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  1. Grade & Rank your Grizzlies coaches (so far)

    fiz, imo, would, at best, be an i right now. if i were to give him a grade to date, it would be a c. 2 quick knocks i see to date- coming out of to's or down the stretch in games...he has yet to prove that his team can execute on a consistent basis. another point is his team's knack of not 'getting up' for the regular or lesser tier teams. both of these traits, to me, show a coach who is growing in/on the job. say what you want about dave and not playing the young guys/style of play, can't knock him for the 2 traits above. slim.
  2. Charlotte @ Memphis 10/30/17

    would be great to see us blow these chumps off the court. come on griz. slim.
  3. Memphis @ Dallas 10/25/17

    come on griz. time to establish a new tone this year with these type of teams. slim.
  4. What Does Marc Mean?

    without a doubt, the absolute weakest part of his game. he should average 10 a game. slim.
  5. What Does Marc Mean?

    this is very good news. why in the world would we want a guy that says... hey, i play for the griz. roll the ball out and we will see. we want a guy that is not satisfied with failure. point blank. slim.
  6. #ThankYouZBo

    will always be a special guy to this franchise. love him. slim.
  7. Tweet about "Pasons for Porzingis"

    ha! the pompous one, the wizard, the zen master. way to knock it out of the park, phil. as5hat. slim.
  8. dwash... you are correct in the fact that mike has not a track record of being unstoppable. that is true. however, games 2-6 in these playoffs, he did prove to be just that. i hope he brings that mentality into tc come this fall. if he does, this will truly be the start of a great ride. slim.
  9. thank you. as the team progresses and evolves under fiz, mike's contract will come to seem much more reasonable, due to his production as well as the $$ pouring in. slim.
  10. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    glad yall think the wizard really knows what he is doing. i wonder if he still sits on the phone books in the brass office like he did on the bench. he needs do something to elevate himself. slim.
  11. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    i would also do d.davis and gasol for porzingis and noah. i think ny would have to take a good look because gasol would be in a pretty sweet spot. he would have a great number of capable folks around him up in ny. this would make re-signing zbo a no-brainer. slim.
  12. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    you do know you have to make the salaries work, right? slim.
  13. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    i love marc, but...would look at this, providing it is realistic. ny. porzingis and noah for gasol and j. martin. gasol would probably average 10 apg up there with 'melo.. slim.
  14. i don't know about that. if those young guys continue to 'get held back', then they are not part of the future anyway. i don't want young guys that are not good enough to make the coach's job a hornet's nest. if seldon can't threaten ta's spot (if that played out), then he ain't part of the future. the coach has to be strong enough and in command enough to allow the cream to rise to the top as well.. slim.
  15. Devil's Advocate Thread: No Reason To Make A Change

    the parsons contract was a no-brainer. you can't blame wallace for taking a swing for the fences on such a talent in the league. teams like memphis don't get those opportunities often and he did the right thing imo. the head-scratching are the years of drafting and the 1sts given away again and again. also, it certainly looked like we just threw the max out to conley without seeing if we could have gotten him for $20m cheaper over all. think we could have. im with chip on this summer and jam green. let the market set the price and then we swoop in and pay the tab. we should not be a part of setting the market price. i also don't think we should go above @$12 per for him at the max. slim.