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  1. that will be the look on chris wallace face if the grizzlies go 29-53
  2. next year i could see the grizzlies at 29=53
  3. i,m tired of these late first rounder and 2 round picksthose player win not be in the league in a year or two. free agent and trades are the route to go to make this team better
  4. so far what i.m hereing the will be a 34 team win club
  5. i think chris wallace would not be the only person to give talent evaluation back to pera
  6. wallace talks to many people when he make a draft pick these pick
  7. john walls season will end sunday
  8. I got 8 out of 10 80 percents
  9. i,m happy for out tenn fans
  10. one down three to go and i,m not a preds fan
  12. like i said in past posts I NEVER, NEVER had any FAITH with mike dantoni teams he will never win any thing because his team play no D
  13. that RANT he had in the play-off will help the grizzlies with F.E
  14. I feel friz will help the grizzlies get some good F.E