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  1. What Does Marc Mean?

    I didn't read that statement as him threatening to leave or demand a trade. I viewed it as him speaking from the "we" standpoint of the organization's construction of the team. Everyone is quick to be negative and assume the worst. What if he meant revisit who was built around him and Mike? And on the other conversation that is going on in this thread. Things are different now at the start of this season vs what everyone's roles were at the start of last season. Last season started out by force feeding Marc to be the main guy but that isn't his personality. Throughout last season, Mike blossomed into an NBA star. This is his team now. He's the franchise player and number 1 option.
  2. All Time Grizz Squad?

    Conley/Stoudamire/JWill Allen/Miller/Mayo Gay/Battier/Posey ZBo/Pau/Swift Marc/Lorenzen/Kosta Though I might would drop Kosta and add Brevin.
  3. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

  4. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    I'm cool with signing Brooks to a full contract. The guys has great intangibles and fantastic looking shot. Ennis is no longer needed in my opinion. Michael Wallace‏Verified account @MyMikeCheck Dillon Brooks impressed Grizzlies staff and by showing a bit more athleticism and defensive motor in SL than some skeptics thought he had. @MyMikeCheck His offensive skill set, body & mentality were always seen as mature. That's why Grizz chased trades draft night in 2nd round to get him.
  5. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    This situation just baffles me. This is probably the only time he will get a "big" contract. I'm sure he could get a 3+1 deal with the Grizzlies for 32 million done quickly but sounds like his agent really bought into the media hype of 15 million per from someone. All the RFA's are getting far less this off season. I agree that Jam needs to fire his agent ASAP.
  6. Mario Chalmers returns

    The problem is he basically gives up the points he scored on the other end. Would rather have someone that can hit the 3 and hold their own on defense.
  7. Draft And Free Agency '17

    I feel the same. I would take him over Deyonta right now as backup C. JaM just hanging out there is really messing up the front court plans right now.
  8. Draft And Free Agency '17

    He has his dumb moments but looked like he was committed to trying to get better. His shot looked better as the season progressed. At this point (surprisingly) I like Harrison more than Baldwin. Wade doesn't seem to have put anything together to look like more than a d-league guy.
  9. Mario Chalmers returns

    Wallace has had some very questionable moves in the past couple years, especially with dumping Troy Williams and signing Parsons but Conley wanted him specifically and was ready to bail if the team didn't make a major move. I will say Wallace has done a decent job so far this offseason for what he had to work with (which wasn't much). Plus if Jam takes the QO, that gives the team even more flexibility. I'm surprised he actually seems to have pulled the trigger on ending GNG and letting it go full Fizzball. It had to end sometime. Rabb is a 2nd round player and if the rumor is true, I'm a bit sour on him just expecting to have a guaranteed spot/contract. Take your opportunity and earn it. Rio is a low risk move to see what he has left. Mario will be heavily motivated to show that he can still play in this league after major injury. Same can be said about Tyreke's 1 year deal. All Rio has to do is get guys the ball in the right spot and hit open jumpers.
  10. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Owner bought the team for 85 million and Forbes currently lists it at 1.65 billion. Smart move to sell while the momentum for the NBA is still rolling strong.
  11. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Seriously dude? Pump the brakes. You are not staff and don't have those privileges. If you impersonate the staff again I will have to remove you from the forums.
  12. Smart for us sure, but not for him. The future is full of unknowns and possible injuries. I would take the first big multiple year offer If I were him.
  13. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    I like the fact that he is doing a 1 year and betting that he will have a good season to show out and get a bigger contract. Players in contract years tend to play really well...who knew.
  14. According to someone in the know (take that with a grain of salt), they say that Jam's offers from other teams have only been 1 year deals and that's the reason he hasn't signed. If true, This really helps the grizzlies keep his number low. I'd try a 3+1 team option at 9 million per year with bonuses for statistical achievements.
  15. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    If the Nets make a big offer for Jam and the Grizzlies don't feel inclined to match to keep, I would love them to put together a sign and trade for Trevor Booker.