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  1. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    At least they have to try to trade Marc and see what his market value is but I don't think Wallace will do that as long as he is still here. This is the year for us to get a real star in the draft and rebuild. The only obstacle is our stupid and incompetent FO.
  2. is the worth it to tank

    I think we should tank all the way. It would be very very unwise to try to win this season and end up missing the playoffs and get a pick in the 8-12 range. What I think we should do is to trade Marc and try to get another 1st round pick or some young talent. Cleveland is an obvious trade partner with Thompson and the Nets' pick. Bucks may also be interested and they have Parker and Maker who may be available. We also need to trade Tyreke for whatever value we can get before we lose him for nothing in FA. I think maybe we can get a late first or a good young player. In reality, Wallace won't do that because all he is trying to do is to save his job. We need changes, and more specifically we need a new FO. Right now the only way this will happen is a change in ownership.
  3. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    First tier players: Doncic, Bagley, Ayton, Porter. I would be happy if we end up with one of them.
  4. Countdown to Marc Demanding a Trade

    Look at the upcoming schedule, it will be difficult to get a W in the next 7 games from Dec 2-13. @ Cavs, vs. Min, @NYK, vs Tor, vs OKC, vs Miami, @Was. And we have already just lost 10 straight, and that would be 17 straight losses. Would that eliminate any hope of making the playoffs this season? Would Marc ask for a trade then?
  5. GSW, HOU, SAS, OKC, MIN, POR, NOP and DEN will probably be the top eight teams to make the playoffs. This is the season we should tank and try to get a top lottery pick. It's still early in the season but the timing is right to rebuild now because of Mike's injury and the incompetent roster. However we should all know nothing will change unless we get a new man in charge of the FO. I am getting sick of Wallace not being held accountable for his poor decisions and lack of vision. The guy is full of excuses. Looking at the schedule ahead, I hope we will lose another 9 straight games to make it 17 in a row. I want to see if that will force Pera to finally make a decision and fire Wallace.
  6. David Fizdale Fired.

    What can get Wallace fired? Maybe a change in ownership is what this team needs. New ownership, new FO, and a flurry of trades. We can only hope...
  7. David Fizdale Fired.

    Marc is not getting traded unless he demands it. As long as Wallace is still here Marc and Mike are not going anywhere. The problem lies with Wallace and the front office. Nothing's gonna change until we get a more competent FO to run the team. This is so pathetic that Fizz becomes the scapegoat when Wallace should be the one to get fired. What's worse is Marc becomes the one responsible for all this mess while Wallace is trying to hide himself. We should all hope this team continue to suck under interim coach Bickerstaff and see if Wallace will finally get the axe.
  8. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    I think FO will only make trades if we can at least get something in return. This is very unlikely IMO because there are many options from the pool of players getting waived these days, a young guy like Kay Felder who I think is as good a prospect if not better than Baldwin and Harrison can be signed as a FA so why would any team give up anything for Baldwin or Harrison? My guess is Harrison and Martin will be waived tomorrow.
  9. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    I don't care if it's Harrison or Baldwin or both as long as they keep Martin. He finally shows some signs of being able to contribute and becoming the player who we drafted him to be after two years of zero production. He has some talent and he is still young, and he is showing that he can be the backup to Jam if Parsons gets injured again. We will regret if we let him go.
  10. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    It makes the most sense to cut Baldwin and Harrison. Just hard to see them improve much this season and they will not be here next season anyways. Plus we have a good young and much better prospect in Kobi Simmons. But I think what's likely to happen is either one of Baldwin/Harrison along with Martin will be cut. I hope we will keep Martin though, he still has more potential and ability than both Baldwin and Harrison.
  11. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    C Gasol, Davis PF Jam, Wright, Martin SF Parsons, Evans, Brooks, Zagorac SG Mclemore, Selden, Baldwin PG Conley, Chalmers, Harrison Waived or traded: Ennis, Daniels Not signed: Rabb
  12. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Mike & Marc for Irving, Love and Shumpert. Salaries match and they get rid of Shumpert's contract. The teams on Irving's wish list don't have much to offer. And if LBJ can somehow get Melo to join him, they would have a better team than last year. Anyways, I hope Pera would seriously consider making Cleveland an offer to get Irving here. He is one of the very few franchise players we can build this team around. Mike is going to be 30 this year while Irving is still just 25. A package of Mike & Marc for Irving and other players (hopefully Love included as well) would be good for both teams.
  13. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    It would not be wise for Jam to take the QO and test the market next season since last season was the only year he had the opportunity to have enough playing time to play well enough to potentially earn a big contract. I think he should go for the best offer available. If MEM offers him a 6-8M per season and there is nothing else out there he should just take it. If he has no offer other than our QO, the best option for him is to go overseas.
  14. Mario Chalmers returns

    The saddest thing about this team is not the lack of talent but much rather it's the incompetence of our FO specifically Chris Wallace. Even if your team is lottery bound you still have hope if your FO is competent but sadly this is not the case in Memphis. I don't have high hopes as long as Wallace is in charge and I don't see Pera firing Wallace any time soon. The only way out IMO is for Pera to sell the team to a new owner who would bring new management to the FO. I read an article about the sale of the Houston Rockets and the possibility of other teams like MEM may follow suit. I think it is interesting and personally I could see that happen because Pera has never been engaged in this team like most other owners do and after all he bought this team at a bargain and now NBA teams are worth much much more. He is a businessman and sure this is just a business to him.
  15. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    No one knows how serious his injury is and you can't trust what they say. If he needs surgery it would be wise not to sign him this year and simply hold onto his rights and free up a roster spot. As for Brooks, unless they have a plan already to trade Ennis and/or Daniels, I don't see where the minutes would go for him. We already have a rotation of Parsons, Mclemore, Evans and Selden not counting Ennis and Daniels. My guess is that once they know whether they can retain Jam they will start making moves to clear up roster spots and start signing rookies to NBA or two-way contracts. If Jam is gone, we will need to trade some of our guys to get a PF and that will solve the logjam at the wing. I think Ennis, Daniels, Wright, Martin and Baldwin are all candidates to be traded. The key is Jam and what Brooklyn is gonna do. They are the only threat right now.