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  1. Roster Moves

    With regards to the Magic, we have little to offer of appeal for Tobias Harris. They will probably try and get something for Evan Fournier since he will be looking for a new contract this summer and they seem committed to Oladipo. Victor will be looking to get paid next summer. I think Fournier would be a nice piece to add. Good size, can shoot. He has shown that he can put up points when given minutes. I'd like his versatility on the team as an upgrade of C. Lee. At 6'7" Fournier could play alongside T.A. and Mike (two solid defenders) and our backcourt would maintain a decent offensive/defensive balance.
  2. Best chance....add a scorer to the mix. Control the tempo of the game. Hope our defense mirrors that of 2011-2013 instead of the past year or so.
  3. Roster Moves

    Yes. Toronto has been mentioned as well. Agree that it would be a good fit.
  4. Roster Moves

    A Rocket fan would say the same about his chance of going to the Grizzlies.
  5. Roster Moves

    I could see Memphis being on a short list of potential destinations for Durant. OKC (staying put) Washington (hometown) Golden State (the almost certainty of winning a title) Houston - (to play w/Harden) Memphis In the end, the Grizzlies would lose out though. Both more sentimental and basketball reasons tied to the other four choices.
  6. Roster Moves

    My hope is that the Mavericks continue to lose ground in the standings and make Chandler Parsons available in a trade. To me he is one of the few realistic options at SF/PF that has the tools that would take this team to the next level if added to the core 4 (as you all call them). He'd be great fit as a starter at SF and at PF to allow us to match up with some of the other teams that are exceptional at small ball play (like the Warriors). He has an option for next season at 16 mill. If he picks is up I don't see it being that big of an issue as it's only one year. Plus while we could potentially go after a big time free agent in the summer (prior to re-signing Conley), the players that would make the biggest splash for the team will have a lot of other suitors and that would be a roll of the dice.
  7. What Do You Think Is Really The Problem?

    Yes but a loss to San Antonio today almost assures that you drop out of the #2 spot and the Rockets will claim ot through the end of the season. I imagine you see the effort of ten Spartans against the Spurs in today's game. That is if the goal is to stay in #2. Otherwise you might be better off falling to 4/5 because they would rather face the Blazers or Clippers. Its called jockeying for position/matchups. A lot of teams do it. We have done it before.
  8. What Do You Think Is Really The Problem?

    I understand loses but not loses like the ones we've had recently. These boys are tanking to keep their playoff seeding options open trying to avoid the Spurs in the first round at all cost.
  9. Local Media Assault On Jeff Green

    Its fine for him to come off the bench for now if it helps us get back intk a rhythm but ultimately we need to figure out how to be an effective unit with Conley, Green, Randolph and Gasol on the floor at the same time because in the playoffs you will need your best players on the floor late in games. I would think TA would be the 5th player in that group.
  10. Local Media Assault On Jeff Green

    Green was great last night. Really liked what I saw Iin the 2nd quarter...playing him at the 4 with Udrih, Lee, Carter and Koufos at the 5. We built a 9 point lead with that lineup. There was also a Conley, Allen, Carter, Green, Gasol combo that wasnt as effective but I still like the potential of that lineup. Mixing in Lee some would be ideal. Growing pains. Its coming together. Green's athleticism is off the charts and going to be big for this team in the playoffs.
  11. Local Media Assault On Jeff Green

    He's not the problem but it has been painful to watch him play at times. Things have gotten better the past 7-8 games. Now that Carter is back I want to see more of Green at the 4 when Z-Bo is out. Conley/Lee/Carter/Green/Gasol 3pt. shooting is still gonna make or break this team. Hopefully that lineup can develop some chemistry. Our bench guards (Udrih, Calathes, Russ) are awful from 3.
  12. Hassan Whiteside

    How is it that we weren't able to keep this guy?
  13. Grizzlies Acquire Jeff Green And Russ Smith

    I was waiting for this deal to become official before commenting. Now that it is... I remember back to the 2007 draft. Grizz were picking 4th. Jeff Green was the guy I wanted them to take. Memphis took Mike Conley instead. Needless to say that was the better pick. We now have them both. Good stuff. While I would have preferred Luol Deng I am happy with this move given the price paid. This allows us to field the most talented and versatile roster in the history of the organization. Should be fun to watch. Here's to hoping it all comes together. Go Grizz
  14. Memphis/minnesota Post K. Love Trade

    To Minny Tayshaun Prince Jamaal Franklin To Memphis Corey Brewer Alexey Shved Why? Minny doesn't want to pay any of these guys going forward. They move those contracts for an expiring and a young prospect. Memphis is looking for upgrades where it counts and Brewer would help a great deal at the SF position.
  15. Let's Get Ilyasova

    Good point about Stokes not having been signed yet.