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  1. This FA class sucks. If you can get into this draft, do it. IDGAF who we move to get there. Dennis Smith, Jr., Isaac, Lonzo, OG, and Jean will be All Star locks. Fox, Swanigan, and a few others will be really good, too. The time to rebuild (was 3 years ago) is now.
  2. Because we were getting better then, not worse, like we have been the last few years.
  3. 58 is ideal. 1) Your fans don't get penalized for being in a weaker conference 2) Rivalries are forged in the playoffs, not the regular season 3) Healthy well-rested players would play at a higher level 4) You would see every star once, which is more than you can say with the current league
  4. Did we even check Baldwin's references?
  5. Man, the coaching was bad tonight.
  6. Thank you for posting, lions. Some of us can read in caps. I hadn't thought about the contract situation on Embiid. My gut says that he will get a max deal somewhere because of the production he has shown when healthy. We gave Parsons a max deal because he fit a need, and he was injured AND coming off a poor season. Unless doctor's say that he has a potentially career-threatening injury, I think he will be fine.
  7. Assuming SAS catches the Durant-less GSW, that would drop the Warriors to #2. Assuming KD never regains 100% health, we may have an advantage in the series if we were to fall to 7th. Assuming we are not capable of a playoff seeding dogfight for 3,4, and 5 because of our endurance issues, why not just coast into it? Assuming that this may be evident to the team, could it be what is going on right now?
  8. Not much community talk, huh?
  9. What would you think about that?
  10. Seth Curry 22pts on 15 shots and $3M Parsons 7pts on 11 shots and $24M
  11. Okafor isn't done. Saric is good. Embiid, when healthy, is a game-changer. Simmons could under-perform and still be the best rookie in this class. Don't sleep on TJ. The guy is a baller. They have a young, exciting team, a bunch of picks, and a boatload of cash/space. You may not want to switch teams with them this year, but I guarantee they'll be better than us in 3 years. PS I didn't write that article, btw.
  12. Dude is still a free agent. Wherever he goes, the team will reload. Why are our (educated) fans not clamoring for a change?
  13. Terrence Jones averaged 17 and 7 shooting 54% as a starter. Whoever picks him up is getting a real steal. The dude is all heart.
  14. Synergy [bites lip while interlocking fingers]