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  1. The grizzlies have 6 good players and no coach

    I'm frustrated with the coaching BUT Fizdale is developing players that wouldn't have seen the light of day under the previous coach and keeping the team in playoff contention so... This post is way off! Fizdale is actually doing a good job. My main gripe was that its time to play Parsons more minutes and actually run plays for him but he may not be ready for that role just yet. This team is going to be alright. They are in good hands and the players have obviously bought in to the coach's philosophy so it doesn't even matter what you or anyone else thinks.
  2. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    Right now it sucks and is frustrating watching the Grizzlies play. I think Conley is hurt. I've never seen him get trapped on offense so often. Its like every possession he gets doubled and trapped, leading to turnovers or bad passes out of desperation. He must have lost a step and would probably be better off sitting. Conley went from being the quickest man on the court to getting caught up nearly every possession. Maybe they should start Tyreke at point guard. They need Parsons to space the floor. Take him off the **** minutes restriction and start him at sf. Ennis is a good shooter, but he's not lights out like Parsons, and therefore is not a threat. Ennis needs to be in the second unit already. In the second unit Ennis could do some damage. They are getting trapped though on every other possession and forcing plays, either turning it over, forcing a pass, and needing to get bailed out by a miracle or Tyreke bailing them out with a drive to the hoop or jump shot. Tyreke on the other hand is looking great, improved actually because his shooting ability is for real.
  3. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    It’s time to start playing Chandler Parsons more minutes and giving him the green light to shoot
  4. Lets see how Brooks, Seldon, and Mclemore play out before we worry about resigning Tyreke. I get it though, Tyreke has proved that he is still an elite player and he will get the payday that he's playing for this season BUT we don't know how good Mclemore is going to be. Heck what if him, Brooks, and Seldon make even Tyreke's talents expendable? There's a logjam now at the wing position anyway. Let Tyreke play his heart out and our team benefit from the situation. Wallace is smart for getting Mclemore and Seldon, two guys with things to prove for different reasons and with potential to outperform their previous two seasons. I'm not worried about keeping Tyreke at all. I want someone else on the roster to step up and make him expendable. Let him get paid, he deserves it, especially if we go far in the playoffs. Tyreke was a great pick up!
  5. Well, I hope it's true!

    Go Grizz!
  6. The grizzlies have 2 problems with the starting unit

    Parsons needs to be healthy and back in the starting lineup (and off min. restriction). Fizz also needs to stop playing Marc and Brandon Wright together.
  7. The grizzlies have 2 problems with the starting unit

    The 3rd scoring option NEEDS to be Parsons and Fizdale needs to start running plays for him specifically.
  8. I know its easy to hate on Chris Wallace but you've got to give the man some credit. Head coach David Fizdale seems like a great hire who actually wanted the job and has proven to be a perfect fit for the city. I have a feeling BMac is going to become a decent player too, so that pickup will be another plus for the man in charge. Wallace isn't as big of a fool as so many people think.
  9. Okafor seeking buyout

    If we could get Okafor.... That would be so awesome and then the front office could push forward with unloading Brandon Wright (Mr. Glass) and Andrew Harrison.
  10. McLemore/Selden

    The way Brooks is playing, a stint in the G League would be a demotion. He is at least as good as Harrison right now (I mean he's playing better than him, but its only been six games). Harrison isn't going to be sent to the G League and neither should Brooks. I don't even think it would help his development, just have one more priority in the way of another prospect like Kobi Simmons that needs attention and mentoring.
  11. Charlotte @ Memphis 10/30/17

    Why don't we rest Gasol, start B Wright, and bring in Deyonta Davis off the bench? I don't want Gasol getting injured for realzzz.
  12. Grizz Rise in Power Rankings

    Exactly. The Grizzlies are way more dangerous when they play with a chip on their shoulder. They are better as the underdogs.
  13. Grizz Rise in Power Rankings

  14. Houston @ Memphis 10/28/17

    Grizz up by 10! This was what Parsons needed
  15. Who Was A Better Fit For the Grizz

    Who in their right mind wants Jeff Green over Parsons???🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️