. Failure to get us the players to complement Marc and Mike.
  11. Robin Lopez and Mirotic for Gasol. Mirotic will have to agree to the trade. Get someone while you can. Send him East.
  12. The amazing Brooks disappearing act

    Brooks is not a spot up shooter. That's all he'd ever be with this pathetic starting group.
  13. Miami @ Memphis 12/11/17

    Marc's terrible play is dropping his trade value. This must be done. If we don't trade him now, we're gonna have a slow, disgruntled, non-rebounding center with little or no value. We can't get any worse than we are now. Trade him for some assets now. Even if it's a couple of first rounders. No matter what, we're gonna be a lottery team for the next 2-3 years. We have no talent or assets outside of Tyreke, Marc, and Conley. No one is touching Parsons with a 10-foot pole. We are screwed if stand pat. We need a new voice. getting rid of Gasol might sting eventually, but we thought we'd be a bottom-feeder after trading Pau for beans.
  14. Miami @ Memphis 12/11/17

    Everyone on the team laid down tonight. Besides Gasol, Parsons, Mike, and Reke, everyone else should be blessed to be on an NBA roster and play their heart out. This roster is pathetic. Everyone knew we were ONE injury away from the lottery. Conley's injury was the straw that broke the bear's back.
  15. I advocating getting rid of TA, but I miss ZBo. He would be feasting on these PFs.