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  1. Not going to grade, but ranking them I would say: 1. Lionel Hollins 2. Hubie Brown 3. David Fizdale 4. Mike Fratello 5. Dave Joerger The rest aren't worth mentioning.
  2. KBM is still bitter that the Grizzlies decided to move on from GNG.
  3. Memphis @ Los Angeles Clippers 11/04/17

    What the hell.
  4. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Not surprising you have come to this conclusion, given that you said acquiring Evans was a horrendous move in the offseason. I'm not surprised even in the slightest that you aren't taking pleasure in the fact that he's actually playing well.
  5. Charlotte @ Memphis 10/30/17

    You've barely said a word in the opening stretches of the season and now you're gonna come flying in on your high horse after one loss. lol.
  6. Charlotte @ Memphis 10/30/17

    Tyreke is boarderline erratic at times.
  7. Charlotte @ Memphis 10/30/17

    Idiocy from Marc.
  8. Charlotte @ Memphis 10/30/17

    Blew my mind seeing some who criticized the move. We signed the guy for the minimum!
  9. Charlotte @ Memphis 10/30/17

    THE PUMP FAKE!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Charlotte @ Memphis 10/30/17

    Agree X. The biggest thing with Parsons is health and confidence. Right now, he looks healthy and confident.
  11. Charlotte @ Memphis 10/30/17

    Pump fake, penetration to the basket, and the finish. Don't tease us, Chandler.
  12. Houston @ Memphis 10/28/17

    I've made this same observation.
  13. Team Hero vs Rockets 10/28/2017

    After a season+...... Chandler Parsons. About time!
  14. Dallas @ Memphis 10/26/17

    Might not like how we ended up with the W, but a win is a win. And for all that everyone says Conley isn't right now, scored 10 of the last 12 to close the game. Everything else will come around.
  15. Dallas @ Memphis 10/26/17

    Mike will be fine.
  16. Dallas @ Memphis 10/26/17

    Captain Clutch to the rescue.
  17. Dallas @ Memphis 10/26/17

    The lack of movement on offense is concerning.
  18. Dallas @ Memphis 10/26/17

    Time for Mike to take over.
  19. Dallas @ Memphis 10/26/17

    Holy Jarrell!
  20. This point cannot be emphasized enough.
  21. I think that could be part of it. I think a lot of it has to do with Fizdale imploring him to have a more aggressive, killer instinct. Gasol has said that will focus on rebounding more this year. I refuse to think that just came out of thin air. I'm just hoping that his play continues like it has. Because this version of Marc Gasol is something none of us anticipated, and has the ability to elevate the team's ceiling considerably.
  22. Memphis @ Houston 10/23/17

    Yeah. Gotta have more sequences like the last couple plays before the timeout. When the jumper aint falling, got to get it done defensively.
  23. Memphis @ Houston 10/23/17

    I wanna see Mike/Tyreke.
  24. Memphis @ Houston 10/23/17

    Tyreke dropping the dime.