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  1. SI Top 100 NBA Players Conley&Gasol

    Hell I've been saying that since 2007.
  2. You either have a terrible memory or you just make things up on the go.
  3. Thanks for the memories. One of the most impactful Grizz players ever when younger. Memphis had to move on. Best of luck.
  4. Like I said, health will be key. It's absolutely possible for Denver to finish ahead of Memphis if Conley/Gasol miss a lot of games and Parsons isn't at least a decent role player. But IMO, Conley and Gasol are better than any two players on the Nuggets, and if we're able to agree to a contract with JMG, I think we'll have enough role guys to be better than Denver. Again, injuries could change this. But all things being equal, Memphis is better.
  5. Only Grizzlies players get injured.
  6. I said if Conley/Gasol play 80+% of the games? That seems pretty reasonable to me. We've discussed this before. I think you're overrating the Nuggets, Pelicans, and Clippers.
  7. Assuming reasonable health, the team will make the playoffs. Which teams do you foresee finishing ahead of the Grizzlies, assuming Conley/Gasol are available for 80%+ of the season?
  8. They traded for that pick to prepare for life without Lebron. I don't see them dealing that pick for short term gain.
  9. What a remarkable trade for Cleveland, given the circumstances. And it won't change anything. Cleveland still comes out of the East. Lebron gonna go bananas in the ECF next year.
  10. Grizzlies Predictions

    Well why don't you go and look it up? For the record, beat OKC twice, SA twice, Miami (who finished the season on a roll), Atlanta, Houston, and Utah. And 4 of their losses in that stretch were by a combined 8 points. You're obviously gonna have some push overs in the mix, but I don't care who you play. 23 games is more than a quarter of an entire NBA season, and winning 73% of your games is nothing to sneeze at.
  11. Fizz goes off !!!

    I agree with others that have said it's way more than just politics operating here. Also, I would give your thought some merit if the team were in the middle of a playoff series and it could potentially cause a distraction. It's August. His speaking out and voicing his opinions/concerns right now don't effect this team even in the slightest.
  12. Okay, I've had enough. Let's talk about gng

    I also thought it would have been a different series without Conley getting hurt and TA not being hobbled toward the end of that series. Which is consistent with the positions I took at the time. But lets please stop with this notion that the Grizzlies are the only team that ever has bad luck.
  13. Grizzlies Predictions

    I suppose everyone on this forum but you knew that Fizdale was going to change the style of play prior to the start of last season. Why it came as a surprise to you, who knows.
  14. Okay, I've had enough. Let's talk about gng

    Whatever word you wish to use, we have never won a game in the WCF in one appearance. In my opinion, no we did not sniff the finals.
  15. What Does Marc Mean?

    In Marc's defense, he's running Fiz's offense in regards to the three point attempts. Still doesn't excuse his lack of aggression in the post/elbow area.
  16. What Does Marc Mean?

    I'm not buying it. All you need to see is the difference in his aggression level from the 1st game of the Spurs series, through much of the rest of the series.
  17. What Does Marc Mean?

    Unfortunately it won't mean a lick until he decides to step up in big playoff games and quit being so passive.
  18. What Does Marc Mean?

  19. Grizzlies Predictions

    What I currently see is the top 4 teams being the Warriors, Spurs, Rockets, and Thunder. I think the Blazers and T-Wolves will likely occupy the 5-6 slots. I then think that we will be either the 7th or 8th seed (this assumes some injuries throughout the season, but not an inordinate amount). I'll say 7th. Then the 8th seed will be battled out between the Jazz and Pelicans, with Clippers falling short. I see them as a 35-38 win team right now.
  20. Grizzlies Predictions

    Couldn't get your link to work on my computer, but Paul missed 21 games last season, and the Clippers were 8-13 in those games. That equates to a roughly 31 win team. Again, I think many underestimate just how much CP3 meant to that team last season. I don't think Patrick Beverly will get even close to duplicating the playmaking ability that Paul brought to the table. Then when you consider the loss of Reddick, and even Crawford to a lesser degree (he did play 82 games for them last season), I'm just not convinced that Gallinari and Beverly come close to accommodating for those losses, as you seem to suggest. It will take a drastic change in style to accommodate for the loss of Paul, and I don't think they'll recover from it.
  21. Okay, I've had enough. Let's talk about gng

    I don't think anyone had a problem with GNG during the years you allude to, but the bottom line to everything is the fact that the Grizzlies have never won a Western Conference Finals game, let alone sniffed a shot at the NBA finals. Zbo is getting old, TA is getting old. It was the appropriate time to move on.
  22. What Does Marc Mean?

    Yeah I definitely don't speak Spanish either, but I get the sense that he's skeptical about this group. This is the first time we've heard him come out and say that there's a possibility of rethinking things. But who knows.
  23. Grizzlies Predictions

    Portland finished last season winning 17 of its last 23 games.