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  1. Love Conley, but where do I sign? Would do that deal so fast. Throw in Chris Wallace and a couple of Omaha steaks.
  2. What's the Current Lineup?

    25 games. I would definitely call this the total "sky is falling" prediction.
  3. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    My thoughts exactly.
  4. Mario Chalmers returns

    Yep. That whole "3 and D" thing people talk about.
  5. Mario Chalmers returns

    Only problem is he's such a blatant liability on the defensive end. Him giving up all those threes to Patty Mills was a huge reason we weren't able to extend the series against the Spurs.
  6. Mario Chalmers returns

    Not saying that's where the team should be aiming, nor am I saying whether or not I'm okay with it. Simply stating what I feel the condition of the team is.
  7. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Well unfortunately it seems as if the king of the buffoons is making our personnel decisions.
  8. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Only problem is there isn't a buffoon goofy enough in this league to take Parsons off our hands if he proves to not be right this season.
  9. Mario Chalmers returns

    I'm highly concerned with the bigs especially if we don't obtain Green. With all of the players we have under contract, or could potentially have under contract, I'm hoping there's a deal out there to package a few guys together to get us another productive rotation big, with or without JAM.
  10. Mario Chalmers returns

    Definitely Memphis-like to constantly harp on the flaws, but the Grizzlies are underdogs not because most outside of the region don't pay enough attention to the games, the Grizzlies are underdogs because they have never been the best team in the NBA, not even in their own conference. There's always been a noticeable gap in talent from the Grizzlies to every other team in the league. This league has always been about superstars, and the team with the most elite talent, along with a superstar, is the favorite 99% of the time. It sucks, but that's what happens when you don't have a Lebron, Steph, KD, etc type talent on your team. This team obviously isn't a train wreck. We still have Conley and Gasol. One is a multiple time All-Star and the other is a boarder line All-Star who is emerging into a player who will likely make an All-Star team this year. Sprinkle in a reasonably healthy supporting cast with Parsons, Evans, and other emerging talents like Selden and hopefully JAM Green, and you've got a reasonably talented roster which will no doubt compete for the playoffs. But let's not pretend like this team is ready to contend for a title. It's not even close.
  11. Draft And Free Agency '17

    Of course, but it's always because of my personal evaluation of the player. A combination of how he conducts himself on and off the court, and my thoughts on what his game has to offer. Strengths v.s. weaknesses, and what type of potential he has. Some of that evaluation has a bit of gut instinct, but it's because of my specific thoughts on the individual player. Sometimes you're right, and sometimes you're wrong. If you're using criteria like you suggest (effort, lack of fit), that's perfectly understandable. I was simply stating that I feel like it's senseless for someone not to like a player, and cites nothing that has anything to do with his game and what he brings to the team.
  12. Mario Chalmers returns

    That's not true. I absolutely feel like the Grizzlies are a playoff team, and there are many others who feel the same. Unfortunately we don't have the talent to be a top 4 team in the West with the team as currently constructed. The Warriors are obviously in a league of their own, and then you have the Spurs, Rockets, and Thunder. I feel like those 4 teams will occupy the top seeds in the West. Memphis right now, taking into consideration health concerns and obvious personnel issues, probably lie between 6 and 8 in the West.
  13. Draft And Free Agency '17

    I can't speak for everyone, but I always have reasoning for not liking a player. Not liking a player just for the sake of it and providing nothing to back it up is senseless, IMHO. I didn't like Tony Allen for the past couple of seasons because his defense no longer made up for his glaring deficiencies offensively, and it was time to move on. Not to mention that the team has changed quite a bit, with Zbo getting older and no longer capable of being a true #1. There were a few seasons in a row where the Grizzlies were right in the thick of it in the Western Conference, and much of that had to do with Tony, but that ship has sailed.
  14. Mario Chalmers returns

    Good observations. I too feel as if this signing smells of no direction. The whole offseason is really taking a shot in the dark hoping that certain pieces will pan out. McLemore underwhelmed his first 4 seasons, Evans with his injury past, Chalmers with his injury past, and what we now know about Rabb. So while I do think that the new players fit better with Fizdale's scheme, I don't think there's a whole lot of rhyme or reason to Wallace's logic. However, given the situation we were in entering this offseason, I feel we have done well with it. But it's unfortunate because we're only in this situation because of the Parsons signing. Hopefully he proves us wrong with great play moving forward. But the jury is still out. The biggest thing I like about the moves that have been made is it obviously creates more opportunity for Conley to get off the ball and be more of a primary scoring threat. With potentially Chalmers, Evans, and Harrison, there's multiple options to go to. Along with hopefully Parsons handling some playmaking responsibility.
  15. Mario Chalmers returns

    I think this is mostly to generate more fear and competition among the guards that are already on the roster. But, if he's even 90% of what he was, he definitely serves a purpose. But I'm with ODK, I think Harrison is locked in to the backup PG spot until I see reason to suggest otherwise. Which I'm cool with. I think he's got promise.
  16. If the Grizzlies re-sign TA, Zbo, and the rest. And patch the team with lower level FA's, then they are doing a huge dis-service to Fizdale and what he's trying to do here. But if they are truly committed to the guy they brought in last summer, you will see some aggressive moves this summer. And moves that go against the grain of what we've known the Grizzlies to be for the past 7 seasons. Honestly, if it's up to Fizdale, I don't think TA nor Zbo would return. And maybe Gasol would be moved for a package of players that fit better. But if they do come back, I think it sort of undermines what Fiz is trying to accomplish, and that would be quite disappointing for me.
  17. MEM Summer League Thread

    Davis looks so disinterested at times. Hopefully that's just me...
  18. Silver Speaks on Conf Realignment

    It's unfortunate and I agree, but it's basically the same concept as an NFL division winner getting in at 8-8 over a 10-6 non division winner. Happens all the time unfortunately.
  19. He has not signed with anyone, we're all operating under the assumption that he won't be back.
  20. Not that it's a big deal, but his post count would seem to suggest he's not a newbie.
  21. I think the longer this Jam thing goes, the better.
  22. I used to know contracts and such inside/out. Been slacking the past few years. Thanks for the correction.
  23. But if he's only getting offered 1 year deals... Chip, I was going to mention something similar to what you suggested. Lock him up for 3-4 years on a team friendly deal, plus he would feel some security as well. But if he's not getting good offers from around the league I might be inclined just to let it play out. Offer him an extension closer to the beginning of the season. Temptation is a you know what.