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  1. You might have meant Don Nelson, not John Havlicek. There were also a few stars from the past named "Tom" who might bear mention.
  2. Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    I hope I am wrong, but if we make no trades, I am not optimistic--not because we are so much worse than last year but because other teams have improved much more than we have: 35-47.
  3. MEM Summer League Thread

    What worries me most about the team is that no one is a consistent 3 point threat. The summer league isn't that important, although, like everyone else, I would have liked to see us make the finals--and win. But only Selden looks like immediate help. Others may develop, but they haven't yet. Baldwin still doesn't seem like a point guard, and his shot is suspect. Simmons is closer to what we need now, and he is a year behind Baldwin in NBA experience. Davis show potential. Zagorac can't compete with NBA players yet. Hunter was better than Martin. Brooks seems at times to have what it takes, just not yet. I wish we had kept Jarnell Stokes instead of Martin. This group may develop, but they aren't going to produce much this season. The Grizzlies may still be one of the weakest 3 point teams, and the other teams in the west are getting better.
  4. I am discouraged. We have no backup center, and Marc will become more injury prone if he doesn't have a backup. Davis has yet to demonstrate that he can fulfill the role at present. Wright has demonstrated that he can't. Maybe we will have a solid pg when one of the projects develop, but we don't have a dependable pg, and that means Mike, like Marc, will be more injury prone. And neither Marc nor Mike will be effective in the fourth quarter without rest. We have lost the people who made us tough--TA and Zbo--and we have lost Vince's nurturing young players. And despite their ages, each of those three contributed greatly to last year's success. We don't know if Parsons will be effective, nor do Ben or Tyreke seem to be starters or even effective off the bench. And, at present, we don't even have a starting power forward. As I write, I become more discouraged.
  5. What's the Current Lineup?

    Do you think Diaw would help? He played center successfully, but he was considerably younger when he did it well. He does have an outside shot, and he is a good passer. Initially, he played guard because of his passing.
  6. Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    35 wins. I hope I am wrong.
  7. Roster Moves

    Jam is good off the bench. He is high energy. But he fouls too much and scores to little. IMO he is our weakest starter, and I don't see him ever having the scoring or rebounding nights that Zbo did. In fact, now Zbo has better nights in both areas than Jam. Long term or short term he isn't the answer as a starter. Martin has more potential.
  8. You know nothing about me. So your comment reveals ignorance, not stupidity, but ignorance; that is, you don't know what you are talking about. I have said such comments in public. And I have been informed on this subject for more than 50 years. I suppose you think a real man doesn't discuss issues, just whoops "azz." I wonder if you believe in the Bill of Rights. I favor your right to protest.
  9. I suspect I will be in the minority, but I think it is great that our players exert their constitutional right to protest. We need to address the racial issues in our country, and we haven't done so. I speak as a white person who is also a member of the NAACP. People who stay away from games because of a protest are also exerting their rights, but they are also revealing something about themselves.
  10. Tip Off Luncheon October 24

    Chip, If you have any tickets left, I would like to attend. If so, can I pay you at the luncheon as I did in the past? Norm
  11. Roster Moves

    I would love this trade, but Orlando won't give up a starter for what we offer.
  12. Parsons Is Going To Be An All-Star...

    I share your optimism. But I am quite worried about a backup for Marc. For small ball, Wright, IF healthy, and perhaps Martin, who showed some flashes in the play offs. I have high hopes for Davis, but not for this season. From what I have read, he has great potential but he is raw and young. If we don't have a legitimate center to back up Marc, he will end up having too many minutes and probably have an injury. He is really a question mark anyway, considering the type injury he has.
  13. Derek Fisher As Backup Pg?

    Thanks, I like your suggestions.
  14. Derek Fisher As Backup Pg?

    I am not being argumentative. Do you think that Baldwin and Harrison will be good enough for the first half of the season to back up Mike? I want to see both of them getting a lot of playing time. But I think we need a more experienced backup, not for a long contract or anything like that, just experience when we need it. I expect people to disagree. I am fine with that. But I think we can disagree without being disagreeable. In my initial post, I asked a question. I would prefer reasons to "clever" remarks that suggest raising the question is silly. It seem you think the rookies will be backup enough (I know Harrison is technically not a rookie). I don't think so. I hope you are right. Obviously, the future demands that we develop rookies or young players. But do we need someone like Fisher, or as another poster suggested, Baron Davis, or another experienced backup. I wish Mario could fulfill that role, but I haven't read that he is healthy enough to do so. I am asking for thought out responses, not just yes or no or some sarcasm.