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  1. Can Rudy and Conley get us Rose and Thomas?
  2. mihm to griz

    postives from this trade: mihm may be filling a roster spot so we can deal several of our guys negatives: it may just be another money saver to show that Heisley is trying to get our payroll down to 10 dollars by the end of the 3 year plan.
  3. Nut Heads IV

    oh god dude why did you do this to me.
  4. Nut Heads IV

    weather in memphis is always bi-polar because of that big a$$ river next to us. it might snow over the weekend? wtf?
  5. Nut Heads IV

    so this is what nut heads is for...hot pictures
  6. Nut Heads IV

    my fantasy football team on yahoo: Jay Cutler Terrell Owens Terry Glenn Willie Parker Dallas Clark DeAngelo Williams Matt Leinart LenDale White Derrick Mason Drew Bennett Ben Troupe Michael Vick Rob Bironas Chicago Defense Whatchathink, oh yeah and about Vick, he was my last pick and it was kind of a joke.
  7. Nut Heads IV

    one question for you guys real quick, anyone know when a Jacobsen, Brown Press Confrence is going to be held, are they waiting to see if they get JCN or what?