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  1. Dallas had 16 straight non-losing seasons. 15 playoff runs. And a championship. Grizz not promised a winning record this coming season...
  2. People have been saying the team is going to leave since it got here. Can't un-Memphis some folks.
  3. Fake injury coming? Gasol style...
  4. FYI...before the season starts, Kaplan can trigger the buy-sell clause and force Petra's hand. I am hoping Kaplan gets Pera to sell his ownership stake.
  5. Isn't that what you said when Heisley was the owner?
  6. Same reason people drop out of college to hit the work force. There is the G league, Europe and China.
  7. We are hoping CP3, Griffin and Reddick leave and the Clippers fall off the map preserving our playoff spot.
  8. 1. Mike Conley 28.53 2. Andrew Harrison 1.31 3. Wade Baldwin 1.87 4. Chandler Parsons 23.11 5. Troy Daniels 3.41 6. James Ennis 3.03 7. Brandon Wright 6.00 8. Jarrell Martin 1.47 9. Marc Gasol 22.64 10. Deyonta Davis 1.31 11. Wayne Seldon 1.31 I think these are our guaranteed dollars ($93.99 million). Although Seldon is not guaranteed. I expect Rade and Rabb to be on the roster. Brooks will likely be in the G-League all season. Even though all three could spend the entire season on the Hustle. JAM, ZBo, TA and Carter are FAs.
  9. Bolden was right there...
  10. I wonder if he misses the entire summer league Grizz style.
  11. I'm ok with that...
  12. I wanted Bolden but now that the Colangelo's drafted him, I am concerned.
  13. I'll give the kid a chance. At least I'll cover his Hustle games rabidly.
  14. Chris Wallace blows another opportunity.