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  1. TA next year is asking for problems. Don't want to see an even more slowed down TA
  2. I will always be sad to see Zbo go, Grizzly legend and fan favorite. I'd love to have him to stay, despite having issues coming off bench.. he still brings something no one else does. But that was definitely not cool though when he started that 'everyone says I should be starting', mostly because we went downhill ever since. If we can convince Zbo to be okay with the bench and to be in attack, hungry on the boards and lay off the jab step iso & 3s I'd pay him above min. TA could honestly retire though. I'm not sure what people think he brings still. He's old, injured every year, and his defense has slipped majorly.
  3. Whatever helps make Marc more expendable.
  4. Good, I want Marc Gasol's bum *** as far away from this team as possible. Dude is PAINFUL to watch most games. Never seen someone with so little self esteem I can't stomach another year of it. It got to the point where Brevin couldn't even stand him anymore and was vocal about it, he let's the team down year after year when it counts.
  5. LeBron to Miami was lame, it was unfair, but after the KD move it looks tame. Teaming up is one thing.. piggybacking on one of the greatest teams of all time who you just were up 3-1 on and choked against is another. LeBron to Miami again was lame and somewhat brought the respect for the league down but gave us great moments to root against like Dallas. KD to Golden State absolutely ruined the league. NBA FINALS, and we're seeing wide open practice dunks 3 straight possessions because you can't gamelan for 4 different elite threats. It's pathetic, Golden State was already unfair, now it's just an all star team joke
  6. I doubt that Popovich of all people was encouraging Bowen to injure guys like Vince Carter.. that was all Bowen he's just a dirty dude
  7. **** Pop went off! Respect. **** the Warriors
  8. Revisionist history? LeBron clanked about 4 big shots in a row including a 3 off the side of the backboard. That Ray Allen 3 might have been what turned a chokey career around into a winner
  9. LeBron is really lucky as well. Ray Allen anyone?
  10. I'm sick and I'm not even a Spurs fan. Hate the Warriors brand of basketball so much.. how lucky they get (faced 2 healthy teams in 3 years), and that they still cheat despite the all star team roster. The illegal screens never called is pathetic.
  11. Both Ginobili and Aldridge should have had and 1s in the final minutes! Could have been the difference but really allowing second chances for Warriors 3s is what did it at the end there
  12. Reminds me a lot of the Warriors series we had during their champ run. We need to stop fkn around with regular season. As much goes in the players as it does front office for pushing injured Parsons.
  13. Yeah ik it's possible. I mean nothing would surprise me with that guy, his game is sketchy enough, but I just can't see players betting when they already have more than enough. Refs on the other hand. Now I can see him wanting to go vacation early knowing he won't beat GS. But ultimately I think he was just shook