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  1. Anyone else? I just haven't been so unexcited for a season in years. Losing Zbo and Vince isn't killer to our overall talent, but we didn't get anything for it to be excited about except cap space.. Which is hogged by Conley Parsons Gasol anyways. The bigger issue here is they really kept our mojo afloat imo. Our team always struggled to keep a good mentality throughout the whole season, but the two guys who kept their chin up and would right the ship was always Zbo and Vince. They were a lot of the heart and it seemed like the team looked up to them.. The city loved them on and off and it brought an extra energy. We don't have any ultra rookies to be excited about. Our only new face to get much burn is Maclemore.. Gasol and Parsons don't necessarily excite anyone or lead us, which we need, quite the opposite actually. Conley is going to burn out again with this squad, it's all on his shoulders, again.. Warriors are going to dominate even more now, we can't try grinding them. Not trying to be negative but I just have a bad feeling about this season where we're at. Best case scenario: We find a new identity and solid offense defense, Parsons gets comfortable, we get a 4-8 seed. But I see us falling to a 8-10 seed purgatory with Denver, Wolves, and dare I say Kings improving. Just sending like no man's land and minus a big part our heart.
  2. Any NBA gamers?

    I used to play 2K, but got sick of the last few releases. Live looks back, tried the demo, loved it. Upped the visuals big-time.
  3. Marc Gasol highlighs from Venezuela games 2017

    Hopefully he doesn't come to the season for vacation again.
  4. Yeah say what you want about VC and his struggle to fit in our system at first...but he was a true uplift to our moral, chemistry and overall culture. He got along great with the team, STAFF, and community. We had a guy who once did this... And was still humble and cared about player development and other players growth.
  5. Naw Vince was cool. Honestly, probably didn't deserve to be tossed into a dump it inside every possession, even if it's Koufos, system like Memphis was. He was great in Dallas and then great again once Fiz showed up. Nonetheless, it's a cool mix for Grizzly fans.
  6. #chancun

    It's not like Chandler Parsons was ever some different person...he's always been a beach/frat guy, it's who he is what do u expect?
  7. #chancun

    Eh I'd rather not live in Memphis OR LA if I'm honest. Both are pretty meh in their own ways. LA sucks though, what a cess pool of ****** ppl
  8. 'I'll miss you bro' dude had some moments with us
  9. Any NBA gamers?

    Dude totally agree. 2K11 was the best, 12, 13 good, then it fell off the tracks. Live 18 is best game I've played since 2k13
  10. Any NBA gamers?

    I was joking about being too real, but 2ks gameplay is garbage now. I'm copping Live after trying the demo.
  11. Any NBA gamers?

    How ain't this real? Look at these physics and the reactions
  12. Any NBA gamers?

    Same dude! The defense is so refreshing. Best I've felt in a basketball game.
  13. Fizz goes off !!!

    But that doesn't mean they are always right..just because they can be heard, they aren't always the best voices. I don't mean they can't speak up. They're people too just like us. But when they stop like a post game interview to say some **** or do stuff like Collin Kappernick is doing, it gets annoying. Not everyone likes to involve themselves with politics, a lot of the time people watch sports to escape that kind of ****.
  14. What Does Marc Mean?

    Thank you. He's so stubborn and in his own world it's ridiculous. He thinks he's the smartest person on the court, off the court, coaching decisions, player personnel etc etc. He's always second guessing every coach, every player, ever play, he has to be the most frustrating person to play with or coach
  15. Any NBA gamers?

    I don't know if you're being sarcastic, but there's some truth to it. They took their game almost too seriously where it's just a pain, even if you're good, it's just not any fun. Live 18 feels good though.
  16. What Does Marc Mean?

    Exactly. He's one of the most frustrating people there is. He's always skeptic, even if things are clearly working. Speaking if growing, when will you grow up and lead?
  17. Fizz goes off !!!

    Leave politics to politicians? No. But leave it out of sports imo. It's annoying and distracts from the game too much. What about ppl who support the opposing views of most coaches? (Not in this instance, but conservatives in general). I'm not one of them, but it'd be annoying to want to watch your team and have political speeches all the time.
  18. ZBo Arrested

    Why would multiple million athletes need to sell weed? Lol.
  19. Ben Maclemore out up to 3 months

    It seems like as soon as players step off the plane in Memphis their bodies turn to brittle. Is it the air? The water? What gives? Make some of that old fashion Wallace magic.
  20. Mario Chalmers returns

    How injured? First good news all summer
  21. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    Still fat Personality wise.
  22. Honestly the fact he has to wear a sweatshirt indoors to sweat is concerning and just confirms his laziness.
  23. "I can tell you that ZBo is hurt Griz didn't try to keep him and I'll respect that he isn't ready to talk publicly. Big send off to come." Apparently did not even send an offer sheet his way prior to Kings