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  1. Smart and the #1 pick for Gasol? Maybe. We need to move him while he has value. He will never be worth more than now and has maybe 1-2 years of play at this level. Sell high and he will not go higher. The top of this draft is PG heavy though.
  2. Remember the OJ trade? We looked like geniuses in year 1 when OJ was dropping 30 as a rook. By year 3, nobody wanted to remember we had KLove and traded him for OJ Mayo. Mayo was more "ready" but Love had the greater upside. The strange thing is, if you'd have had a poll, I think most people would've said OJ had more upside at the time. Point being, it's hard to say who has the most potential in the draft. Strotential<I'll just leave that here
  3. Interesting situation in Denver with Faried....he's losing minutes, makes 12.5ish, and is a good rebounder/defender at the 4 spot. We could let try to talk them into Parsons for Faried(they have the space) would free up a logjam at the 4 for them and give them the possibility of a high level scorer if he ever gets back. It gives us cap relief and a starting 4 who can rebound and defend better than JAM to go along with Gasol. I seriously doubt they'd do it but maybe we could talk them into taking a flyer on Parsons? They are the only team I could find where it would be possible. It also gives us space to go after a scoring 2/3
  4. His best shot is due to our 3 max contracts. We need players on the cheap and he's not getting any offers out there. He may stick because he's decent and cheap. Like it or not, we fit well together
  5. Marc has the tools to be a #1/2...just not the mindset. He's a PG mentality in a big's body
  6. Gasol is not a #1, but he's a very good #2 and if Conley gives us a full year of his March and April of this year, we will be fine. If Parsons returns to a 18ppg (BIG if) versatile player, we can contend for a top 3 seed. If not, we are 6-8. It really all hinges on Parsons. If the Grizz staff believe he will never get to at least a 15/5 guy, then we may need to move Mark as he's our only valuable asset. We could get a top 15 pick and a serviceable younger big out of it I'd think. This would probably keep us in the 7-10 range in the West with hope for the future.
  7. Let's get this!
  8. Conley, Seldon, VC, Wright, Gasol is who I'd like....Wright won't see the floor
  9. Nice series by JAM on O...can't stop them right now
  10. TD playing some D baby!
  11. Conley is a superstar this series
  12. Or you can read and attempt comprehension as in three previous posts I mentioned Wright
  13. The worst defender on the team has barely come off the court. ZBo
  14. We need to try something aggressive...go big with Marc and Wright. Surround them with TD, Conley, Vince. Post and pop
  15. Put B Wright in