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  1. We are looking for a short term solution to a long term problem. We must first solve what has put us in a position of virtually no assets.
  2. Gasol for Butler or George is a pipe dream.
  3. Wallace remains undefeated in resigning the core 4. JAM walks. VC claims he isnt ring chasing but goes and does it anyway. Selden is back.
  4. http://basketball.realgm.com/nba/draft/future_drafts/detailed Pretty up to date draft pick reference
  5. There is no way they would have taken Harden, Westbrook or CP3 out of the game as easily as they took IT out of the game. Nor would they have abused any of these teams physically the way they are abusing the Celtics small team.
  6. Washington isnt good defensively. The games I saw he did a lot of damage off picks and bad switches. You act like he was out there squaring up Wall one on one.
  7. Did you notice the word "and/or?" Boston not only has a small star that is easy to double team, they are very small at every position. They would struggle with even OKC in a playoff series and probably lose. Lord knows Im not calling Conley a superstar, but he played very well against Kawai and the Spurs who are as tough defensively as anyone.
  8. The center position has almost no stars though and NBA is starting to become "position-less" all around.
  9. Celtics would have lost to the Bulls if Rondo didnt get hurt. What the West teams like the Rockets, Clippers, Jazz, Thunder and Grizzlies have over a team like the Celtics is better superstar power who can impose their will on the game and/or more physicality than a team like the Celtics. Thats why you saw even in a sweep Indiana put up a better fight because of PG13, but Indiana didnt have enough shooting around him so he was too easy to double. Guys like IT and Lowry are too easy to take out of the game in the playoffs. I respect Greek Freak but he isnt a scorer. He needs Parker. Washington is a tougher team due to Wall but they lack down the stretch scoring and any kind of defensive leader upfront. Derozan is good but he is kinda easy to double team because he has no range and isnt a good passer. At the end of the day guys like Harden,Westbrook, CP13, PG13, Wall usually make you sweat for 48 minutes. No one on Boston can do that. Conley did it this year too. The bigs on teams like the Clips,Jazz, Grizz, Thunder are gone be more of a load to handle in the paint than most of these EC teams.
  10. Not one in the upper portion.
  11. Birdman was traded for a protected second round pick. Probably trash. The Jazz were sending away Tibor Pleiss contract for Marshall, not really trading for Marshall since they waived him immediately. Again Wright doesnt play. How could a guy who never plays have "plenty of value?" We are talking several years of missing tons of games not one or two. If he doesnt play yet again I guarantee his next deal will be league minimum and probably not guaranteed.
  12. First Lowry now IT. Lucky dogs.
  13. Last time Wright was traded he basically played the whole year and I tgink he was traded for a 2nd round pick. Why would he have any value after basically sitting for 2 years?