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  1. Lebron also made a big three with 20 seconds remaining. Scored or assisted on 20 of Miami's 30 points in the fourth quarter when the Heat were down 10 entering the final frame. So yes, Lebron is essentially the only reason the Heat were in a position to win that game even with the turnovers which were bad. Add to that, Wade for the game was 6-15 shooting. Outside of Chalmers, Lebron had no one scoring for him in that game consistently. Small contributions elsewhere. And of course Ray hit what would end up being the dagger. So we can talk about Lebron all we want in the final 2 minutes of games. But again, when you score or assist on nearly 70% of your teams points in a fourth quarter in which you were originally down 10, yes. He was the guy that led the charge.
  2. I too would like for Lebron to have more competition. Imagine if there was a Celtics team like what the big three had with Rondo and Doc. That was some fun basketball to watch.
  3. Lebron also lost to the Warriors without Kyrie and KLove, and to the Spurs with half of Dwyane Wade, and dragged a team with a poo poo platter of assorted crap to the Finals in '07 Also, the Heat are nowhere close to being in a position to win that game without Lebron's efforts prior to the last shot. Sometimes you're fortunate, sometimes you're not. They all even out. Lebron's been lucky in some senses, but has had his fair share of misfortune as well.
  4. Let's also consider that Lebron really is so great that his level of play, and the level he is able to raise his teammates, makes the East look considerably worse than what it is at times. Make no mistake, the East is weak. No question. I even went back and forth with IIWII a couple weeks ago about it. But Lebron is simply on another level.
  5. And as much as I like Gasol as an overall player, you cannot turn down a Butler or George if it's offered. Unfortunately as you say, I highly doubt that caliber of player could be acquired in a package for Marc.
  6. This is fair. Lowry always put up the better numbers. My only contention was two things: 1. he wasn't and isn't as talented and gifted as Conley and 2. he had the benefit of playing in a system that facilitates scoring for him. It isn't so much that Gasol and Randolph were in the way. It's just that's how we used to play. And to your point we did play a little more of that style this year, but we also got Conley off the ball moving around a lot more. You make a good point about him knocking down jumpers, but for me it's just in the shot attempts. Like I always said, if he had a more comparable amount of shot attempts to Lowry he would put him similar numbers. And even this year Lowry shot more than Conley and Conley had a career high average # of FG attempts. But yes. Shooting at a 40% clip from three will force defenses to play you differently, allowing for more short range opportunities. I really want to see Conley have another legit shot maker next to him. We just haven't seen that in a really long time.
  7. Not sure if your proposal is a joke, or has some seriousness to it.
  8. I'd really be interested to see what teams would give up for Marc at this point.
  9. He's always been a better player. Funny what different styles of play and a bigger role can do for a player. Mike could have been doing this years ago. Regardless of our opinions, I think we would all agree that Mike is clearly the more gifted player. His biggest fault was deferring too much for the "betterment" of the team. Still unfortunate that he's rarely had any help at SG or SF in terms of scoring the past few seasons especially.
  10. Like I've said repeatedly since 2007, Mike Conley is a better overall player than Kyle Lowry.
  11. I post on other forums that provide notifications. I'm glad this update has that feature. A lot of times I forget to go back and check to see if a poster has responded to a post of mine. Much more convenient.
  12. Holy moly this thread made my eyes bleed. To sum it all up, no this Grizzlies team wasn't going to beat the Rockets. Simply too much firepower. Plus the Spurs have Kawhi to slow down Harden. Who on the Grizzlies is capable of that? Plus, the supporting cast of the Spurs has no where near the firepower that the cast of the Rockets provide. Mike Conley is not a top 5 player in the league, and I don't care what statistics you wish to throw out there for 6 games. He still hasn't done it consistently enough to justify labeling him as such a player. And I have arguably been Mike Conley's biggest supporter since the night he was drafted. Mike was sensational for us in the playoffs and has been the entire season, specifically the 2nd half of the year. But you simply cannot put him ahead of Harden just on body of work, and given where Harden has gotten his team to this point. I personally believe that Conley should have made an All-Star team by now, but there is no scenario where a non All Star player is better than a perennial MVP candidate who is a multiple time All-Star. Yes, Harden has a better supporting cast, but he's been the more outstanding player for a much longer period of time. The issue isn't what Mike Conley is or isn't. The issue is how are we going to maximize and take advantage of his current production level. This team has some issues, and it ain't gonna matter how good Mike is. The current version of this team isn't getting us anywhere, and something needs to be done.
  13. Yeah no one wants to mention all of the guys around the core 4. That's the biggest difference.
  14. If the Spurs are us but better, and they got shellacked by Houston, what makes you think we could have done any different? I realize the series isn't over yet, but Houston is legit offensively. We gave up an average of 115 a game to that team, along with 119 and 123 in the last two meetings closer toward the end of the season. Especially with no TA to set the tone and try slowing Harden down, there's no way we score enough points to beat Houston. We absolutely tanked to get San Antonio, just like I was saying weeks before the end of the season. There was no way we were ever falling to the 8 seed and Golden State was never gonna fall to the 2. Fizdale played it right, and gave us a chance at advancing. I cringe thinking about what Houston would have done to us.
  15. Yeah, I think the 3 is the lesser of the two evils.