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  1. 2018 trade deadline thread

    All isn't lost. It looks like Tyreke is a buyout candidate. They may let him walk and join another team.
  2. Dude, been around since the team first came to Memphis and was drafting dudes named Bostjon Nachbar, lol. I wasn't on the board but I've been a fan the entire time. I hate seeing them lose.
  3. The Grizzlies suck so much I haven’t checked the board in weeks and doubt I’ll be checking it again anytime soon. I can’t watch games anymore. The fight (grit & grind) whatever you want to call it is gone. It’s no fun. They blow leads to the point where its predictable. I’ve officially checked out on the Grizzlies and Tigers until further notice. Too many bad decisions. They both need to put a better product on the court.
  4. Chris Vernon

    Exactly! Was that just conjecture put out to justify the firing?
  5. Chris Vernon

    Where did Vernon say that? I listened to the last three shows and heard nothing about this. Does anyone have a quote?
  6. Chris Vernon

    Kind of surprised that Chris Vernon kept it so real. Grind City Media is obviously just about promoting whatever message the front office wants to get out. Did he throw CW under the bus? I can't remember.
  7. Chris Vernon

    Sad but true. I can't even watch the games streamed anymore. I'm tired of the disappointment. The whole letting the game slip away in the 3rd and 4th quarter is played out. I didn't think it would get to this point but they are no longer any fun to watch.
  8. If Tyreke is your shooting guard and not your backup PG you're fine. The Grizz need him to play point because they did a bad job getting players to play the position behind Mike (Baldwin, Chalmers). Now that Tyreke is hitting 3's he's perfect for the position. He wants the ball and will score. Dude has a dominant personality and game unlike Mr. Gasol. Seems like the type of player we need. You guys don't think someone like Paul George would be demanding the ball if he was on this team? Come on, you got a guy that demands the ball and can back it up by putting points on the board. The main problem is that the Grizz need him to create offense for the team. Also, it looks like whatever scheme Fizdale had them running, if he even had one, sucks big time.
  9. David Fizdale Fired.

    Thabeet falls on Wallace because it happened on his watch. Thabeet was drafted a whole two years after Conley, so if Wallace gets credit for Conley he also takes the blame for Thabeet.
  10. David Fizdale Fired.

    Heck no! CW doesn't really stand for anything. If he did he would have offered up his job instead of drafting Hasheem Thabeet, if Thabeet was who Heisley wanted, as they say. He helped the Grizzlies get to the playoffs and win, which he will be remembered for, but he also has a reputation as a yes man who will do anything to keep his job. That's not the type of person you want running a sports franchise.
  11. Jamychal Green is being underutilized on this team

    Agreed, so is Parsons though, whom they know has offensive capabilities, soooo... Dunno what the plan is with management. If you ask me Gasol should be playing closer to the basket, JAM getting a few more touches, and Parsons, when healthy, should be shooting at least 7 threes a game, and having plays run for him.
  12. I like your optimism! I agree, things aren't as bad as some people are claiming. The team needs work, but we're not in a bad spot at all.
  13. David Fizdale Fired.

    With the Grizzlies shooting that many threes a game why wasn't Parsons averaging at least 7 attempts instead of the 3.3 he is actually averaging? I hate to admit it but that was due to BAD COACHING. Man I liked Fizdale and still do, but he was not maximizing the team. It looked like he was going to get them going early, but even then Parsons was not getting any plays run for him. Why pay Parsons so much and not set up plays for him? Everybody knows he's a lights out shooter. A lot of the stuff he did left me scratching my head, then they would show him on the sidelines looking dumbfounded. He needed to go. Freaking Mario Chalmers is shooting 3 3-point attempts a game and Andrew Harrison is shooting over 2 attempts. Come on, not enough was being done with the schemes and play calling. JB better start using Parsons once he's available.
  14. In all honesty CW probably approaches his job for what it really is. He likely sees it as a middling opportunity in the landscape of the NBA and although he would never admit it, probably does not honestly see it as a franchise that could really win a championship barring massive injuries to other teams and luck going their way. He approaches the draft, free agency, and trades as patch jobs...the same way you would treat a used car to keep it going a little longer. He's like a used car salesman. So in that aspect, he's a good used car salesman who will never get another opportunity on the lot with the big boys, selling new cars. He just patches up the used ones and makes them appear to be workable, or to last enough months to pass the warranty period. CW is good enough but not great. If the Grizzlies want the franchise to truly be great they will need a massive overhaul in the front office beginning with CW.
  15. How long is J B going to last?

    I would not be surprised if the Grizzlies decide to promote Nick Van Exel to head coach. They seem to lean towards cost efficiency with coaching hires and go for assistants. That and they probably aren't really in the running for the more desirable coaching candidates anyways.