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  1. Conley out at least 2 weeks CW still working on thing for the Celtics?
  2. Grizz Rise in Power Rankings

    To quote the great great Buster Moon:
  3. Clippers @ Memphis 12/23/2017

    Simmons looks like a keeper. Wouldn't mind if he took Chalmers' minutes on a more regular basis
  4. Calling It...

    Hahaha, yup. At least we were only one game off! Merry Christmas!
  5. Calling It...

    win #10 tonight!
  6. Rabb to the rescue!!

    Maybe he will get some run tomorrow with Marc being listed as doubtful. It would be nice to at least know what we have got. We know what we have in most of the rest of these guys already.
  7. MLK50 - New Jersey

    Yeh not sure about this one. It looks just like the Nets jerseys as I assume the thread title implied.
  8. Memphis @ Phoenix 12/21/17

    Hammer. Nail. Coffin. This season's over.
  9. Calling It...

    Spoke to soon. It looks like I may have too!
  10. Calling It...

    Classic Chris Wallace.
  11. How 'bout a post game?

    Pretty sure that is coaching. The composition of the roster is on the management though.
  12. is the worth it to tank

    Even though it may not be intentional we are "tanking" the season.
  13. Marc fined

  14. Memphis @ Cleveland 12/02/17

    Glad to see you have so much confidence in the team...
  15. Something sure looks funny to me

    Yeh. For everyone who questioned/criticized the McLemore signing - YOU WERE RIGHT! No handles. Not much consistency in anything. Dude's confidence just looks shook out there every night. I also don't think that going from playing with Reke in Sac to playing with Reke in Mem is doing him any favors. However, no excuses he has been a pretty big disappointment as our "big free agent signing" this offseason.
  16. Something sure looks funny to me

  17. Something sure looks funny to me

    Yeh, it is tough to draw much of anything from a one game sample size. Plus Chalmers didn't play. And Harrison hit a ridiculously lucky (ugly) bank shot.
  18. Memphis @ San Antonio 11/29/17

    I just don't see what a lot of you do I guess. I thought Marc played really well within the flow of the game last night and made other guys (Ennis, Reke) look a lot better. I was under the belief that is what leaders did. Many on here simply do not like Marc's game or style. I don't really care for the head patting of teammates when they do something good or slapping/kicking the ball when he is upset but that doesn't make me delusionally believe that Marc Gasol is not a good basketball player. There are very few players that I have seen that can positively affect a game in as many ways as Marc. Jokic would be the one that immediately comes to mind. We find a way to do this to all of our good players so it isn't really a surprise to me, but the fake "justifications" that are being given are just lame. Bottomline is that some people would rather not build a team around an aging, "boring", European big.
  19. I think the Grizz should go after Okafor

    The "CW Special", eh?
  20. The question that hasn't been answered

    I heard Marc had a thing for one of those chicks in the picture of Fiz from when we first brought him on as coach. Bad blood from the jump
  21. Jumping on the J B Train

    You said it.
  22. David Fizdale Fired.

    This will all be long forgotten in - oh wait everybody already forgot!
  23. Countdown to Marc Demanding a Trade

    Agreed. Maybe we will actually have an offense under JB and he will address this. I am not holding my breath though.