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  1. Memphis @ Houston 10/23/17

    I'm excited for this one.....if we can keep the intensity we showed vs GSW we can beat anyone. Grizzlies have really adapted well without TA and Zbo from what I can tell.
  2. McLemore/Selden

    I'm not really high on either of them....but I'd really like to be proven wrong.
  3. Golden State @ Memphis 10/21/17

    Great game to watch.....pathetic all the Warriors gear you see in the stands....gotta represent OUR home team. Loved how Curry got his panties all twisted in a bind at the end. They should ban him from wearing his meouthpuece because it's rarely used to protect his teeth anyway. Anyway, great game....GO GRIZZ!
  4. Golden State @ Memphis 10/21/17

    I hope we go toe to toe with these fools. Gonna be fun to count how many times Durant carries the ball and travels.
  5. Let's see how our bigs stack up to NOP's twin towers. Will Parsons make a 3 pt shot in the Preseason? Last preseason game...maybe we'll see the rotations shorten a little. Can't wait for the season to start.
  6. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Template Looks good. Is Parsons still out with "personal reasons"? Looking forward to this opening night. Go Grizz!
  7. Fun game to watch. Everything going our way. I just hope we can get some consistency during the season. On another note...Pels look terrible....
  8. National coverage.....time for someone to step up. Man.....i'm ready for the season to start.
  9. Anyone else gonna watch this one? Hopefully Gasol can get a few minutes?
  10. I just hope this was an off night for Tyreke...he looked pretty bad out there in my opinion. I one really stood out....we are relying solely on Mike and Marc and neither of them are alpha types. Gonna be interesting.
  11. That was a little hard to watch but hopefully when the rotations slim down they'll mesh better. Marc and Mike gotta really be vocal and be leaders out there.
  12. Hope to see that Jam Green improved more from the 3 point line....he can really take it to the next level this season I think. On a side note....have you seen how much he sweats? He's like a fountain out there.
  13. Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - PRESEASON-

    We got the win....but more importantly everyone walked away uninjured.....I swear, I cringe everytime Chalmers drives to the hole. He looks great though.
  14. #ThankYouZBo could argue...the greatest Grizzly yet.
  15. Zaza is like, "We make our own luck." J/k.
  16. That Warriors win made me sick. They have a horseshoe crammed up their @$S it's rediculous......also no matter what anyone says that Zaza foul was intentional. Zaza was in front and slightly to the right of Leonard and He took an extra step to stick his foot on Leonards left side as he came down.....this was after he had tweaked it so Zaza knew he was vulnerable. These guys know what they're doing. Spurs fans must be sick right now.
  17. Yeah I was half way joking. But greed is a powerful thing. People with all the money are the ones who want even more. But i do agree that he probably just choked under the pressure and come on Harden, enough with the beard already.
  18. Harden probably had a friend bet the farm for him on San Antonio because they were underdogs without Leonard. Early summer vacation.
  19. Just think if we didn't sign Parsons we could go after one of these guys. Or is it possible? We need a good sg.
  20. We sure could use a Hayward or Ingles...

    Does this mean you don't want Hayward? I think he would benefit this team so much both offensively and defensively.
  21. Draymond Kicking Obsession

    This dude now has the nerve to call out Kelly Olinick (sp). I don't have an opinion on Olinick but Green has no right to call out another player. After his blatant post time out elbow to Conley's broken face, he will always be a dirty player in my book. The guy is dumber than a bag of rocks.
  22. San Antonio @ Memphis 04/27/17

    Marc Gasol DID NOT attempt a field goal in the 4th quarter??!! Dies he want out or something?
  23. San Antonio @ Memphis 04/27/17

    Refs sucked **** tonight. Bottom line is they cost us this game. Yeah....we made mistakes but i'm so tired of seeing Ginolbili flop and get rewarded for it. I hope his *** retires.
  24. Our Television Announcing Crew

    Pete and Brevin kill it (in a good way)....I remember when Michael Cage was with us and hated when he left but they got a great replacement in Brevin....very bball smart.