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  1. The memphis tigers just stunned ucla, babby

    šŸ‘Š go Grizz!
  2. The memphis tigers just stunned ucla, babby

    That was a fun game. Great game to attend and good holdover until Grizz season starts up
  3. 2017-18 Preseason and Regular Schedule?

    I think it's much bettter now...I'd love it to shift a month or 2 forward and have the end of NBA fill the sports lull gap but it's an improvement for sure
  4. 2017-18 Preseason and Regular Schedule?

    Math is hard. It's 8 months and change which happens to be what we have now with the extension this season. Last season including playoffs ran from 10/25-6/18 not including preseason. I'm including 2 weeks for preseason. Take 2 weeks out and it's exactly the time frame we will have this season to cut down on back to backs.
  5. Question Grizznation...Why....

    On the bright side, TA may not have been TA if Xavier Henry had not been hurt. LH wasn't playing TA until then. GnG was born from the ashes of XHenry
  6. 2017-18 Preseason and Regular Schedule?

    I wish the NBA would extend the back of the season and not start earlier...there's a perfect time during the lull in sports for the NBA to dominate. Start in mid November and end at the beginning of August
  7. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    Completely agree. This is a golden age of basketball
  8. Where is OJ Mayo?

    Interesting and spot on. Remember when we thought we won the Love/Mayo trade?
  9. MEM Summer League Thread

    Man, imagine if we were 0-4 instead of 4-0 in Summer League. Mass suicide watch on the boards! This is quality entertainment!
  10. What's the Current Lineup?

    You got to Believe, Memphis!
  11. What's the Current Lineup?

    The heretics on this site will stand amazed. "For we walk by faith, not by sight..."2Cor 5:7
  12. What's the Current Lineup?

    I am the all knowing basketball guru of the Grizzlies are my 2017-18're welcome: Barring injury bugs (yuuuuge assumption), the Grizz will make the playoffs as a top 6 seed. I see Reke getting near 30mpg (26-28?) as he rotates 1-3 positions off the bench. 12ppg. One of Seldon, BMac, Tdaniels will have a breakout year. Conley makes the ASG...yes, in the West...yes, as a PG We will move to the middle of the NBA in offensive pace "so say we all"
  13. Draft And Free Agency '17

    You know who's still a FA? DRose baby! Sign him up and unite him with Reke! Let's GOoooo! Plus, he's had SEVERAL injuries...a CW signing if I've ever seen one. We'd be the best dressed NBA team with all the suits on the bench. "Be the best at something"-done
  14. MEM Summer League Thread

    Really looking forward to Rade as he's the most interesting/unknown off-season acquisition. I'd love for him to be a factor this year