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  1. New York @ Memphis 01/17/18

    Nice game guys. Keep playing the young guys and see how they fare. When the other teams start game-planning we will see how good, or bad, we are. If we keep winning, maybe our "scrubs" are better than we thought. If it turns out they really are scrubs, we'll sink to the bottom and get our high draft pick. Just a thought.
  2. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    Totally agree. Not to mention having to listen to some of the same tired arguments, between the same people insulting each other. Kind of makes it hard to hang around. Now games like today I like; where some of the young guys get some burn and play well. At least we can be a little enthused about the future.
  3. Team Hero v Clippers 12/23/2017

    A Festivus Miracle!
  4. David Fizdale Fired.

    One of my pet peeves is the ever popular "person familiar with/ close to the situation." Have the balls to attach your name to it or shut up. Otherwise you're just a gossip. Having said that, I liked Fizzdale because I thought he would be a good motivator and developer of talent. I could tell he wasn't a great x's and o's guy, but that's what assistants are for. If you could blend Fizzdale, Hollins and Joerger; you would have one he'll of a coach. Or just give me a young Hubie Brown.
  5. David Fizdale Fired.

    Wow, I am shocked. I just found out about this. First off, I liked Coach Fizzdale. And in a player vs coach scenario, I'm almost always going to side with the coach. I have no problem with him leaving Gasol on the bench. Yeah, it wasn't the most gentle way to handle the situation; but it sure got Marc's attention. I wish LeBron James and all the other big mouths would just STFU! If a coach benched Lebron, the whole planet would know how butthurt he was. Vince Carter on the other hand is a classy dude. He said some really nice things about Coach Fizzdale.
  6. Marc's body language

    This can be taken as a joke and/ or as serious. He may have been in Memphis since his teen years, but he is definitely Spanish. Half the habits of a lifetime are in a person by age 6.
  7. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    The sky is falling! Not really, but growing pains sure are tough. I think (hope) we will be okay once everyone is healthy. Hurry back JAM, so Jarrell can move to the end of the bench where he belongs. Nothing against the kid, but he has a lot to learn. I like Dillon on the 2nd unit with Tyreke. Speaking of Tyreke, he's been awesome. He's got chutzpah; and if he can consistently hit his threes, he's a he'll of a weapon to have. I have confidence that Fizzdale knows what he is doing, and will eventually get the most out of this team. I don't know what that ceiling is, but it won't get here fast enough for most of us.
  8. McLemore/Selden

  9. Memphis @ Portland 11/07/17

    The fact that Fizzdale has put so much responsibility on Dillon Brooks' shoulders speaks volumes about his BBIQ. He may not be tearing it up ( yet), but he is going to, at least, be a solid player.
  10. Memphis @ Portland 11/07/17

    I hope Parsons remembers being dissed by that &*&#! McCollum last year and torches these guys.
  11. Memphis @ Los Angeles Lakers 11/05/17

    It's true. His presence is like the opposite of Thabeet's Presence.
  12. Memphis @ Los Angeles Lakers 11/05/17

    We always seem to have a problem with these guys. I don't know if it has to do with getting up for the Clippers, and letting down for these guys or what.
  13. Hail Robots! Thank you Kent Brockman.
  14. Charlotte @ Memphis 10/30/17

    Beware of Kemba Walker. Contain him and we should be okay.