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  1. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    To increase or try to increase Tyreke's value? Yes. Conley will be back after the all star break for sure.
  2. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    Good question. I don't think he has even attended a game in Memphis this year. However, he usually attends a game out in California when the team is out there. Even Peyton Manning was at the game in Denver on Friday, and I believe he attends a game in Memphis every year.
  3. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Yeah, thats bologna. Steph was a superstar in the making when Marc Jackson was there. We all knew it was coming. You can't blame the help that Steph gets as well. Thompson and Draymond Green were drafted, can't blame Steph for that. Even Harrison Barnes was drafted. Iguodala came via trade and stayed through the free agency. All of them succeeded and brought into the analytics and strategy, which won them a championship, and 73 games. That was the ingredients of getting Durant. Can't blame Steph for that. Help? Russell had to go after Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. LeBron always have to make that one trade during the season to bring him a 'specialty' player. Harden went after Chris Paul and sign guys like Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson. But Steph is the only that needs help?
  4. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'm sorry, but Trae Young is absurd and he's the closest thing to Steph Curry as it gets. He'll get stronger as he gets older, but he hit a step-back three pointer today against TCU. He's a quick passer as well.
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    If y'all are considering that Doncic guy over Trae Young, you're nuts.
  6. Who Could Be Traded?

    I don't see us trading Marc Gasol. However I think Tyreke will go first, Brandan Wright will go second, and Ennis will go third.
  7. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    Love Tyreke, but the guy throws up a lot of shots.
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Honestly, if the Grizzlies were to trade Gasol for a first round pick, I'd rather the pick be in 2019. I just feel like it'll be better to draft a player, build around that player, then draft another player for the 2019 draft. Parsons is done. It's just a waiting game, the good news is that after this season, we'll enter the back nine of Parsons' contract. Only 2+ years of misery left.
  9. Mike Conley interview for The Undefeated

    All they want is money, if they want is a championship ring, would've gone somewhere else.
  10. Washington @ Memphis (looking)

    Potentially looking for two tickets for the Washington game on Friday the 5th. Prefer the lower bowl for a reasonable price. I understand the seller wants to get something out of it, but I don't want to get robbed either. Once again, potentially.
  11. Kobi Simmons

    Kobi has shown his ups and downs this year, but he's not NBA ready. Jay Bilas bashed this kid because he came out and wasn't ready. I understand that he is 19-20, but he is still not ready. Thankfully, he has taken every advantage of every opportunity that is given to him, and he's performance is pushing Chalmers out. To be specifically honest, Chalmers will be the first Grizzly to be traded. Simmons' stats at Arizona: 37 G, 19 GS, .32% 3 point, .43% 2 point, .39% FG, about 2 assist per game, but he only averaged 8.7 PPG. Based off of that, Kobi Simmons was not ready to be an NBA player. He's 6-5 175. Russell Westbrook is 6-3 200. So, the weight room will determines how long Simmons will be an NBA player. Former Grizzlie player comparison? Tony Wroten. Same thing goes for Deyonta Davis, he needs to get in the weight room and get stronger. Understand he's 21, so hopefully he'll get stronger with experience. Davis could add 20 pounds of more muscle as well. I think he could be a little Steven Adams, but I'm hoping,
  12. Roster Moves

    Next year? Probably But the 76ers are not in a position where they can go out all and say "this is our year." They're 15-18 in the east, they signed Robert Covington to an $15 Million dollar extension that'll go into effect next season. Adding $22+ Mil for 2 seasons for Gasol is not worth it at all. And they'll probably say no thanks in giving up Bayless and adding another rookie in Dillon Brooks. 76ers would definitely buyout Chalmers' contract. The Grizzlies probably shouldn't get rid of Brooks as well because his value is actually pretty good, and can get even higher if the Grizzlies hold on to them and let him develop into an NBA player. Just because a team that made the playoffs doesn't consider themselves a threat. 76ers will win 40-45 games, think that's enough to beat Cleveland this year? No. Boston and Washington next year? No as well. Despite the 76ers potentially making the playoffs, they aren't a threat, and they aren't ready to sit here and put all their eggs in the basket. Adding Gasol would do just that. To be honest, 76ers might actually take a step back by getting rid of Johnson and Bayless to add Gasol. It'll be a robbery trade.
  13. Roster Moves

    Buyouts will more then likely happen after the trade deadline, it happens a lot with players/teams that recently added to the roster via trade.
  14. Roster Moves

    Conley is not going to redo his contract. That is not going to happen. Neither is Parsons and Gasol
  15. Memphis @ Phoenix 12/26/2017

    29-19 Suns after 1, but Phoenix turned it up offensively after the first 4 1/2 minutes of the game. With 4 minutes left in the first, I saw Ennis, Martin, Simmons, and Harrison all on the floor. Never thought I would see that. Assuming the days of Mario Chalmers are over, huh?
  16. Memphis @ Golden State 12/20/17

