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  1. Heck no! But Wright was injury prone before Wallace even traded for him the first time. He was only playing like 40 games per season. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ I never liked that trade from the start! We need to find another GM like Wallace to be intrigued by his "potential". 😂🤣🤣
  2. Please let Mr. Glass, Brandon Wright go. He has to have some type of trade value. Wright needs to go.
  3. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    Ahh, one thing about this board is that reading it makes me feel like the sky is falling down with my favorite NBA team. If Parsons comes back this team will be a surprise contender. Look Tyreke is in a contract year, most players with his capabilities over perform in that situation to shore up a more lucrative deal. Zbo's scoring will be replaced. Tyreke is going to be lighting up those second units. JAM likely averages over 10 ppg this year, as he is going to have to get more touches with the new lineup. Everything was diff with Zbo, because he was a black hole on offense. JAM can rebound and is an A plus defender. We may have finally uncovered some gems in the draft. It sounds like other NBA players are high on Dillon Brooks. They think he will get into the lineup this year. Deyonte Davis is a favorite of Gasol, which can't be a bad thing. Maybe he sees something in him in practices that we don't get to see in the few minutes that he's gotten on the floor. I love Tony Allen and I'll miss his maniacal style of play BUT I'm not going to miss his boneheaded missed wide open layups OR teams leaving him wide open and daring him to shoot. So far it looks like the guys brought in on the wings, Tyreke, BMac, Seldon, and Dillon are going to be able to score and play a little defense. Even if Chalmers isn't back to his old self, Harrison will have one year of experience under his belt and he will be a lot better this time around. Parsons is the only real issue here. He is the X-Factor. If he is not able to have a full recovery the team is in trouble because he was supposed to be the difference maker and they sunk a lot of money into his salary.
  4. Do We Have Assets To Go For Jahlil Okafor?

    Man I hope you aren't right about Parsons but there's no reason to think he will come back from his injuries. That was a thorough assessment though.
  5. Listening to this podcast on the Grizzlies upcoming season. Good stuff. https://art19.com/shows/limited-upside/episodes/0ab71116-d8bd-46b2-a217-d717435e7d17
  6. agreed man I hope Parsons comes back healthy
  7. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    If Brandon Wright isn't gone I'll be severely disappointed.
  8. The Grizz had to go all in on Parsons. They swung big and so far have missed. It sucks but they either shoot for it or keep trying to eek on with the Grit n Grind team which was aging. Obviously bringing in Fizdale meant they were committed to moving on.
  9. Grizzlies Predictions

    Bravo! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The Grizzlies will continue to keep the true condition of Chandler Parsons top secret so only time will tell.
  10. Is everyone forgetting that Chandler Parsons had a real offer on the table from Portland for the same amount of money (MAX) as Memphis offered? I hate that he was/is injured. That sucked the life out of the team and blew our potential but Chris Wallace and the rest of the front office did a great job getting him to join the team. Its so easy to down the move now but to date that is the biggest free agent signing this franchise has ever had. Parsons had not reached his potential yet. He was on line to become an 18 point per game sharpshooting forward who could create offense for his teammates. Maybe even a borderline all-star. I hope whatever magic they are doing on his knees works but that was definitely not a bad move by Wallace.
  11. If only they can get on the court together. The injury thing is a BIG deal because he signed Parsons, who may or may not ever be able to play well enough to justify his huge contract. But on the other hand, he had to go after him. I'm one of the few who doesn't fault Wallace.
  12. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Two years for Jamychal Green is perfect. We don't need or want to lock him into a long term deal. He actually should be backing up someone better skilled, but he's an alright fit.
  13. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Whoever wrote that article bombed on linking to the fake Woj Twitter page but, NBC, Ron Tillery, and Bleacher Sports are saying the same thing. Two year deal is about to get done. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2731874-jamychal-green-grizzlies-reportedly-working-toward-2-year-contract http://nba.nbcsports.com/2017/09/06/rumor-grizzlies-jamychal-green-progressing-toward-two-year-contract/
  14. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Told you guys...looks like the Grizzlies will be signing Jamychal to a two year deal which is JUST ABOUT PERFECT for a player of his capabilities. We have some youngsters at the PF position and hopefully one of them like Deyonta Davis will be ready by then to start. https://clutchpoints.com/grizzlies-rumors-jamychal-green-potential-two-year-deal-getting-done-soon/