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  1. I'll just leave this here: "I start with this concept. Rudy Gay was never happy in Memphis."
  2. I was thinking of an even more pathetic team....the Raiders.
  3. Short answer: It's better to be on the receiving end of these deals than the other side.
  4. That's not all anyone or everyone cares about, but it is the most important barometer to me. I fully understand that Sessions is one of the lone offensive threats left on that Bucks team, but stats are meaningless if they don't translate into wins in my opinion. That goes for Sessions and Conley just as it does for Kobe and LeBron or even O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay too. Wins matter more than individual stats in my world. Tracy McGrady won back-to-back scoring titles while in Orlando. The second year, they were one of the worst teams in the league, finishing with 21 wins. Would you rather have the scoring or the wins?
  5. He had a great night...but Milwaukee still lost last night, so who cares?
  6. What's really funny is the announcers constantly fawning over him now that he's a L*ker. Gives credence to the notion that big market teams get preferential media treatment.
  7. The Nutz just aren't what they used to be. We need some new blood to renew the spirit. Unfortunately, there's just not anything to get new posters interested in checking out this thread. Before I let it die, allow me to try a tried and true method of attracting attention. Grizz Girl Susana Grizz Girl Jackie Grizz Girl Amber
  8. I guess I should have let the Nutheads die a quiet death, but with the Titans the lone undefeated team in the NFL, War's Broncos lighting up the Browns last night and PMI's Niners continuing to suck out loud, I just had to bring it up one last time to see if there was anything left saving.
  9. Appropos of nothing under discussion: Go Oregon State! They're up 14-0 in the 2nd quarter.
  10. Just a friendly little bump to keep the Nutz from slipping to the 2nd page.
  11. Should I have an ambulance standing by? You know, just in case.
  12. Who are you again?
  13. I want to be the commissioner!!!
  14. Since Gus died a few years back, the franchise name is actually owned by two people. One owns the locations in Mason and Downtown and the other owns the one near Wolfchase and the new one in Southaven (if I remember correctly). I think that it is two of Gus's kids. In fact, back when I used to go there when they only had the original location, depending on which day you went, you either had a choice of Pepsi or Coke products to drink, depending on who was "in charge" that day. For instance, on Mon/Wed/Fri it was Coke product, but on Tue/Thur/Sat it was Pepsi. Used to drive my dad nuts since he doesn't like Coke, but ate there a few times a week when working in Arlington.
  15. GrizzWiz -- that's not stereotypical at all. I'm as white as rice in a glass of milk and I hate going to KFC, Popeye's or Church's and being told the same thing. I used to work out in Hickory Hood, so I have visited the very KFC you're referring to -- and had the same freakin' experience. 7:00 at night and they're out of bleeping chicken?!?! The Popeye's in Millington is every bit as bad. They close at 9:00, but I've gone there at 8:00 on many a night and been told that they had already turned the fryers off and had run out of spicy already. "Would I like some regular?" AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Who in the blue blazes is responsible for this crap?!?! That's why I used to just go ahead and drive all the way out to Mason to eat at Gus's. Now there's a place that knows about chicken!