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  1. Mario Chalmers returns

    How injured? First good news all summer
  2. Anyone else? I just haven't been so unexcited for a season in years. Losing Zbo and Vince isn't killer to our overall talent, but we didn't get anything for it to be excited about except cap space.. Which is hogged by Conley Parsons Gasol anyways. The bigger issue here is they really kept our mojo afloat imo. Our team always struggled to keep a good mentality throughout the whole season, but the two guys who kept their chin up and would right the ship was always Zbo and Vince. They were a lot of the heart and it seemed like the team looked up to them.. The city loved them on and off and it brought an extra energy. We don't have any ultra rookies to be excited about. Our only new face to get much burn is Maclemore.. Gasol and Parsons don't necessarily excite anyone or lead us, which we need, quite the opposite actually. Conley is going to burn out again with this squad, it's all on his shoulders, again.. Warriors are going to dominate even more now, we can't try grinding them. Not trying to be negative but I just have a bad feeling about this season where we're at. Best case scenario: We find a new identity and solid offense defense, Parsons gets comfortable, we get a 4-8 seed. But I see us falling to a 8-10 seed purgatory with Denver, Wolves, and dare I say Kings improving. Just sending like no man's land and minus a big part our heart.
  3. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    Still fat Personality wise.
  4. Honestly the fact he has to wear a sweatshirt indoors to sweat is concerning and just confirms his laziness.
  5. "I can tell you that ZBo is hurt Griz didn't try to keep him and I'll respect that he isn't ready to talk publicly. Big send off to come." Apparently did not even send an offer sheet his way prior to Kings
  6. Let's no be petty lol. They looked pretty excited at the summer league game. Vince and Hill at least, not sure Zbo ever seems too excited.
  7. I think the emotion is mainly getting a new contract and out of Sacramento for him, but that's just me. I think he'll have a great stretch in Memphis, problem is staying consistent. Noone ever stays consistent here when they come, they show flashes then dip.
  8. I don't, I'm just forwarding it on because Tillery claimed he was hurt by it and I think many fans wonder this sort of thing.
  9. MEM Summer League Thread

    He should have been regardless. It's not a bad comparison though, they both play the same game.
  10. Whoops, for some reason I thought he was restricted. You're right. Regardless he did want to stay in Dallas, mentioned this to Cuban and he had just bought a house there, but Cuban had no desire to match no matter how close of friends they were because the knee. This should have been a red flag of sorts.
  11. "However, the franchise decided it was time to move on from Randolph, and he was not even offered a contract." This was confirmed (at least via them) through some Twitter conversations
  12. Well if you're going by Tillery, that's literally what he said. They didn't even offer him ANY contract
  13. Yes WE CHOSE to allow them to get rid of that contract.
  14. MEM Summer League Thread

    Funny seeing and hearing Vince commentate with Pete again like nothing happened. Pretty cool of him to show up to a summer league game. It's just summer league, so I don't take away much, but Jarrell and Selden looked hungriest. Fox looks like a young Conley.
  15. Right because Dallas hasn't been deep in the playoffs multiple years, been 1 seed, constructed multiple highly competitive teams and WON A CHAMPIONSHIP. And them being behind us in standings right now doesn't change the point that they emptied a horrendous contract on an inured player to us and probably laughed that we would take it.
  16. Idk we'll see how it works. I thought Rubio was underappreciated. But definitely bright future with them, if Butler commits to their gameplan, watch out.
  17. Figured this deserved its own discussion. What do y'all think? I'm pretty surprised he went with Kings and actually kind of a sad way to go... Was hoping to see him at least on the Cavs heading to the finals and what not. Kings aren't doing anything. Seems like money and starting were most important to him? Don't want to look too far into this, but he goes back to Joerger? Did he really not like Fizdale that bad just because he held him accountable or didn't start him? I hate to think that, but always did get that vibe he hated the bench despite it doing well for the team at the time. I don't think we can win without Zbo either. He's sort of that X factor that no other team had or could plan for. A part of me actually just died inside, he's my favorite Grizzly by far and part of our identity. Granted I didn't like his attitude last year with the 'ppl tell me all the time I should be starting' he was still one of the most exciting parts of our wins... Him dunking was tons of fun. One of the only players you knew would go all out in playoffs as well. I'm kind of nervous, I wanted Zbo reduced role, but not off the team. Thoughts?
  18. Whatever, Donnie Nelson is GM but Cuban calls just as many shots and flew to Orlando to make the Parsons deal
  19. I think Boston and Sacramento had the best offseason by far. I like Thunder getting Paul George too, but those two have some bright futures holy ****.
  20. But what does THIS season do for us? We are diminishing any spirit our team did have to be a 9-10 seed. What does a 9 seed do for you? If we are going to get rid of the heart of the team, and not be competitive enough to do anything in the playoffs, like ANYTHING worth rooting for, why not go all the way and start setting up for young talent or a splash in next offseason?? I'm all for being a competitive fun team that can do something in the playoffs..but we aren't even that, and we lost all our fan favorites.. Take the Kings for example. They had a Demarcus Cousins, phenomenal talent, but was bringing the team down and kind of cancerous in his own way. They could have kept trying to add pieces here and there but they get rid of him, boom next thing you know they have one of the most upward trending and exciting teams in the NBA to be a fan of. Marc Gasol is no different, he gets our hopes high and brings us down and keeps us down. Conley is the only one left I don't want going anywhere, and hopefully some of the young talent. It just is depressing how close we can get to being great, and if we had any type of GM we could have been great as they'd address a need we had and not 5 Years too late always. He will wait till our identity completely changes and THEN sign some shooters we desparately needed years ago that could have made a difference. He will sign a difference maker like Vince ONCE HES 38. Just mind numbingly stupid stuff this guy consistently does. The only good thing he's done is grab Fizzdale (again, little too late), which I think was 110% just luck and picked a name of available coaches out a hat.
  21. The reason why guys like Cuban succeed in the NBA as GMs is because there are stupid GMs like Chris Wallace who will unload their horrid contracts even if that player is injured. 1. Parsons isn't even that good when fully healthy 2. He had one of the highest contracts in the entire NBA 3. He had the same knee injuries that other players never fully recover from and shows he is injury prone in general 4. He doesn't have the best attitude, he does however have the attitude of a guy who would slow down once paid 5. Cuban was best friends with Parsons, who was begging to stay in Dallas, and STILL wanted his contract gone (terrible sign, more injuries than being disclosed sign) It was one of the worst signings I've ever seen. It takes up all our Cap, after already signing Conley to the highest paid player in the league as well as overpaying for Gasol. Wallace should have been fired by now he's a complete moron. I'm not a Parsons hater either. Idc if he's a playboy millionaire type guy, he was a player I enjoyed in Houston. I am a Wallace hater because you have to try to do as stupid of things he does. Maybe he's an insider for another team?
  22. Let's not forget TA too. Coming from a guy who wanted TA gone before last season. The spirit of the team has always been Zbo, TA, Conley, and more recently VC. How the **** will this not effect the overall spirit & morale?
  23. What's the Current Lineup?

    Love Fiz, but I hate these lineups. They're like a less wholesome more injury prone version of last year minus a consistent bench scoring punch. Can Benmac and Parsons deliver? Possibly. Is that even enough? Idk we seem slim up front.