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    Although Jimmer does have the best nickname on the planet now "The lonely God"
  2. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    or the next Michael Beasley. Or Greg Oden
  3. is the worth it to tank

    Sure. 2 second rounders, one that is conditional and only transfers if it's 55-60. Also we have to take back a bad contract
  4. Predict the Grizz next win

    Be prepared for us to pick 8th in 2019, 6th in 2020, and then win the lottery in 2021
  5. is the worth it to tank

    The Jeff Green deal is killing us, just looming out there like the Otis Thorpe deal. Will probably bite us in the *** soon like that one
  6. How Long before Tyreke is traded/waived?

    Tyreke is the best value on the team. He's a better version of Jamal Crawford from a few years ago. Several playoff teams or teams in the East competing for playoffs would love to have him, even shortly.
  7. What are our assets?

    As I see it Gasol, obviously Dillon Brooks Chandler Parsons contract. If you wait a year and a half it becomes a massive expiring that you can use to get a first rounder or a couple of first rounders out of. Don't stretch it or it loses that value. Tyreke And our liabilities? Chris Wallace Injuries Mammoth Conley contract
  8. Stat Check - Early Look at the Numbers

    it's because it's Harrison running the offense. He's not getting us into plays and can't make quick decisions or break down players off the pick and roll, and if he does usually can't finish,
  9. Stat Check - Early Look at the Numbers

    The starting lineup has our worst offensive rotation player be our primary ballhandler and initiatior while our best offensive player, initiator, and ballhandler plays off ball and doesn't get good looks or involved as much. I mean, it seems so silly when I write it.
  10. Stat Check - Early Look at the Numbers

    Exactly. Nobody is saying Tyreke is MVP of the league or even our team. But geez who on our team are we getting more bang for the buck from? Maybe Brooks and that's it. Tyreke has been amazing compared to expectations (which were that he might be squeezed out of rotation by Mclemore and Selden, or might be a one-dimensional slasher)
  11. Dallas @ Memphis 10/26/17

    Harrison is a freaking calamity. Give his minutes to rio, brooks, parsons, tyreke, whoever. If teams want to "take advantage" by playing one-on-one against those guys in a mismatch so be it. Harrison murders the offense when he's out there. And I still think he's better than Baldwin. But yeesh, he is a 12th man. Stop starting him. Why can't we start tyreke at the 2 exactly?
  12. Stat Check - Early Look at the Numbers

    I didn't know Parsons advanced stats would look so good but I sure knew Harrison's would look this bad. He's a calamity on the court. Why are we playing him?
  13. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Right, what I said 3 months ago. At least I'm consistent
  14. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    I've loved the Brooks pick and always felt he was our best draft pick from this and last year. His pedigree is the same as Malcolm Brogdon essentially. Great college player, high IQ, competitive, motor. Guys like that succeed.
  15. Things i know wont happen, but should

    Jarrell Martin isn't good and if takes the specter of getting cut for the guy to finally play hard then we don't need him because we can't keep threatening that forever. Our front office is astoundingly incompetent. Dillon Brooks is the only player I think will turn into a rotation player anywhere outside of Memphis where the front office will keep you around to make it look like they didn't colossally screw up drafting you