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  1. Marc sounds off

    Never underestimate a potential contender that is one player away . It's what they should've done with both Zach and TA last year in reality.
  2. Marc sounds off

    Marc to CLE for Love. Mike to PHI for Fultz and scraps.
  3. The grizzlies have 6 good players and no coach

    IMO Marc JaMychal Chandler Tyreke Conley Davis Wright Brooks McLemore Chalmers I don't trust Martin, Ennis or Harrison right now. I'd rather see Simmons, Rabb and whoever off the Hustle right now. The above 10 actually show some NBA ability to play in a rotation, with Davis barely in there. Still think they need a vet big/banger and a vet wing, though I thought McLemore certainly tried last night and seems a little more comfortable.
  4. Some changes I'd like to see

    True - I thought the energy and effort looked better last night from almost everyone.
  5. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    Good thoughts - I think it's a vet big and a vet defensive wing with some scoring ability that are lacking. Not that acquiring both would cure all ills, but I think it would help in the physicality and perimeter D areas.
  6. Marc sounds off

    Aside from missing layups in the final minute of the fourth quarter too many times, dude is by far the best player on the team in these first 15 games.
  7. Some changes I'd like to see

    To me, it looks like Mario is looking for his shot way too much. Before his injury, after Mike was out, Mario was running the Griz very well. He needs to get back to that mindset - it seems he wants to score and prove something. IMO
  8. The grizzlies have 6 good players and no coach

    I do think they need a shakeup somewhere. Think they have some good pieces and have some versatility, but they need another veteran big and wouldn't mind a lengthy defender. A shooter would also be nice, but that may be a steeper cost. Wonder if they could get Hollis-Jefferson/Zeller from Nets for not much. Or some combination of Nwaba/Portis/Mirotic/Felcio from CHIC. Or Anthony Tolliver/Langston Galloway from the Pistons for not that much either. You get the drift - a swap of some of our bench for another team's bench, but the need is a vet big and rangy, defensive wing for the Grizz. Mostly - the defense has to be shored up. Sure there are offense lulls, but they haven't played a good game defensively in weeks.
  9. Stat Check - Early Look at the Numbers

    Good stuff...interesting to look at.
  10. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Best PER on the team, 43% from 3 and averaging 17 PPG off the bench. Tyreke has been a STEAL on that contract number.
  11. The grizzlies have 2 problems with the starting unit

    Well I don't disagree with that, just not sure any of the 3 are the answer - and pretty sure AH isn't. I'd probably go Conley, Tyreke, Parsons/Ennis/Brooks, Green and Gasol if I was choosing a starting 5.
  12. The grizzlies have 2 problems with the starting unit

    Not sold on Selden or McLemore just yet. Intrigued by the prospect/potential of both players though.
  13. Quick, good read on
  14. The grizzlies have 2 problems with the starting unit

    Until the Griz start defending better as a team, offense won't matter. Have a roster of players who are slower laterally than almost everyone they guard and seem to be out of sync right now in terms of rotation help and going over the screen and/or switching - as Fizdale said - the communication is not there yet - I guess the question is will it get there and will it stay there?
  15. Memphis Hustle

    He does look narrow - like John Henson and similar.