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  1. Grizzlies & Warriors - 5/15/2015

    Is this Memphis board or GS? I think that if the NBA wants to keep their current popularity, they will do something the with their officiating, This is terrible. The only thing worse than the refs are Tirico and van Gundy. ESPN must have an idiot assembly line. Tim Donaghy was doing stuff on purpose. If these guys are not, then they are merely incompetent
  2. Thanx, I am just glad to be part of this program, y'all.
  3. Is it OK to state opinions of people in the public eye, for example when Jeff van Gundy said that Mike Conley is a "borderline" all-star, is it OK to point out that in addition to being the WORST commentator of any major team sport, in addition to being a moron?
  4. Mike Conley's Injurie

    I had the same injury in January of 2014, it was about 2 weeks before I could do anything much without a hell of a lot of pain. Everyone has a different pain threshold and Mike is a tough guy, he'll play in game 2 or 3.