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  1. Robert Pera

    This could be the beginning of a long spiral. shoulda traded Marc while he had value...still can after the season. Still won’t. in the most top heavy draft since 09, we will screw up our position by winning and end up with a bit player most likely. Aging Gasol, aging and oft injured MC, maxed CP that can’t play b-ball without pain, combined with a mediocre rookie could spell disaster for many years. Our only hope is grab a franchise level player in the top 6. That gives hope and salary relief.
  2. Robert Pera

    They will win too much down the stretch and end up with the 8th pick in a 6-7 player draft. Our schedule is soft down the stretch and Reke is playing for a contract with J.B. coaching for a contract. Reke is too good to lose against the other cellar dwellers. CParsons will rehab and hate him for being injured or not, dude can ball when healthy. Our luck he finds his stroke and health leading to more wins. Grizz shoulda dumped Reke for a 10 pack of hot wings and a root beer. Smh. Grizz shoulda signed J.B. so he doesn’t feel like he has to play the guys to win every night to prove himself for the next job. Winning will screw us. Grizz management is hampered by this ownership situation. The Reke fiasco was embarrassing. Mismanagement all around with the root an unstable ownership. We fricked
  3. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    Well, I mean, sure....when you put it like that. Lol
  4. Parsons return?

    He was the most efficient producer on our team on both sides of the court when he was healthy. Strange seeing so much bias if we are just talking ability. Now, ability to play 1/3 of a season without sitting out? That’s what sucks for everyone involved. At some point, you have to consider the comeback may not happen
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Really solid point. Young is the highest risk/reward player in the draft. I’m a risk taker so, picking say 4th and ending up with Young would be just fine in my book
  6. You’re probably right, BUT both teams SHOULD do the deal. CLE needs it as this is likely their last shot at a title and they need a player like Gasol and Reke would be a bonus. Love is hurt and they’re doomed if they don’t do something big. The Nets pick doesn’t get them a championship when LeBron leaves, and he’s gone if they aren’t a contender. We should do it because we get a similar caliber player that’s 4 years younger plus more losses as we wait for Love to recover. This could be the best draft since 09 at the top and we would have 2 lottery shots. Instead, the Cavs will be so afraid of losing LeBron that they won’t trade the Nets pick which will in turn ensure they lose him. We won’t trade a declining center that still has value because we are holding out hope that we can limp into the playoffs next year. Bleh....Vote for me as GM. Thank you
  7. 2018 trade deadline thread

    I’d be a tough sell, but I think it’s doable now with Love out. This is CLE’s last shot at a title in all likelihood. They have to strike now. Gasol gives them a shot. I think the problem is us not trading Gasol more than CLE not trading the Nets 1. I guess Wallace inc believes one lottery pick + Gasol, Conley, Seldon, and Jam will get us back in the Playoffs contending for a top 4 seed. I don’t see it. Trade Gasol and we could end up with 2 top 6 picks in a top 6 loaded draft. After the trade we’d be lucky to win 7 more games and would finish bottom 3. With any luck, the Nets drop to a bottom 5 record (.5 games out of 6th now). imagine having Ayton and Young...Bagley....Porter...Doncic...etc. any combo could be amazing for us.
  8. Man, if you can get the Nets 1 and Love for Gasol and Reke you do it all day. A lottery pick and an all-star for a declining vet and lame duck? Oh my.
  9. 2018 trade deadline thread

    Really wish we could get the Nets 1 and Love for Gasol and Reke. CLE has to be desperate in what may be LeBron’s last year. They may not have another shot at a title for decades. They’d have to do it with Love out. Meanwhile, we get a younger max player in Love vs Gasol, another lottery pick, and sit Love as he’s injured meaning more chances at a top 5 pick. Next year, we have Conley and Love to build through
  10. Without Gasol and with Love recovering, we’d be nearly assured of a top 5 pick to go with a healthy Conley, Love, Nets lotto pick. We could end up with 2 of Ayton, Doncic, Young, Bagley, or Porter to go with Conley, Brooks, Seldon, Love. We have our future while contending for the playoffs
  11. 2018 trade deadline thread

    We don’t have the $$$ if we clear Gasol to CLE for the Nets 1 and TThompson, trade Reke for a first, then resign Reke in the offseason, we clear cap space and get 3 1st rounders with 2 in the lottery for Gasol essentially. Would you trade Gasol for 2 first rounders, one in the lottery?
  12. Gasol and Reke for Love and Nets 1st. Let’s gooooo!
  13. Coaching search: How about Tony Bennett?

  14. Who Could Be Traded?

    We need Tyreke. We don’t have players like him and he has much more in the tank than Gasol. I think Gasol is enough for a desperate Cavs team to unload the Nets pick. If they don’t, then they are conceding LeBron. By unloading Gasol, we get a lottery pick for an aging, declining vet, cap room to resign Reke, and another young building block in one of the deepest top end drafts in the last 20 years. We are not going anywhere with Gasol and he’s not getting any better at age 33, 34, 35. Cavs get another realistic shot at a title. How many of those will a franchise get in a 50 year span? They have to strike now. It’s an easy move for most front offices...and I’m nearly sure we won’t do it even though I think the Cavs would and should. So maddeningly frustrating.