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  1. 1. Mike Conley 28.53 2. Andrew Harrison 1.31 3. Wade Baldwin 1.87 4. Chandler Parsons 23.11 5. Troy Daniels 3.41 6. James Ennis 3.03 7. Brandon Wright 6.00 8. Jarrell Martin 1.47 9. Marc Gasol 22.64 10. Deyonta Davis 1.31 11. Wayne Seldon 1.31 I think these are our guaranteed dollars ($93.99 million). Although Seldon is not guaranteed. I expect Rade and Rabb to be on the roster. Brooks will likely be in the G-League all season. Even though all three could spend the entire season on the Hustle. JAM, ZBo, TA and Carter are FAs.
  2. Bolden was right there...
  3. I wonder if he misses the entire summer league Grizz style.
  4. I'm ok with that...
  5. I wanted Bolden but now that the Colangelo's drafted him, I am concerned.
  6. I'll give the kid a chance. At least I'll cover his Hustle games rabidly.
  7. Chris Wallace blows another opportunity.
  8. Hopefully we draft Jonah Bolden.
  9. Trust in Parsons
  10. You said we would be a top 3 team last season. You lack any credibility.
  11. I can still hold out hope for Bolden who is better than everyone since Monk I think.
  12. Wolves close to getting Butler...
  13. Why are people hoping for a creative deal that improves our team? We will sign our FAs. Overpay a free agent. Trade for a second rounder. Get told how great our young players and vets are looking. They will say a healthy Parson's is like signing a big free agent. blah, blah, blah, blah
  14. Sixers - 14,000 season tickets sold. "Trust the Process"
  15. Nothing exciting for us...
  16. Clippers discussing DeAndre Jordan for Tyson Chandler plus #4 pick... and we we are still holding on to our vets🙄
  17. Standing pat means we will be in the lottery. I hope they bring everyone back. This will finally kill this era in Memphis. I just hope they don't let Chris Wallace make any mistake that extends beyond Parson's contract. Heck, I'd take on Deng or Mozgov for DeAngelo Russell.
  18. Wow...this is Martin's first healthy offseason. I am willing to bet he will be much improved. You guys have zero patience.
  19. No Moses. You are not that deep. People understand fully what you mean but you just move the goal posts when your statements are proven wrong.
  20. Players that can't shoot are worthless vs the Warriors
  21. You do realize being fAt and out of shape was empirical evidence of him not working hard. It is not like I looked at a pic on the internet. He was fat. My point with Wallace is he was being paid to be the GM. If he didn't make the picks then his knowledge is not respected enough for him to be the picker. Either way, he should be fired. You on the other hand, pulled an opinion from an orifice and started a usual.
  22. How do you know how hard he is working?