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  1. Mario Chalmers returns

    How injured? First good news all summer
  2. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    Still fat Personality wise.
  3. Honestly the fact he has to wear a sweatshirt indoors to sweat is concerning and just confirms his laziness.
  4. Let's no be petty lol. They looked pretty excited at the summer league game. Vince and Hill at least, not sure Zbo ever seems too excited.
  5. I think the emotion is mainly getting a new contract and out of Sacramento for him, but that's just me. I think he'll have a great stretch in Memphis, problem is staying consistent. Noone ever stays consistent here when they come, they show flashes then dip.
  6. I don't, I'm just forwarding it on because Tillery claimed he was hurt by it and I think many fans wonder this sort of thing.
  7. MEM Summer League Thread

    He should have been regardless. It's not a bad comparison though, they both play the same game.
  8. Whoops, for some reason I thought he was restricted. You're right. Regardless he did want to stay in Dallas, mentioned this to Cuban and he had just bought a house there, but Cuban had no desire to match no matter how close of friends they were because the knee. This should have been a red flag of sorts.
  9. "However, the franchise decided it was time to move on from Randolph, and he was not even offered a contract." This was confirmed (at least via them) through some Twitter conversations
  10. Well if you're going by Tillery, that's literally what he said. They didn't even offer him ANY contract
  11. Yes WE CHOSE to allow them to get rid of that contract.
  12. MEM Summer League Thread

    Funny seeing and hearing Vince commentate with Pete again like nothing happened. Pretty cool of him to show up to a summer league game. It's just summer league, so I don't take away much, but Jarrell and Selden looked hungriest. Fox looks like a young Conley.
  13. Right because Dallas hasn't been deep in the playoffs multiple years, been 1 seed, constructed multiple highly competitive teams and WON A CHAMPIONSHIP. And them being behind us in standings right now doesn't change the point that they emptied a horrendous contract on an inured player to us and probably laughed that we would take it.