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  1. Memphis @ Los Angeles 04/02/17

    Lol we're still under .500 since our win against Cleveland in December.
  2. Memphis @ Golden State 03/26/17

    That moment when we are probably going to finish 7th this year when we finished 7th last year and we set the record for the amount of players in a game in a season. *Gasp*
  3. You're 100% correct. It gets old watching ESPN and TNT on a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and seeing the Warriors and Clippers play, then they will occasionally go to Portland to calm down the biased that they have and also because they know the Lakers are terrible right now. Also, they showed a lot of Lakers and Knicks games in November and December because ESPN and TNT will want to show their due diligence of their games because of the market and fan base, and majority of NBA fans will realize that they (Lakers and Knicks) are bad in late January/February. I will say this about the New York Knicks, they will not make the playoffs until Phil Jackson leaves. Just tired of seeing the same team constantly week in and week out. Go ahead and give the Warriors and Cavaliers their 30-40 National TV games a piece. The Clippers will get their 20 games. The Knicks and Lakers will get their 14-18 games. The Celtics, Spurs, and Bulls will all get their 15 games. Meanwhile, Memphis (who has been successfully consistent), and Atlanta will get their 5 games, if that.
  4. The Spurs are the best organization in all pro sports....PERIOD! All the Yankees have to do is open their paychecks and bring free agents in. The Patriots have been involved in cheating situations in the past. Not the San Antonio Spurs.
  5. Fire Away! Personally, I want to see the amount of games reduce, but it won't happened until the players and owners reduced the amount of their salaries, which is a small percent to the millions they make. So it's asinine that they want a 82 game pay, but not play 82 games.
  6. 1. Moving the Grizzlies to the FedEx Forum. There's nothing wrong with the Pyramind, it was friendly to the interstate where many visitors would drive by saying "hey! that's where the Grizzlies play." The Pyramid would've been the most unique arena in the NBA, hands down! And we wasted it and turned it into a bass pro shop 12-15 years later. 2. Trading O.J. for Kevin Love. A stretch 4 that can shoot the 3 ball well and get double doubles day in and day out? Are you kidding me!!!!! 3. It's our draft. 2009 was crazy and absurd, but if we had solid draft classes that can produce for the Grizzlies, the majority of our fans will give the front office a bye for drafting Thabeet. We never give our young players a chance. I feel sorry for Deytona Davis because he is going from Memphis to Iowa constantly, leave him somewhere. Sam Young, Tony Wroten, Jarrell Martin.....Wade Baldwin in 2019? 4. Hiring Chris Wallace
  7. Danilo is nowhere near the max. However, he is worth more money than Jrue. Chandler choosed Memphis over Portland because of Conley, and J.B. Bickerstaff, also having the opportunity to play under Fizzdale, which has a solid reputation around the league for coaching wing players. Was signing Parsons a smart decision? No. However, at some point you have to push the cards in and go for it all, and that's what Memphis did. It's unfortunate that when Memphis decided to go for it all, the Warriors did too in the signing of Kevin Durant, and the Spurs was never going to go away. It also doesn't help when the NBA is top heavy in terms of competition (admit it, 95% of NBA fans are patiently waiting for the Warriors and Cavs to play in June). It just happens that when Memphis went for it all, they were desperate a little, but they had to be desperate. Our fan base is tired of seeing a mediocrity 42-48 win season, may hit 50 wins here and there, and being eliminated from the playoffs after rounds 1 or 2. If Memphis decided to go for it all after this regular season, we ruined our depth. Vince would probably retire, TA and Zach would probably look elsewhere to get their money with the new CBA, I have a feeling they want in on the fun. Now, we don't even want TA and Zach back as Grizzlies' they have done their due diligence to the city of Memphis and the Grizzlies organization, it's time to move on. Memphis would always become second in free agency unless we dump a lot of money. We would never compete with L.A, Golden State, San Antonio, New York, Boston, Miami, and Chicago. That's why we pretty much had to keep Conley. Conley and Parsons would never be worth the money they're receiving, but when the other players in the league gets their money, it'll even out. I would strongly consider trading Gasol at some point because he contract has so much value and it is consider a 'team friendly' contract, despite paying him $20 Million a season.
  8. Personally, I hate it for Parsons. He's been injury prone and will continue to get hatred by our fans and Dallas' fans. Our fans will continue to gripe and complain wanting to trade him (even though we can't) However, I wish he could live a normal lifestyle. I don't know if its because he is a 'professional' ball player and making millions of dollars by the organization and in endorsements, but get a girlfriend, be a professional ball player, have fun and know your limits. The only bad thing is that it is personal life and I have to respect that. It was clear that him getting in "basketball shape" was not cutting the pie. I'm assuming he is just going to be shut down rather than have a season-ending surgery. But who knows. However, if anyone is going to use the Parsons injury as a scapegoat towards the failure of our season, that is uncalled for and that's not fair for Chandler himself. He tried to get on the basketball court and produce, did it work? Not really. I hope he gets better and if I'm the Grizzlies, he is not returning on the court unless he is 100%, hopefully he can get some minutes in Southaven before returning to the Grizzlies and play in the association, just like the MLB players do with the DL and minor-leagues and all that stuff. The front office should be 100% embarrassed in themselves.
  9. Didn't spend the money then I thought Conley would've left.
  10. Atlanta @ Memphis 03/11/17

