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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    My perfect rebuild sequence: 2018 Jaren Jackson Jr. 2019 Cam Reddish 2020 Scottie Lewis/Jalen Lecque
  2. Would you trade our likely top 10 pick for Kawhi Leonard? Top 5? Top 3? #1?
  3. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    My current Grizz picks: 1. Ayton 2. JJJ 3. Doncic 4. Young 5. Bamba 6. Knox 7. Bagley 8. Porter
  4. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I just hope the kid can stay healthy.
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Wagner has some go...need to watch a full game
  6. Now is the time to trade Marc Gasol

    Once Horford loses his lateral quickness, he is done. Heck, Tristan Thompson destroyed him last year on the boards. I am not sure why people forget that fact. Regardless of what they have on the perimeter, if they don't get an All Star level big to replace Horford...meh. And then the extensions will start kicking in... So far Boston has benefitted from flipping the roster, so Brad Stevens has not had to deal with players going tone deaf on him. But that is coming also.
  7. The honest answer is there are too many blacks here for the state to invest in Memphis.
  8. I am sure that is the story they are selling. So this foot pain started in the offseason? Because he was playing badly from the start of preseason. Now I am pretty sure Conley probably could have come back to play this season but there was no need. The point remains, Conley has already had his career year. He is an undersized PG on the wrong side of 30. He has been injury prone and I am guessing his ability to play through injuries will not be as strong. I hope for the best...
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Duke has been far better on defense without its star big manBy Ben Leonard | 02/20/2018Marvin Bagley III is a truly special talent—on offense. But as it has shown recently, Duke is better served without him on defense. In their last three games, the Blue Devils have been locked in on defense in a way few thought would be possible. Certainly, its offense has taken a hit, but overall, Duke has netted nearly four points per game better without him in conference play. After downing Virginia Tech and Clemson, the Blue Devils have held two straight conference opponents to fewer than 60 points for the first time since 2015. Bagley is worse than frontcourt mates Wendell Carter Jr. and Javin DeLaurier in defensive rating, and he has looked overmatched defensively for much of the year. Although he is a transcendent offensive talent, he hasn’t been able to protect the rim for much of the season. He has a putrid 3.2 percent block rate—that’s five times worse than the national leader. And though Bagley has strong post moves on offense, he hasn’t been able to translate that to the defensive end of the floor. He has struggled in particular when he plays against someone his own size—take Wake Forest’s Doral Moore, for example. The 7-foot-1 Demon Deacon center embarrassed Bagley, throwing down dunk after dunk and scoring 14 points in the first half. Krzyzewski says the only way Duke could guard him was fouling him, a strategy that eventually worked, but not without a cost—Bagley got into foul trouble and DeLaurier fouled out after just 12 minutes.
  10. The All star game says this is a lie.
  11. They would be lucky to play 30 games together. so everyone is just going to act like Conley didn’t look like crap BEFORE his injury?
  12. Trading one for 2 on draft picks

    Carter is not in my top 6 at all. So i guess it depends upon how you see the draft unfolding. i would be more inclined to move from 2-4 back to 5-7 to pick up another FUTURE pick.
  13. Trading one for 2 on draft picks

    The talent drop from 6 to 12 is massive.