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  1. OJ Mayo

    id give him a serious look if i had next at mt moriah. slim.
  2. sitting him would be professional suicide. how does this look? wallace went to this player and said have a sit...leave the team..get ready, about to trade you.. deadline comes and goes. could not get it done for whatever reason. now, we are going to go back to him and say...think we will just sit you out the rest of the season..? the man is healthy and playing his tail off. so, with he having millions on the line- playing for his contract life in summer... we are going to tell him he needs to just shut it down..? good luck ever having respect from any player in the league going forward. that scenario can't be considered. you have to play him. slim.
  3. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    have yall considered the way this will be perceived by the players...and, of course, other gms and owners. a player could look at this as an insult to player who has played his tail off for your organization this year. wallace looks incompetent/greedy/lacking foresight. for perception purposes alone....he has to go. slim.
  4. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    for the f.o. to not even listen to offers (entertain otters) for gasol and be so hard-headed as to not get some value for evans' great rational reason. wallace needs to be gone. nice man. like him. thanks for a great run, but this is done. slim.
  5. Now is the time to trade Marc Gasol

    i think you are a little too close to the forest to appreciate the trees. it is my o that gasol is a much more valuable player than deandre. he impacts both sides of the floor. i think he has a lot more value than what you perceive. again, probably a moot point in the end. slim.
  6. Now is the time to trade Marc Gasol

    again, read above..i don't think we really should trade him, but cleveland is the one team in my mind that makes the most sense. he would be fabulous there. he would anchor a defensive foundation there. his passing would be huge there as well. deandre is not in gasol's league as far as what he would mean to them imo. i think they'd talk a 1st for him. slim.
  7. Now is the time to trade Marc Gasol

    absolutely listen and maybe even make a call, but don't deal just to deal. that would be idiotic. this team could rebound very quickly with a really good young player, and mike & marc back. but...again, if a good deal comes along....yes, listen closely. slim.
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    sure would be nice for, one time, our ping ball land on one. one time. slim.
  9. 2018 trade deadline thread

    brandon wright needs a new address by thursdays end as well.. going, we need to commit to it. slim.
  10. 2018 trade deadline thread

    no sh!t... let's get a pot of coffee going... slim.
  11. Inverted Standings Watch

    must lose tonight? slim.
  12. ha! love it. rip indeed. alright man...good call.. slim.
  13. as to the title of the thread... it makes no difference if the guy does leave after 3-4 years. that is the gm's job to bring in the absolute best talent available at the time. so, shaq left orlando way back when. are you saying that the magic made a mistake and should not have drafted him initially? get the highest draft pick(s) we can and draft for today. slim.
  14. Who Could Be Traded?

    maybe we could trade bennie mac back to that vacant gym he was shooting ball in when cwallace signed him. ...and we handed him $5.46 per...can not even get off of this bench. chris, wanna get away??? slim.