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  1. If you cut Parsons he still gets paid. The only thing they can do is stretch Parsons deal and keep paying his last two years over the course of 5 years. This would be enough to sign Reke but you are with Parsons on your books for 5 years.
  2. Harrison is bad at 2 guard but a better starting pg than Rio.
  3. Houston @ Memphis 11/18/17

    The Rockets are rolling now.
  4. The rim was shaking but that one wasnt going in. He Tony Allened that one.
  5. I wouldnt say fools gold cause he makes so many solid plays but the layups will usually be tougher in the last few minutes of a tight game because teams will scrammble to close out a lot harder when its most important and refs tend to swallow their whistles on contact in the paint.
  6. Cause people are banking on the greatness of the AllStars in Cleveland and OKC to pull them out of their holes. Its not going to take nearly as much unity as the Grizzlies for them to win consistenly because of what they have
  7. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Im really hating our "switch everything" defense. Our bigs cant stay with these guards.
  8. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Do I have to bring his name up or does he not count?
  9. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Yeah at first. For starters,offenses usually take a few weeks to heat up. Especially with the short camp. Opening season intensity also dies down. Just hard to be a low scoring team these days over 82 games.
  10. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    I dont know if the Grizz are pushover status but its just hard to hold teams to 100 ppg pace now every game, all game.
  11. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Very few pushover teams this year.
  12. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    I agree. Even for his "spacing." While he is a solid shooter its not like teams are scared to leave him open.
  13. Vancouver Grizzlies - Need Help

    Sounds like you got a better chance of getting footage of Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game.
  14. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    I dont play the "what did these players do elsewhere" game because yeah most didnt. I feel that most prospects only get one really good chance. Once they go elsewhere the deck is usually stacked against them very heavily and the chances to overcome are extremely low because the new organization is not going to prioritize scrap pile pickups like the original team did.
  15. Thats true, its only one Pop and one Brad Stevens. Golden State really isnt anything special they just make shots. Everybody else is pnr and iso.