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  1. Be real here, if everyone loved the picks, you would've said you hated it. Got to play the contrarian.
  2. If the selection of Rabb doesn't reaffirm than Wallace is clueless and lazy then I don't what would.
  3. More like a team competing for the eighth pick at worst. I'm all for letting the old guys go, but replacing them with a bunch of 2nd round young guys is not the answer, unless you're attempting to tank.
  4. The underrating of JaM on this board is amazing.
  5. No doubt. He wasn't afraid to make moves and face some heat. The Rudy trade being exhibit A. While wallace latches on to the core so he can win the approval of the locals
  6. You can say what you want about Levien as a person, and I wouldn't disagree, but he runs circles around Wallace. He was proactive and had a long-term vision, whereas CW is reactive and short-sighted. I truly believe Wallace does not know what hell he's doing.
  7. What have the young guys ever learned from Zach and TA? And how would we know if they can play if they're buried on the bench? I've heard good thing about VC, especially with him taking Deyonta under his wings and building him his own room. Plus there's Mike and Marc. A new direction is necessary.
  8. I think a "Tough Out" banner should hang in the rafters at The Forum.
  9. It's been all over Twitter. It even pulls up "zach randolph warriors" in the search function. He'd probably have to sign for the minimum though.
  10. Since Portland is willing to depart with a 1st for a salary dump, I would ask about Allen Crabbe. Only 25, good shooter, decent D, a bit inconsistent, but he's worth the risk IMO
  11. Taking the ball out of an elite PG's hands, and putting it in the hands of a questionable NBA-rotation player, is not a good thing. You wanna max Mike's prime? Get some scoring on the wings so he has an outlet when he's doubled of tripled. Solidify the backup PG spot so Mike isn't logging too many minutes, THEN we can worry playing Mike off the ball in spurts.
  12. Zach's ending his career is Portland. I've always felt that way and him wearing a Blazers hat last week just furthers my belief.
  13. Who cares what pick it is. The initial statement was dumping Wright's salary. And there could be plenty of suitors because he signed for the old MLE.
  14. Because it's a 2nd round pick. Birdman was traded for a 2nd at the deadline. Kendall Marshall was traded for a 2nd. Neither are currently in the league. Wright has plenty of value.