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  1. After 8 years, the inverted standings watch has returned! For the youngins on here that do not remember, back in the area of 2007-2009, we kept track of the "inverted standings", meaning that we rank teams from worst to best record, as opposed to the standard best to worst. You're about to get a glimpse of how we used to roll back in the day of 20 win seasons. Right now, the Grizzlies have the 4th worst record in the NBA. Until further notice, this thread will be in full effect! Updated as of 12/29/2017 - coming up on 2018! TEAM---------------RECORD--------GAMES BACK Atlanta----------------25-9-------------------0.0 Dallas-----------------25-11-----------------1.0 Memphis------------24-11-----------------1.5 Orlando--------------24-12-----------------2.0 LA Lakers----------22-11------------------2.5 Phoenix-------------23-13------------------3.0 Charlotte-----------22-12------------------3.0 Brooklyn------------22-12------------------3.0 Sacramento------22-12------------------3.0 I've added the Lakers and Nets, and subtracted the Bulls. The way they're looking right now, they're going to leave the inverted standings in the rearview mirror. There's a lot of clutter towards the top of the inverted standings. Many teams within 3 games of the lead. Memphis though is closer now than they have been yet, as a result of the Hawks winning two games in a row. Brooklyn has lost three straight. Keep on losing, Brooklyn. That just means a higher pick that we will have in next year's draft when we trade Gasol for your pick from Cleveland. Atlanta has Toronto tonight. Dallas has New Orleans tonight. And Memphis has Golden State tomorrow night.
  2. New York @ Memphis 01/17/18

    I'm starting to think that no one will be traded by the deadline, including Tyreke, and once Conley comes back, the message will be a late season push to the playoffs. Where we will get annihilated by Golden State. Woohoo.
  3. Inverted Standings Watch

    Two wins in a row. What the hell are the Grizzlies thinking!!!!!!
  4. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    Game thread live tonight.
  5. Inverted Standings Watch

    Just imagine where the Grizzlies would be without the good start to the season. 7-26 in the last 33 games. Since the 5-1 start.
  6. Nationally televised game. Bet we see a big effort tonight.
  7. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    He doesn't. By any stretch of the imagination. It's really not even debatable. Yeah I know you will say "look at the shot attempts per game". My response is watch the games. He scores at about the same clip? lol, nevermind that Tyreke by far shoots a better percentage from the field, a better percentage from 3, and has by far the better PER. Golden boy Gasol 7.4 percentage points below his career average from the field. Tyreke shooting 2nd best percentage of career. But keep pumping him up. It's really humorous.
  8. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    If only Marc had half of his scoring mentality.
  9. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    Keep Conley on the shelf.
  10. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    That's why Tyreke is getting positive reactions from the crowd. He at least tries to make winning plays.
  11. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    inverted standings.
  12. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    You know good and well what my point is. Don't get cute.
  13. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    8/4/2 was in the 1st Q.
  14. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    Shaq? Oh wait. I'm partying like it's 2001.
  15. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    Perimeter playmakers for the Grizzlies: Conley, Gay, Evans............ Am I missing someone? Perhaps Lowry, Mayo to a small degree...... Stoudamire in the beginning. J-Will. Bonzi...... Point being, Evans has been such a bright spot. Wish we could keep him.
  16. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    Casey Jacobson time. Where's Iavaroni.
  17. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    The story of our franchise, unfortunately.
  18. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    Cmon J-Mart. Cannot miss the wide open play to Wright under the basket. SMH. Never been impressed with his bball smarts. Or lack thereof.
  19. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    oh my. Is that the Gasol that doesn't like iso ball?!
  20. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    No flow has been hurting the Grizzlies all season.
  21. Inverted Standings Watch

    gonna have an update tonight or in the am. Grizzlies being tank-tastic tonight. Came back to Earth.
  22. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    Of course Gasol is on pace for 24 shot attempts, 32 points, 16 rebounds, 12 assists, and 8 blocks. It's a nationally televised game! But hey. Pile on, Marc. On the off chance that Wallace would actually have the balls to deal you either at the deadline or on draft night.
  23. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    Marc Gasol gets more passes than he throws.