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  1. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    This is why JaM's signing is taking so long. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/20143724/nba-nuclear-winter-forecasted-free-agents-summer-2018
  2. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    Memphis makes perfect sense to go over, more so than any new or current Western Conference team. That's another reason I don't want them to take on Louisville as an expansion team because Louisville would definitely be considered an eastern team. Silver said he isn't going to consider doing away with the current playoff system of 8 teams from each conference for a while. The Grizzlies make way more sense in the Eastern Conference and they have a better chance of advancing in the playoffs.
  3. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    I seriously doubt JaM goes overseas. Nobody (except Nick Calathes) actually wants to go overseas to play. The Grizzlies are going to win this one because they hold the upper hand. JaM will probably be in the market for a new, more experienced agent with better contacts within the league after signing his contract. It's pretty much a done deal, that's why I titled the thread "JaM Ain't Going Anywhere".
  4. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    I want the league to expand by adding two Western Conference teams and then sending Memphis and maybe New Orleans to the Eastern Conference. That looks like that's how its going down anyways since the main candidates are Seattle, Las Vegas, Mexico City, Kansas City, and San Jose.
  5. Grizz News Links

    FACTS. These guys don't even watch any Grizzlies games. How do they get their jobs?
  6. That's what I was hinting at. BMac doesn't really work to our benefit unless Fizdale is able to work some of the magic that people think he has in development. I think that is one of the main reasons the Grizzlies wanted him as a coach. If BMac is starting the hope will be that he improves and breaks out of his shell. A lot of the moves made by the FO such as signing Parsons, BMac, and a few others all depend on hope. I do think he's being expected to do too much but I could be wrong, I mean they are paying him millions per year to get the team to reach their potential. I think Fizdale's main strength may lie in communication and convincing players to focus on aspects of their game that they already have the tools to do and also convincing guys to accept their role (ZBo coming off the bench). If that's true, then BMac and everyone else that he works with will only be doing more of what he's shown he is capable of. I have to admit I've never really paid attention to BMac as a player, so I'll just have to take everyone's word that he is a horrible defender, but Fizdale's job will be to get him to buy in and do things on the court that maximize his strengths and hides his weaknesses. Fizdale didn't make Gasol a great three point shooter. Anyone that knows the Grizzlies already knew that Gasol could shoot the lights out and some of us always wanted Joerger to have him shoot at least some threes once in a while. If he could get Gasol's stubborn butt to change his game up a little bit by moving farther away from the basket maybe he can get the other guys like BMac to switch up their games to maxmize their positives. Its a big IF though. I saw Fizdale screw some things up during the season like throwing Daniels in with two minutes left and expecting him to shoot the Grizzlies back into the game a few too many times. He had a few missteps but overall if you look at the job he did as a rookie coach getting the vets to by in and accept diminished roles he proved that he may be capable of getting this team to improve. I'll tell you what, if Fizdale can get more production out of BMac and Reke has a decent year some of you guys that are so down on the team and skeptical of the organization are going to have to tone it down a bit. I mean we could be San Antonio with Popovic and you guys would still be complaining. This team has a lot of question marks. We literally have no idea how these guys will fit, expecially with major locker room presences like ZBo and possibly Allen gone. If this season ends in the playoffs everyone predicting 30 wins is going to wind up looking stupid.
  7. I think the hope is that Fizdale will be the potential whisperer and somehow get Ben McLemore to produce at a higher level than he's shown he is capable of.
  8. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    someone locked this thread? why? if anything that thread about conley's baby should have been shut down. that was in poor taste.
  9. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    He should fire his agent and start negotiating his contract before he winds up playing in China or Turkey.
  10. Dang, Mike Conleys baby looks really white

    Come on guys...leave the gossip to the ladies! The child is his. If you are footing the bill and putting in work to raise the child he/she is yours. Doesn't matter if they look like you or not.
  11. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Yeah, the title is just based off of my opinion. I think the majority of the threads on here are based off of opinions versus actual facts.
  12. Dang, Mike Conleys baby looks really white

    Word, this is gossip!
  13. Dang, Mike Conleys baby looks really white

    Looks like Conley has responded. I get it though, somehow the baby looks whiter than both of them. You never know though. http://www.totalprosports.com/2017/07/20/grizzlies-mike-conley-responds-to-allegations-of-cheating-wife-because-his-baby-is-a-different-color/
  14. Dang, Mike Conleys baby looks really white

    Not touching this topic with a ten foot pool. I don't know Conley, or his wife's genealogy. For all I know Conley has grandparents on his mom and dad's side that look white (or are white). Shoot, my grandmother is 100% Japanese from Osaka, Japan and you wouldn't be able to tell that by looking at me. I have no idea and wish Conley and his fam the best. It is funny how much Gasol's brother resembles him when he has a beard though.