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  1. Memphis @ New Orleans 01/20/18

    You are talking population size and I get that but a lot is about how many support their team. First of all, the entire New England region supports Boston teams. They basically have nothing else up there. The average Bostonian is crazy about their team. And they (fans) are also willing to open up their wallets. I know this is another sport, but the Miami Marlins have won two titles and immediately had fire sales afterwards. They just sold their best player to the Yanks. They have constant ownership issues. This team goes broke after winning titles. What good is their 5 million people doing them? Heck look at how they handled Bosh, Wade and Mike Miller. They arent known as free spenders. I think football is of high interest in the area but it doesnt seem like a huge sports area. Thats what I mean about sports market. How many fans do you have and how much can they or will they spend?
  2. Memphis @ New Orleans 01/20/18

    In sports (all of them) in general I really only consider New York, LA, Boston, Chicago as the big markets. Cities like Miami, Dallas, San Fran, Detroit, Houston may have a lot of people, but when things get tight they start making budget cuts just like the Grizzlies. But obviously they are bigger cities than the Grizzlies.
  3. Memphis @ New Orleans 01/20/18

    Miami, Cleveland, San Antonio, Oakland...these are not big markets. Also Orlando has "competed" for a title on a couple of occassions. So has Utah. And Portland was a few minutes away in 2000. OKC has competed for a title. The NBA has put the tools in place. If you draft a star player, they are now bound to you for 8 years. And they have to take a paycut to leave without a sign and trade. As for the salary cap, which you say isnt a real cap, teams like the Knicks, Bulls, Lakers are conscious of going over the cap to avoid paying the tax. The only teams that consistenly pay it are teams that are in the title mix like Cleveland and Golden State.
  4. Memphis @ New Orleans 01/20/18

    I kinda see why Reke loses as a pg. He has no composure. He gets over excited at the end of games.
  5. Memphis @ New Orleans 01/20/18

    Yeah its time to get the best asset you can for Marc. They clearly arent building around him.
  6. Memphis @ New Orleans 01/20/18

    Why wouldnt I want them to get better for the future lol. Thats kinda the whole point. Tanking is not just to get a pick, its a chance to give a real development shot for players that would normally be more limited if they were winning.
  7. Memphis @ New Orleans 01/20/18

    Yeah Rabb is missing for me to because he looks really skilled. Nothing against Martin, he has improved but he has no real future.
  8. Memphis @ New Orleans 01/20/18

    McLemore last night, Brooks the last few nights, tonight its Selden. This is the way you play when rebuilding. Give everyone a chance. Develop and encourage your youngins and put them in spots to make plays. It wont hurt the record cause more times than not the team will fold in the end.
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    It turns my stomach to say this but Knox would be a good fit with our current team. Good enough to keep them out the bottom 8 next year so they can go ahead and pay Boston off. Hopefully next years draft isnt that good.
  10. Sacramento @ Memphis 01/19/18

    Ummm if they keep Mike out and trade Tyreke, yes they can be.
  11. Sacramento @ Memphis 01/19/18

    The problem is that the likely outcome if they go for the playoffs is 12-14. Who would prefer 12 over top 3? Thats just plain ridiculous.
  12. Sacramento @ Memphis 01/19/18

    A tank job has to come from the FO honestly. The coach and players have to produce their best, especially when they are borderline NBA keepers and dont have long term committments in place. That said, it would be nice if Gasol complained about his touches right about now so they can go back to the sad offensive team that they were.
  13. Sacramento @ Memphis 01/19/18

    Oh well yeah thats pretty bad. But how does he lose Bird Rights?
  14. Sacramento @ Memphis 01/19/18

    He is in a locker room with a guy that cracked his face. Shouldnt be a hard decision.
  15. Sacramento @ Memphis 01/19/18

    Thats why its dumb not to play McLemore. The DNP-CD are a red flag for other teams at this point. You cant get court time on a team this bad? If he has decents stats and plays maybe someone would bite on getting a shooter.