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  1. I thought they changed the rules so that division winner is no longer guaranteed a top 4 seed. I think it's just the top 8 teams by record, and if there's a tie, the first tie breaker is head to head record, and second is division winner. I could be wrong though.
  2. Los Angeles @ Memphis 03/09/17

    Wow--recovery day after 2 days off? Whatever--I think this is great--let's Fiz save face while getting CP out of the lineup which gives us a chance....any possibility that Harrison needs a recovery day?
  3. Memphis @ Denver 02/26/17

    At least TD is getting some minutes. Parsons 0 points in 20 minutes--that's hard to do....
  4. Phoenix @ Memphis 02/08/17

    me too.
  5. San Antonio @ Memphis 02/06/17

    Michael wallace said he didn't make the trip--some sort of injury.
  6. Memphis @ Oakland Warriors, 1/6/2017

    that was EPIC!
  7. Memphis @ Oakland Warriors, 1/6/2017

    Green is out!!
  8. Memphis @ Oakland Warriors, 1/6/2017

    They better call that a charge.
  9. Memphis @ Oakland Warriors, 1/6/2017

  10. Memphis @ Oakland Warriors, 1/6/2017

    we need to foul Draymond out
  11. Injury News/updates

    Pete said tonight that they are waiting for the swelling to go down to fit him with a no definite timetable. as far as Parsons goes, it seems like he should be pretty rested already.....
  12. Oklahoma @ Memphis 12/29/16

    I'm listening to the OKC feed and on that last TD 3 they said "I'm sorry, that's just classless. That's just classless." They have had nothing good to say about us all night. Nothing at all about our defense. I'm glad TD got hot. About time we did that to someone else (and even sweeter that it's OKC!!)
  13. Golden State @ Memphis 12/10/16

    I can think of one thing that would be more satisfying.....
  14. How Hard Is It To Get Tickets ?

    I don't think you'll have any trouble. Phoenix will probably be a little easier than OKC, b/c OKC is more of a rivalry game for us. At any rate, the best way to buy tkts is to go straight to the grizzlies website, click tickets, and then pick the games you're interested in. You will see any tickets available from the Grizzlies (i.e. single game tickets not yet sold) as well as tickets that season ticket holders have decided not to use and have listed for resale. These two choices are the best way to ensure that you are getting legitimate tickets. Alternatively there are always guys out front scalping tickets the night of the game, and those tickets will definitely be cheaper.....
  15. Golden State @ Memphis 04/09/16

    This just posted re: Lance's last shot. I guess we should be grateful that they didn't call an offensive foul when he kicked his leg out. smh Thompson (GSW) makes incidental contact with Stephenson (MEM) that does not affect his jump shot attempt. Stephenson kicks out his leg and initiates the contact, but the contact is not enough for an offensive foul. 00:02.2 Foul: Shooting Stephen Curry Curry (GSW) makes incidental contact with Stephenson (MEM) after the release of his jump shot. 00:00.8 Instant Replay: Support Ruling After communicating with the Replay Center, the ruling on the court was upheld and Golden State retained possession. Lance Stephenson