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  1. Grizzlies Mobile: Grizzlies Post-Season Wrap-Up Around 95:00 mark of the Exit Interviews segment Absolutely refreshing to actually hear them call out Marc passing out of matchup advantages and even shying away from Danny Green and Tony Parker at some points. I think Prancia is right. 20 fga minimum should be required by your star players and zero attempts in the 4th is pathetic. It's not like he was being doubled. They even went on to say Marc was the only one who didn't go down swinging. Ouch. Looks like we're not alone.
  2. Spurs are playing not that well at all, but our style ever since G1 vs the Rockets. They're playing a 2 man Aldridge Gasol INSIDE game with using a lot of clock and calculated passes. It's killing the Rockets flow right now and they look like ****. We need to play better in regular season to secure a better seed, we owe it to ourselves. Or we need to have a cast full of guys who believe and don't give up so much. We use to have a lot of those guys, right now I can only think of Gasol.
  3. I doubt that Popovich of all people was encouraging Bowen to injure guys like Vince Carter.. that was all Bowen he's just a dirty dude
  4. **** Pop went off! Respect. **** the Warriors
  5. Revisionist history? LeBron clanked about 4 big shots in a row including a 3 off the side of the backboard. That Ray Allen 3 might have been what turned a chokey career around into a winner
  6. LeBron is really lucky as well. Ray Allen anyone?
  7. I'm sick and I'm not even a Spurs fan. Hate the Warriors brand of basketball so much.. how lucky they get (faced 2 healthy teams in 3 years), and that they still cheat despite the all star team roster. The illegal screens never called is pathetic.
  8. Anyone catch this? Flagrant for kicking Haren in the head.. Next night kicks a Suns player intentionally it seems and dislocated his finger doing so.. I personally think he should be booted from the league what a disgrace.
  9. Both Ginobili and Aldridge should have had and 1s in the final minutes! Could have been the difference but really allowing second chances for Warriors 3s is what did it at the end there
  10. Reminds me a lot of the Warriors series we had during their champ run. We need to stop fkn around with regular season. As much goes in the players as it does front office for pushing injured Parsons.
  11. Yeah ik it's possible. I mean nothing would surprise me with that guy, his game is sketchy enough, but I just can't see players betting when they already have more than enough. Refs on the other hand. Now I can see him wanting to go vacation early knowing he won't beat GS. But ultimately I think he was just shook
  12. Yeah or he just sucks under pressure like every year since college. I don't get why a player would need to gamble, their income is more than they even know what to do with.
  13. Lol could you imagine a team led by Harden & Gasol. So disappointing.
  14. Yeah I love Conley, current Conley is a beast and a winner, but current John Wall is more of a game changer. Constant pressure on the defense. I love both honestly, would take either over a lot of overhyped guys
  15. In a slow paced system or a ball movement oriented system I'd want this current Conley. In any other system I'd want Wall. Seriously though, Wall has been incredible. Even though he's not all that efficient, he makes things happen and opens things up for others with his attacking. It still equates to wins.
  16. Have to be quite the miserable to back Harden's epic choking performances and talk down on your own players.
  17. Good time to revisit this video
  18. No, he just happens to get a concussion every time. It's not his fault!
  19. So glad I don't fall for fool's gold players like Lowry and Harden. Their so predictable, fall apart as soon as the pressure is up and defenses gameplan. Remember when Harden had 13 turnovers in last year's elimination game vs the Warriors? Not just a choker. Epic choker. Lowry ain't much better, he has less responsibility and disappears
  20. Concussion? Lmfao, that is one of the funnier excuses for a choke I've heard.
  21. Wtf are you talking about. Harden shrinks every big playoff moment. This isn't anything new. All you that slobber over Harden must be so bummed..
  22. Yeah we could have beat these Rockets. Not these disciplined Spurs though. They're lost without the 3. Y'all just want flash and fall for that ****.