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  1. I fully expect Brooks and Rabb to be 2 way contracts this season so they would occupy #16 and #17. This would allow us to sign an MLE player and keep that #15 spot open.
  2. I get a Robert Covington vibe from the guy. He might not be blazing fast but you can tell the guy carries a lot of force with those moves.
  3. Agreed. They have the ability to pull that off and still stay top of the east for a while. Especially if Lebron decides to leave Cleveland and head to LA.
  4. This would be a nice way to get into the draft. I like Troy and he had some fun moments this past season but he is useless on defense.
  5. Should be pretty easy for them. They have a ton of 1st rounders.
  6. I think I would be okay letting both Zbo and Tony go. I hear you Ndq0327 about Zbo but if we decide to keep Wright, he could be a backup big with Deyonta. The rotation of Jam+Marc and Wright+Davis would be better because of length and speed. Zbo has his moments but has become so **** slow. Teams exploited this way too much during the season which really added stress to Marc having to cover more on defense.
  7. Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams would be amazing to get. You could try Wright+Ennis+Daniels+2 second rounders. These teams are getting desperate to setup superteams. Should be able to nab a couple solid role players.
  8. Team is definitely working to give them as much space as possible for Jam. Really curious what they are thinking for Zbo's value. Hope we can retain Jam at a decent price and get one of Patty Mills, Tyreke, or Patrick Beverly.
  9. Last I saw reported, they were offering Porz to the Suns for #4 and Devin Booker.
  10. This. We won't lose BOTH Zbo and Jam...and even if that happens, Wright would be next in line to start beside Marc. There is a reason he and Marc got time together during last season.
  11. Love would be an awesome player in Fizz's system but Chandler has zero trade value. Until he starts putting up major stats, he is a useless trade chip. Right now if you want any big name player in the NBA, it will cost you Marc.
  12. There aren't a lot of options out there for what we could afford. Tyreke might be one of those guys you could go after with the MLE. At this point you just have to take a bit of a gamble on some guys since you have already put all your eggs into this injury basket to begin with. Eric Gordon is the perfect example of a guy who has been plagued with injuries and had a very successful season with Houston. Tyreke has good size and you could start him next to Mike to help share the play making. Especially if Mike is fully becoming the first option and will be off ball a lot.
  13. You can report to me. Thought most things that are reported are non matters.
  14. I'm aware of the games he put up in the DLeague. I just meant I'm losing hope on him being a contributor to the Grizzlies. No doubt he has talent but it feels like his window on the team is closing.
  15. Summer league is right around the corner: Really excited to see Selden, Rade, and Davis. Crossing my fingers for Baldwin to show any sort of development and growth. Somewhat losing hope on Martin.