    Say what you want about the Grizzlies, JaMychal Green has been the most disappointing Grizzly thus far. Arguably, should've been better just not signing him over the offseason.
  17. 7 of the next 8 games are away games

    Then that's the city fault for putting the Forum in downtown and not in a suburb. Most stadiums/arenas are now being built in the suburbs now. In addition, I don't think a market has any effect on the league creating schedules. Unfortunately, there are organizations that have to leave because there arena is being used for different aspects.
  18. 7 of the next 8 games are away games

    Stop the complaining. The Grizzlies haven't taken care of business at all inside the Forum, and they have to go out west about 4 times a year. That's unfortunate, especially for the Grizzlies and New Orleans. I will say I don't like the schedule when the Grizzlies play @ Phoenix, vs LA Clippers, and @ Phoenix again. Doesn't make sense to me at all. But the crowd size has no effect on the "3 home games in 4-5 days", to me, it's the performance. Take a glance at the Knicks schedule. They're in a midst of a 28 game stretch where they play in different cities (From December 12 vs Lakers to February 4 vs the Hawks.) 19 of the 28 are away from MSG.
  19. Zach Lowe ESPN article

    Because it didn't take us very far. Yes, the GNG got us to the WCF, but only to get swept by the Spurs. We would always have to play Oklahoma City and San Antonio, and we couldn't beat them two because the Spurs spaced the floor and move the ball like crazy, shot the 3 and made it. In addition, their bench players brought into the system (Matt Bonner) for an example. OKC, had two superstars, and a emerging center in Adams. They beat us on talent, simple as that. Golden State also took advantage of Conley's injury, but most importantly, they took advantage of Tony Allen. Playing 4 on 5 basketball when TA was on the floor, they dared Tony Allen to shoot the ball and make it. When you see them leaving Tony Allen wide open and not respecting his jump shot, that's when you know it's time to get rid of Allen, regardless of his defensive skills. Couldn't do due diligence in a league where you got to be good at, and that is to score.
  20. So Zach Randolph had 35 & 13 tonight in Sacramento's win over the Pelicans, and has a double double in 3 of the last 5 games. But I still don't regret letting him go in July. His time with Memphis was over when the Grizzlies lost to San Antonio in Game 6 in April. To sit here and criticize the front office for letting him go and see him produce in Sacramento, is unfair. Yes, we criticize the front office to a lot of things. However, don't criticize them for letting Randolph go to Sacramento. His time in Memphis (along with TA and Vince) was over, and majority of the fan base knew it. He's a King and producing, congrats to Randolph. But I don't think majority of us expected the Grizzlies to be 8-17 in the first 25 games of the season. My point is, don't blame the front office for letting him go (when his time was up) and produce somewhere, while seeing the Grizzlies struggle to win ball games (when Conley is hurt). That's all. It's life.
  21. Inverted Standings Watch

    Grizzlies and Hawks will be the battle between the last in the West vs the last in the East. By the way, both teams have made the playoffs or have winning records for 7 straight seasons, which is tied for 2nd, behind San Antonio obviously.
  22. 34-22.....You Do The Math

    Record is currently 8-19 From now (December 13) to the new year, I have us going 3-7, which will put us at 11-26. In January, I predict us going 4-9 (15-37) In February, I predict us going 2-8 (17-45) In March, I predict us going 6-10 (23-55) In April, I predict us going 1-5 (24-60) For some reason my record is off by two games, but you see the point. Still have to play Wizards (twice), Celtics (twice), Cavs, Bucks, Spurs (twice), Blazers (twice), Thunder (three times), Wolves (three times), Jazz (three times), and Raptors.
  23. Zach Lowe ESPN article

    That's the problem with this franchise. Can't 'rebuild' and compete for the playoffs. Either one way or the other.
  24. Agree, but I do believe the Grizzlies will be above .500 if Conley was playing. With that, 43 wins would certainly be a legit possibility with him in the lineup. Without him, we're sunk.
  25. Please don't contradict yourself. I say that I didn't regret moving on from Z-Bo. The ones that say "we shouldn't kept Z-Bo" are the ones that look at the season now, and didn't look at what occurred in April. Our record in 2015-16 was 42-40, and 2016-17 was 43-39. It was evident that keeping Z-Bo (a guy that looked to be sluggish in some games and body was starting to break down) wasn't going to get us to 50 wins. TA (who can't shoot and lost a step on defense) wasn't going to get us to 50 wins either. The Grizzlies are in the worst position you can be in professional sports. They're stuck in the middle. Grizzlies don't want to rebuild but they don't have the shooting/talent to go deep.