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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Allonzo Trier is out for Arizona. Really hurts their title chances, but it could give DeAndre Ayton more shot attempts. He will be more heavily defended, so we might see his TRUE potential in both the Pac-10 tournament and the NCAA tournament. I think draft boards done AFTER March Madness will have more validity. I wanna see how these top prospects match up against REAL teams (and players). And, they will be heavily scouted, too. I am not sure that this will be the best NBA draft in modern history -- or that it even won't be the WORST draft in modern history, but it should at least be very entertaining and intriguing. If Michael Porter, Jr. plays at least a few games from here on out, and if Bamba (Texas) and Young (OU) make the tourney, I think we will have a pretty good idea who will be in the top 5 and who will be in the top 10, although the competition for the top pick could go down to the wire. I'm not even sure I LOVE anybody in this draft. Here is one thing I would consider: if we end up with the 3rd or 4th pick, I would think about trading with Philly, picking up 10 and 18, Markelle Fultz, TJ McConnell, and a protected 2020 first round pick. With this you AT LEAST get a known quantity in TJ McConnell as an ideal backup point guard now, who could turn into a legit starting point guard down the road, a solid 2nd tier type guy at 10, a fringe 2nd tier/high end 3rd tier guy at 18, and the massive upside of Markelle Fultz (although he also has MASSIVE downside and has had MASSIVE red flags for nearly a year). We go with more options, over potentially getting a unicorn player. Philly gets it's fourth core guy to go with Embiid, Simmons, and Saric. They are already paying a fifth guy (Robert Covington) fourth guy money (and have TWO players who will command first option money aka JoJo Freak and the Philly Freak), so something has to give... And, who knows, a guy who might fit here, Mikal Bridges, or even Miles Bridges in the right system might be just as good as the 3rd or 4th pick in the WRONG SYSTEM. If this trade also involves a Tyreke Evans sign and trade, I think I would do Evans and the 3rd or 4th pick for 10, 18, Saric, McConnell, and a future pick. They can keep Red Flag Fultz and give us Saric: he should fit in well with our other young guys. If we play hard ball, maybe we can get BOTH Saric and Fultz plus 10 and 18 for 3/4 and Tyreke. Philly would then have a core of Embiid, Simmons, and our pick as their Unicorn Three with Tyreke Evans as their fourth option, Robert Covington as their fifth guy, with McConnell, Cabarot, Amir Johnson (if he resigns), and JJ Reddick (if he resigns) as their major bench guys. Porter, Jr. looks like an ideal pick for them (although he could be too risky for us) as their 3rd option. Simmons and Tyreke in the backcourt, with Porter at the 3 and Embiid at the 5 gives them a great core four. They can then sign a free agent power forward (maybe they don't like Bagley III or Carter that much, and decide that Saric doesn't have enough upside), or look for a power forward in the 2nd round. They then have a deep bench of McConnell, Reddick, Cabarot, Covington, and Amir Johnson.
  2. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I am a Bamba guy but he didn't look so hot against K State last night (but he was hurt supposedly). He had an alley lol dunk and some rebounds but that's about it. Porter has an ideal 'modern NBA' skill set so I can't wait to see him play. He could be the odds on favorite as the number one pick by the end of the week. Then Ayton and Bamba battle it out for picks in the 2-4 range. Would LOVE to see these guys battle it out in draft workouts. I was only 4 in 1985, but why does Marvin Bagley III remind me of Keith Lee? Apparently has his knees, too! Doncic: I have no idea man. Probably a stretch at 1 or 2 and a steal past 5. Trae Young: gotta build your offense around him, but why would you? Sleeper: Mikal Bridges: haven't watched him much. Can hit the 3, solid athlete, defensive potential, and plays within a winning system. So, upside there. Deep sleeper: Grayson Allen: the Luka Doncic of the ACC. Meh: 4 years of the Carter Era.
  3. Robert Pera issued subpoena from SEC

    A little bit. Ok, a lot. This DOES sound like the NBA equivalent of the movie Major League.
  4. I thought the All Star Game was really good. Better than a lot of years. And, the players really wanted to win -- at least LeBron and his guys did. Didn't watch most of the other stuff. The dunk contest didn't come off that well, although a few of those dunks were great. If Mitchell, Smith, Jr., and Nance come back next year maybe they will do even better. Of all the events/"conventions" that Memphis could host (that would actually move the needle) the NBA All Star Game would be at the top of the list. IF we can't even get that then they need to NOT rehab the convention center but tear it down and sell it. GO BIG OR GO HOME. Probably shoulda moved it to where Peabody Place was (and where Service Master is now). Oh well. One of these days... Attached to the Peabody. Across the street from the Forum and the Westin. Nearly on Beale St. We need some marketing and branding people to run this town. Not sure I would pick Jim Strickland to hold Germantown city council meetings. Looks like a guy I want to do my taxes... Other than that, big picture wise, I actually like the idea of trying to get a new XFL team. If they do it right (spring games starting after the Super Bowl) I think attendance could be solid, solid TV ratings, too. Go after a smaller WWE PPV. Or, a Royal Rumble. Other than that, Memphis can talk about 40 years ago, like FedEx. We could build a Holiday Inns/Piggly Wiggly/Service Merchandise/FedEx Hall of Fame!
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I don't get all the Doncic hype. Somebody clue me in. Then again, I am a Bamba guy (or Porter, Jr.), not totally sold on Trae Young, and think that Grayson Allen could be in the discussion at 15.
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I would combine your 1st and 2nd tiers and call it the 1 1/2 Tier: no surefire superstar but some high level guys. So, Ayton, Bagley, Doncic, Porter, Jr., Bamba, Jackson, Jr., and Trae Young in the same tier. None of these guys are flawless. Supposedly Bamba is "raw" but his stats are there and has hit a few 3's -- at a better clip at the turn of the calendar year than Trae Young. Then, maybe after that you have a third tier. One guy I would put in the 4th tier would be Grayson Allen. Lots of flaws, but solid athlete and he can get buckets. Could end up being a solid third guard. At worst a 10th guy. Would probably end up killing the G League. Fifth tier: Probably 25 to 50 guys. We have our choice of fifth tier guys with our 2nd rounder. I would go for NEED here. Or, a draft and stash? My default answer would be to get the guy who can shoot the best, or, at worst, the LEAST BAD. If I have the top pick, I would bring all the bigs in and let them battle it out. You couldn't really go to wrong with going with the guy who looks the best in work outs. If I wanted a perimeter guy I would put Doncic and Porter, Jr. head to head, then go with the more impressive looking player. I would bring in Trae Young if I wanted to trade down. I would also bring in some lotto point guards like Sexton and Duval plus 2nd round guys (or undrafted) like Jalen Bruson and Chris Chiozza. See if they can give Trae Young a run for his money. If I thought about trading down no matter what I would have Miles Bridges battle the bigs AND the top two wings (Doncic and Porter, Jr.) to see how he fares. If he can hold his own (or better) against BOTH the top shelf bigs and the top shelf wings then he might be a player to go after. Short answer: if our draft guys think like you do, better to get Trae Young (who is falling back down the draft boards a bit) AND Miles Bridges than roll the dice on an upside/downside Tier 2 (or Tier 1 1/2) player.
  7. Oklahoma @ Memphis 02/14/18