    Sorry dude, but we are 66 games into the season and we have no business playing like this. Lack of effort is the first thing that caught my eye, just seems like these guys are not wanting to be on the court, they don't want to play. Are they burned out? I have no idea. However, the lack of effort is not Fizdale's fault at all. Sucks for a coach that has to tell professional basketball players who are making millions of dollars to play the game, to show effort. Second, Fizdale has done his due diligence. His has changed the lineup and changed the sets. He is doing that because the normal guys aren't getting the job done. We can't trade anybody. Carter, Randolph, and Tony Allen have little to no value at all. Our younger guys don't have any value at all either. And we have no draft picks to trade for. We're stuck, that's not Fizdale's fault, that's the front office fault. Fizdale has tried, is he perfect? No. Has he made mistakes? Yes. But he is willing to do his part and take advantage of the things he can control, which is changing the lineup. He is letting players have the opportunity to get more minutes and play, they just didn't take advantage of what's given to them. Tonight, Troy Daniels is a perfect example. This team defensively is dreadful to watch, but in order for this team to have success, they need to shoot the ball, which they can't. If this team solely focus on defense, then we're going to be at a disadvantage of 4 on 5 on offense in the playoffs, because Tony Allen still can't shoot and his defensive skills are dreadful to watch. Teams will leave him in the corner unguarded until Tony Allen proves he can't make jump shots consistently, which he can't.
  11. Atlanta @ Memphis 03/11/17

    This is not Fizdale's fault at all.
  12. Atlanta @ Memphis 03/11/17

    These NCAA teams that will be in Memphis in two weeks will be a whole lot more entertaining to watch than the Grizzlies.
  13. Atlanta @ Memphis 03/11/17

    Question: Why is everyone a big fan of Troy Daniels? Just because he makes a three here and there off the bench?
  14. Atlanta @ Memphis 03/11/17

    Man, Tony Allen just stands there and let the ball go out of bounds, then barks at the ref because he signals Atlanta ball. Then, Z-Bo lowered his shoulder and Illysova drew a charged, then he barks at the ref. Are we becoming the Clippers and Spurs? Is anybody at the Forum right now? What's the atmosphere???
  15. Atlanta @ Memphis 03/11/17

    This team has no effort. Hawks TV announcers said that and I totally agree. I have no idea what the Grizzlies fuel tank currently stands. but the Grizzlies are about to play in 7 different cities starting next week. All the shots this team is taking, they're just praying that it goes in. Credit to Atlanta because they want to win. This game so far is clearly not Fizzdale's fault.