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  1. The 2018 Free Agents

    Bradley is okay. He definitely wouldn't be worth what Wallace would pay him.
  2. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Yep and it doesn't really matter anyway - it's an asset league - you ALWAYS draft talent over need. Figure the rest out later.
  3. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I know all discussion has been the first rounder, but has Chandler Hutchison out of Boise as our early second round pick. I don't know how many on the board stay up late for MWC games, but this kid is good. I'd be thrilled with a player like that with the first second round pick.
  4. The 2018 Free Agents

    I can't stand Avery Bradley. KCP is okay. Barton - 0% McCaw - interested Matthews - no freaking way
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Knox has a shot - although he sometimes reminds me of Rudy Gay. Not the worst thing in the world, but you know.
  6. OJ Mayo

    Should be up for reinstatement next season. Unrestricted FA. 31 years old and by all reports, clean and sober and working out hours every day. Plays pickup with NBA guys in LA (granted story I read was from August 2017). Serious as a heart attack question - would you consider bringing OJ in as another veteran G to go with Mike and Tyreke? OJ did have some talent now - don't get it twisted otherwise. He knows the organization and the city and Wallace, well we know how he feels about HS rankings and redemption stories.
  7. I know the NBA is a win-now league - it's professional and business. Fans don't want excuses or rationalizations. I get that. But some of these guys have got to be given at least ONE year and ONE offseason to develop and see where they are before going to the public opinion chopping block. I've seen flashes from Ivan Rabb. Dude is 19 or 20. Who KNOWS what he can really be - could be average, could be pretty good. On the other hand, I've seen all I need to from Jarrell Martin. I don't think he's ever going to put it together - though there is STILL a small window IMO. Having said that, that is still no guarantee that you trade or waive JM that he won't flourish elsewhere. It's all a crapshoot - how much heart and work ethic and whatever else do some of these guys have and are they in the right system/fit, etc.
  8. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    That's the major league gamble - two HUGE ifs right there.
  9. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    Right, my concerns were how do you play him to keep from winning? 0-7 in recent stretch without him and won like 9 of 15 with him before that. You DO NOT need to win another game in reality. Not ONE. The other concern is not overpaying and it looks like they can't even if they tried. So, how do they keep him and get around the winning thing? Personally, the argument that you can re-sign him no matter doesn't hold much water - if a northern guy like Tyreke goes to BOS and gets a good taste of playoff action, I think the chances are better he'd want to stick there than come back here. IMO
  10. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    To be fair to everyone involved, I'll say this. Let's say they get some miracles going into next year. This is not the worst roster I've ever seen: Marc Gasol/Deyonta Davis/Ivan Rabb Marvin Bagley/JaMychal Green Dillon Brooks/Jarrell Martin/Chandler Parsons Tyreke Evans/Wayne Selden/Ben McLemore Mike Conley/Andrew Harrison/Kobi Simmons Or something like that. That's not accounting for any other moves and/or the second round picks. Not saying it will happen, not saying it will win, not saying it will advance in the playoffs. But it's intriguing starting 5 and even with Gasol and Conley likely on the downside, it is an intriguing 2-3 year window with that group. IMO However - that is also assuming that all the development this season will pay off and a lot of these guys will really work their butts off over the offseason to improve weaknesses and get better, etc.
  11. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    As to the draft, the Grizzlies are locked in a tight race (of sorts), with the bottom eight teams separated on deadline day by 1.5 games. The Grizzlies have been bad this season with Evans, but his impact is substantial. The team has lost seven in a row without him. The Grizzlies have won nine of their past 15 with him. Better have a d-amn good plan to reduce his minutes, sit him out late, put him in with bad lineups. AND better have a d-amn good plan to re-sign him. That's all I will say. We can argue on a message board back and forth all day long, but that doesn't change the reality that yesterday was a subtle shift for a lot of casual fans. The perception overall of the FO and ownership is getting worse not better.
  12. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    Apparently his value was a young player and a 2nd round pick or multiple 2nd round picks. I thought they could pull the late first from BOS, probably should've tried to switch their 1st with Grizz 2nd - only like 7 spots difference. Reke and Grizz 2nd to BOS for French dude, 1st and Nader or Ojeley.
  13. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    Right, I just wonder how it all works out with the tank involved? Tyreke all of a sudden gonna get bone spurs? Or they just gonna sit him every 4th quarter?
  14. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    Yeah, but was Heisley calling the shots? Thabeet? We know when the new group demoted Wallace, they also made a lot of crap decisions. These things tend to work from top on down. IMO
  15. 2018 trade deadline thread

    Agree, my point was that even if you don't want him long term, he's a good asset and he's yours to deal if so needed. Tyreke walks. Bird in the hand kind of deal.