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  1. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    I'll start a thread in the off topic forum unless subliminal locked the entire forum.
  2. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    What seems to get lost at times with Montana is that the man was 4 for 4 in Super Bowls with 3 MVPs that, in my opinion, should have been 4. Jerry Rice was great in that game, but someone's gotta throw him the ball. And Montana never threw an interception in the Super Bowl. That's as Jordan-esque as it gets. Of course, my guy is Rodgers.
  3. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    You might have a point about baseball, but you're wrong on football. Tom Brady has been proclaimed the greatest quarterback ever by many, if not most, over the past few seasons (starting after winning SB 49 over Seattle) and even more now that he won his 5th. Aaron Rodgers is regarded by MANY as the greatest quarterback talent in the history of football. Just as a complete package of skills, intangibles, etc. Got Marino's arm, Montana's touch, Elways legs. Rob Gronkowski has been recognized as the greatest tight end in the history of football, when healthy. There's even been some rumblings about the potential all time greatness of Antonio Brown and ODB as wide outs.
  4. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    Warriors, Spurs, Rockets, Thunder are head and shoulders better. Clippers, Jazz dropped some pegs and I think we could be better than both. Timberwolves remain a question mark until they prove they can make it all mesh, but I think they clearly have better overall talent. The Nuggets didn't add enough. The Kings didn't add enough. Blazers will probably be better and make a jump, they were hot the last quarter of the season. So, I'd say 1. Warriors 2. Spurs 3. Rockets 4. Thunder 5. Blazers 6. Timberwolves 7. Grizzlies
  5. Love Conley, but where do I sign? Would do that deal so fast. Throw in Chris Wallace and a couple of Omaha steaks.
  6. What's the Current Lineup?

    25 games. I would definitely call this the total "sky is falling" prediction.
  7. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    My thoughts exactly.
  8. Mario Chalmers returns

    Yep. That whole "3 and D" thing people talk about.
  9. Mario Chalmers returns

    Only problem is he's such a blatant liability on the defensive end. Him giving up all those threes to Patty Mills was a huge reason we weren't able to extend the series against the Spurs.
  10. Mario Chalmers returns

    Not saying that's where the team should be aiming, nor am I saying whether or not I'm okay with it. Simply stating what I feel the condition of the team is.
  11. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Well unfortunately it seems as if the king of the buffoons is making our personnel decisions.
  12. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Only problem is there isn't a buffoon goofy enough in this league to take Parsons off our hands if he proves to not be right this season.
  13. Mario Chalmers returns

    I'm highly concerned with the bigs especially if we don't obtain Green. With all of the players we have under contract, or could potentially have under contract, I'm hoping there's a deal out there to package a few guys together to get us another productive rotation big, with or without JAM.