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  1. So now what?

    We can try to get Okafor from Philly. He is still first round talent. We need some help at center. Teams are starting to crowd Marc and cut off Reke's driving lanes. Besides those two and Conley, we have NO scores or shooters. At least Daniels could shoot us back into games with the 3-point shot. Now teams are daring us to beat them with the three and we just keep chunking them up.
  2. Conley out at least 2 weeks

    Conley is injured and water is wet. Things that are common.
  3. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Our starters are pathetic. I would have started him a long time ago. He is by far the best player on the team not named Gasol.
  4. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    If Conley scores his average, we win. He's playing like crap. Plain and simple.
  5. Tyreke is the most consistent Grizzly. That's not good.
  6. Mike and Marc are the problem. Gotta be consistent.
  7. Tyreke is doing EXACTLY what Coach wished everyone would do...SCORE
  8. They would not start for a single team in this league. Harrison is terrible. Martin is terrible. This allows teams to sag off of them and focus on Conley and Gasol. This is the same issue we had with starting TA, except he made up for it with defense. Same ol soup, just reheated.
  9. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Thank God Reke shots are falling. He is definitely a ball hog. Maybe he had a mandate to shoot? He's missed a lot of TA-like shots at the rim against the Rockets.
  10. McLemore/Selden

    When will McLemore or Selden be available? Harrison has to be the WORST starting 2-guard in the NBA. He's worst than having TA. Defenses sag off of him and dare him to shoot. At least TA moved without the ball. Any timeline for these two to return?
  11. I think the front office shut Parson down...no injury
  12. We have made so many mistakes, any in the top 10 could be #1.
  13. Memphis @ Atlanta 03/16/17

    Quote of the year!
  14. Memphis @ Chicago 03/15/17

    Carter can't sustain being a starter. Looked very tired to me. TA and ZBo missed 20 points worth of chippies at the basket.
  15. Roster Moves

    Watched OKC game against the Nets...they got better at the trade deadline. We stood pat. There's no way that we should have not traded away someone for pieces to aid in getting better. I never understood that about the Griz.