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  1. Oj Mayo The Best Sg In The Nba 2012-2013?

    But... the laughs!
  2. To Solve Attendance!

    Come to Europe and you'll know what "parking problems" really are
  3. La Regular Season Hasta Hoy

    Pero la veo más asegurada que los Lakers.
  4. Tracking Playoff Position

    Except those playing Houston, Portland or NO on a particular night.
  5. Tracking Playoff Position

    Given their own injuries I wouldn't call them "lucky".
  6. Tracking Playoff Position

    Even more so if it's on the conference finals .
  7. Tracking Playoff Position

    Go home teams!
  8. Tracking Playoff Position

    A change of scenery might do wonders for a player .
  9. what a call (back again)

    At the same time, if it were Kobe instead of Shannon Brown, do you think it would have been called?
  10. Tracking Playoff Position

    He was talking about the Lakers .

    The ACB doesn't have a Rising Star award. The award called "Jugador Revelación" is more similar to the Most Improved Player award, it compares the start with the end of the season, so it's the player that has improved the most during one season. Brad Oleson was a much better player by the end of the 2008/09 season than he was at the start of that season. Anyway, he won that award when he was 26 yo, Ricky Rubio won that award when he was 16 yo. Brad Oleson has double nationality American/Spanish, that means he could play in the National Team. He wasn't selected amongst the first 15 players, much less amongst the 12 definitive players. So, what was your point?