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  1. That's what it is a lot of time. If your mom and younger siblings are living off of food stamps at home while you are off at school for your freshman year not making any money...
  2. Sheesh. Well so much for FA signings.
  3. This.
  4. The only player selected after him that would have interested me was Thornwell because of our inability to produce points at the SG position. However, he is not the type of player this organization has traditionally drafted (pure scorer). Seldin is likely just as good if not better than Thornwell anyway.
  5. Dozier to Lakers.
  6. You don't see a reason why a declining player with a history of being a problem in the locker room when not starting shouldn't get a raise? IMO $2.3 M which apparently is TA's vet min is pretty good for what he offers at this point in his career.
  7. The Grizzlies aren't willing to offer Tony Allen more than the veteran's minimum this summer, according to sources of Memphis beat reporter Ronald Tillery. Allen is 35 years old and beginning to lose some of his luster as a defensive stalwart, so it wouldn't make much sense to give him a massive deal. However, he might be able to secure an offer for slightly more than the minimum outside of Memphis. Either way, there won't be many leagues where The Grindfather will be worthy of a draft pick next season.
  8. Surely we can move on from one or the other (TA or Zbo) with out this huge gloom and doom drop off you guys are expecting. IMO we would not see a considerable drop off if replacing TA with an average NBA SG. I am pretty sure we can not even afford to resign JaM, Zbo and TA, right? Just looking for clarification.
  9. You certainly think very highly of JaM. I agree with you that defensively he is clearly better than the other options, but I am also anxious about what to expect when dialing up the minutes into the 30s because of his seemingly constant foul trouble. Is the "risk" with Gay that he is injury prone? You guys who are expecting we trade into the mid 1st round.... I can't say that it won't happen, but the last time we did something like that it took Battier to get us the #8. Do we really even have someone like that to give up?
  10. How do people view Taj Gibson in comparision to JaM? Who would you pay more for? How about Nikola Mirotic? Rudy Gay? Is JaM better for this team than all those guys and will he command as much/more/less money? The way I see it if JaM is really getting $15M/year then we need to look at what these other guys are worth and how would they look slotted into JaM's minutes with the other players expected to be on our roster.
  11. Sadly Dunleavy would be an improvement over most of our wings so that would be a no-brainer to me.
  12. You said it! There are a whole lot more teams in the same boat as us than Cleveland/GSW though.
  13. Right, but is it real news as in - Does this D-League team still own his rights? Idk the answer to that question. I was just posting this as the most recent albeit "old" news about JA that I could dig up in response to the previous poster's question.
  14. Not sure if that is legit or not?