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  1. I don't know if he's the only one that has developed, but he for sure is the only one left lol
  2. Hollins Is Good But Replaceable

    Calkins wanted Tony Baloney to be the coach back in the day. Tillery was always the big Lionel guy.
  3. So Xavier goes for 30 against us?
  4. Miss Rudy Yet?!

    That's all fine and good at about 4 mil a year. But he makes a little more than that
  5. Can I Call It?

    Instead of having a meeting they all need to just look in the mirror especially Marc and Q. They need to say to themselves "catch and shoot"
  6. Miss Rudy Yet?!

    I wouldn't miss Rudy if we went 0-82.
  7. Accept Advanced Stats

    Good point on Gasol
  8. Accept Advanced Stats

    Looks like advanced stats come into play here to me. I'm betting every time. Marc Gasol goes 4-11 and gets ONE rebound we get our butts kicked. Especially when Zbo gets the labor call.
  9. In Hindsight, Should We Have Kept Calderon?

    You make way too much sense
  10. Refs For Tonight

    They were terrible. All they seemed to care about was calling illegal screens. Yet never noticed the illegal defense being played the entire night.
  11. Quincy needs to shoot more and stop shot faking