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  1. Zach Lowe ESPN article

    Battier, Mike, Bayless. Tayshaun shot 40% before the trade. The last 3 years with Hollins. 2011-13.6% of the FG's attempted were 3's-Last 2012-15.7%-28th 2013-16.6%-Last This was an "inside-in" offense. There was no "out". That's why the scores were always in the 80's We were never gonna win that way.
  2. Zach Lowe ESPN article

    In order to have knockdown shooters, the coach needs to actually utilize said shooters, which Hollins never did. Therefore, we never had a knockdown shooter in the Hollins era.
  3. Zach Lowe ESPN article

    50 years ago? Really? 50 years ago?
  4. Zach Lowe ESPN article

    I thought that'd be your answer.
  5. Zach Lowe ESPN article

    Please, give me your definition of "grit n grind". I really do wanna know.
  6. Zach Lowe ESPN article

    This is such a BS and a dishonest quote.
  7. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    Score 9 points in a quarter and ya'll are shocked about losing. This whole organization from top to bottom is full of clowns
  8. David Fizdale Fired.

    Take this from a New Yorker, and I think I can speak for every NY, Vescey is not a credible source, at all.
  9. San Antonio @ Memphis 12/01/17

    At least they played the right way
  10. They're saying now that he did have a physical. I'm sorry, but I can't give them the benefit of the doubt. This FO has lied and botched so many injuries, I can't trust them.
  11. Does Marc get booed on Friday?

    The reason I ask this is because I haven't seen such a backlash of a firing in a long time. Fans are take their frustrations out on Marc, and rightfully so. I wouldn't put it past him. Bron is ultra petty. He may make an example of them.
  12. And if so, what percentage?
  13. David Fizdale Fired.

    Too much of the fan base is scared of change because they're scared of missing the playoffs.
  14. David Fizdale Fired.

    The bold part needs to be addressed, because everyone keeps saying Fizz changed the style of play because of ego or whatever. Not only has Mike asked for more playmakers, he straight up said they should less of the 2-big offense, and run more(he specifically mentioned JaM and Jarell). And if ya don't believe me, look up the exit interview in 2016, BEFORE Joerger was fired, which means before there was ever a David Fizdale. During the summer, he said he hoped for a more modern offense. He was on the same page as Fizz. Just thought I mentioned this.
  15. David Fizdale Fired.