    Hmm, sounds more like a Donald Rumsfeld-version of Car Talk. What about the THINK TANK?
  8. Brandan Wright Buyout

    Man this team has a lot of young/semi-young power forwards.
  9. Parsons return?

    We need to start him and put him on Westbrook.
  10. Robert Pera

    Might be the most important draft in franchise history coming up.
  11. The 2018 Free Agents

    That might be the ONLY scenario where we keep the Core Horsemen (Marc and Mike). We won't have our first rounder either in 2019 or 2020 so this might be a really good BEST CASE SCENARIO (even if not ideal mid-term or long-term). After that, I would like to see Jam Green off the roster, preferably Parsons, but I wouldn't mind stretching Parsons out so we can get an MLE guy in the next few years if we need to. Best case scenario: get a great complement for Mike/Marc/Tyreke in the draft, with Dillon Brooks being the fifth guy. Chandler Parsons then becomes our stretch four off the bench (while at the same time not hindering the development of Rabb, J Mart, and Deyonta Davis). So, Jam Green might be the odd man out, especially if we draft a power forward like Marvin Bagley, III, Jaren Jackson, Jr., or Wendell Carter, Jr.
  12. The 2018 Free Agents

    Our number one guy for next year: Whoever we draft in June. Dillon Brooks is a future core guy, either as a 2nd or 3rd option or as a super-sub 6th man. Our OTHER top guys: hopefully AT LEAST one of Rabb, Davis, or J Mart. MAYBE Andrew Harrison. Then, whatever you can get for Marc and Mike. IF we can't trade Parsons, you can stretch him, BUT if you don't resign Tyreke, then it's ok to have one bad contract (Parsons) since it expires within a few years -- plus, you have to spend SOME MONEY with only Jam Green being a guy who is getting much more than an MLE or rookie contract money. Executive summary: Focusing on the draft is job number 1. Job number 2 (it's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it) is to MOVE Marc and Mike -- or at the very least do some heavy shopping... 3: have a number in mind for Tyreke. If you are willing to pay him a certain amount, don't pay him a dollar more. Maybe we even do a sign and trade on draft night. 4: go after free agents AFTER the free agent market crashes. Then fill out the bench with Moneyball second contract types.
  13. The 2018 Free Agents

    Yeah, that would be BAD -- considering that, like you, I am intrigued by Mo Bamba. Then Ayton would ALSO be competing with Marc. Trae Young (or Collin Sexton) would give Mike Conley, Jr. direct competition. Then unless we get Porter, Jr., or Mikal Bridges LATE (if we can't even LOSE right, and if Mikal moves up the draft board) then I don't really like the available wings players like Kevin Knox, Miles Bridges (more of a small ball four, or a dreaded "tweener"), and even Luka Doncic. We need to think of this upcoming pick as THE GUY we build around.
  14. Now is the time to trade Marc Gasol

    Can't believe Boston didn't try to throw some good stuff at Gasol. He would REALLY fit their system, and they really aren't THAT good. Yeah, they might get to the Finals and even steal a game or two, but would anyone REALLY be shocked if they lost to the Raps or Cavs in the 2nd round (I would actually be shocked if the C's beat EITHER ONE of those teams). I could ALSO see the Sixers or Bucks giving the Celtics a great first round series. Right now, I think I would put money on Cavs-Rockets in the Finals (if I could get a good potential return). Then why not go with the Cavs to win the whole thing? This New Look Cavs looks good. Somewhat like some of those MJ Bulls' title teams.
  15. The 2018 Free Agents

    I wonder if any big names move on draft night. Could be a BIG draft. Lots of highly touted players with a bunch of teams (probably) wanting to move up. Or, maybe down for multiple assets. I would consider shopping Marc Gasol on draft night. If we can move him in a great package (or do a sign and trade with Tyreke) then we can go 100% on a rebuild. Trade Conley sometime next season when he gets healthy and stretch Parsons. Can't give the dude away, and he still might be a solid stretch 4 off the bench for us. Bottom line: we need to NAIL the draft. Although I am not sure we will. But, even if we don't get the IDEAL player we should get a really, really good one.