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  1. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    Yep - he signed a 2 year deal with the Grizz in 2012. They traded him the next summer.
  2. #chancun

    I've really tried to have it for Chandler. I'll still pull for his success on the court and general well being, but **** does this guy make it hard to root for him.
  3. The Grindfather Appreciation Thread

    What a fun, memorable guy to spend 7 years rooting for. Amazing how his tenure with the Grizzlies worked out. Go back to 2010 and try to tell me that Tony Allen would become the avatar for the next 7 years of Memphis Grizzlies basketball... just goes to show that you never really know. All hail the grindfather. All the best in New Orleans and beyond, Tony.
  4. The Return of Tayshaun Prince?

    I really love this.
  5. Ben Maclemore out up to 3 months

    See him after the All-Star break
  6. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    There are two players on the whole team that we can go into the season saying we know they are going to produce. The core 2. It's not a sure thing that Jamychal comes back. I like the Tyreke signing but am aware of the fact that he's played 65 games combined in the past two years. Chandler Parsons wasn't healthy last year but he was the worst player in the league when he was on the court. I'm desperately hoping that he shows us something. Everyone else has an upside production of average NBA player at best this season and a downside of below replacement level. But as far as competitiveness goes, like Paladin and a bunch thereafter noted, it really matters less about what we did and more about what's going on around us. The west is hulking up, and our best case scenario seems to be to live up to the ~.500 team we've been the past few years. But hey at the end of the day, maybe that doesn't matter. The Grizzlies have their pick next year, so maybe a late lottery selection after a down year in which we can focus on developing some young talent can springboard the franchise into a new era. If even two of the Grizz youth movement guys come out of this season to looking like they'll hit as legitimate players, I guess that's a W for the year.
  7. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    Man, I'm trying to stay positive, but this team does not look like a winner.
  8. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    It's really not that weird of a situation besides the fact that Jamychal's agent went off firing shots in the media. The restricted free agency climate sucks for players right now. We've been conditioned by last year's market with guys like Allen Crabbe and Tyler Johnson getting crazy offers from Brooklyn. This year is just closer to what we saw in seasons before the cap ballooned. Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe come to mind. One of those dudes ended up getting a big deal at the end of the day and the other signed the QO, but both sat on the RFA market for well-over a month before coming to resolution. Bledsoe: Monroe:
  9. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    Baldwin should have never been and should never be a point guard. Nothing in his resume suggests that he would project to playing the 1 effectively in the pros, and he certainly hasn't done anything this summer to convince me otherwise. He literally bowling balls into the paint with his head down over and over again, desperately looking for a foul call, and has no creativity at the rim. I think he'd be an awesome slashing/cutting 2, catching defenses off-guard in the secondary actions, but as a 1 initiating against a set defense, he's a mess.
  10. Draft And Free Agency '17

    I'm pretty sure he and CP3 are buddies.
  11. Who Should the team Work Out?

    The Ringer guys (O'connor, Tjarks) were pretty high on Bolden too. I think they both have him at 16 on their respective big boards.
  12. I think Lebron might come after Marc Gasol

    Haha KBM, still got your eyes on KLove Listen, I take that offer in a **** heartbeat, but I don't think Lebron comes knockin' for something like that.
  13. Who Should the team Work Out?

    All trash...
  14. Draft And Free Agency '17

    Are y'all honestly still clowning about the Conley contract? Lord have mercy. Yes, management has doubled down on riding this GNG thing until it dies. As we all expected and as they probably should. When we get into the "dog days" of the Conley deal... years 4,5 when he's not worth it, the team will have its draft picks again and suck anyway, so Conley soaking up 35k of our payroll or whatever it balloons to will be moot. Who is going to be lamenting what we're paying Mike Conley, when the team is jockeying for lotto position?