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  1. Memphis signs Myke Henry from G-League

    Yeah I was wondering who we are letting go but assuming Vince, anyone ever saw myke play?
  2. What's with the schedule?

    Grizzlies fan??
  3. Parsons again

    I'm all in agreement that CP isn't living up to the contract but.... he actually has been effective this year in limited minutes. He has looked better than I dared to hope for having seen last season. If we need to shut him down - do it. Get our mess of a roster sorted add a high draft pick and go for it next year
  4. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    We complain about Marc but there are just to many ##mn scrubs getting significant minutes..: perfect for tanking but infuriating
  5. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    Gasol and Evans isn't the problem.,, I want JaM (and others) shipped for a toilet roll.
  6. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    Could Gasol be better - sure he can. But he has 17pts/10rbs/5 blocks
  7. Memphis @ LA Lakers 12/27/2017

    Well as frustrating as this team is we are getting a W. In all the misrry tonight had a few bright spots - Tyreke, just wish we had a chance to keep him - Jarell and DD, time to part with Green and Wright?
  8. Memphis @ LA Lakers 12/27/2017

    Why is Bmac not playing at all anymore ? It looked as he was playing better? (Not saying much ....)
  9. Clippers @ Memphis 12/23/2017

    Green and Marc doubtful. Lets see some Rabb..:)
  10. Memphis @ Phoenix 12/21/17

    Atleast if we could be interesting to watch like the first 12 games of the season, this product is painful to watch
  11. Memphis @ Golden State 12/20/17

    Mixed feelings - going to the game (take every chance I get up here) but **** when I bought these tix we where 7-5:):) just hoping warriors play the b team (which it seems they will)
  12. Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    **** - ODK this makes you look like a PI. Remember reading about this back then... finally some"justice" for one of my fave griz
  13. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    Must loose ?
  14. We have the 3rd worst record in the league

    I just don't get all the complaints. Considering where we are at this is the best that could have happened! Why? - we have our pick this year - draft is loaded at the top - we sit Conley and get him back healthy - we play parsons into real game shape (above to play 30mins plus) - we get to so what else of scrubs we keep and we better find a way to resign Reke