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  1. 7 of the next 8 games are away games

    GS could probably play their 2nd unit all game and beat us at their place.
  2. Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    We haven't missed the playoffs yet.
  3. Atlanta @ Memphis 12/15/17

    It's getting to be no fun watching trash like this every time we play.
  4. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    Back to reality after a Friday night win.
  5. Atlanta @ Memphis 12/15/17

    We have a chance tonight!
  6. 34-22.....You Do The Math

    Would require a 34-20 record in remaining games to reach 42-40 (borderline playoff record). It ain't happening folks. Any discussions going forward should be about our draft pick.
  7. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    No Tyreke
  8. Memphis @ Washington 12/13/17

    Can you say 8-20? Wizards by +12.
  9. Miami @ Memphis 12/11/17

    This season has just become laughable at this point.
  10. Miami @ Memphis 12/11/17

    How would this team do in the G League?
  11. 34-22.....You Do The Math

    We have 56 games remaining. Assuming you could make the playoffs with 42 wins (I'm doubtful), we need to go 34-22 the rest of the year to do so, I actually think it will take at least 45 games to get in the playoffs. If that's the case, we must go 37-19. Does anyone think we have a realistic chance to do either? I just can't see it happening, even if Conley returns tonight.
  12. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    9 point 3rd quarter. How does an NBA team even manage to do that? SMH
  13. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    And we do? This team is so fragile right now it's ridiculous. Not sure I've ever seen anything in pro sports like it.
  14. Courtside

    Well, one of them could ask you for a date.
  15. Marc fined

    Kurt Helin: Marc Gasol’s postgame “‘We won. F— it” comments on live television earned him a $15,000 fine from the NBA. – via Twitter basketballtalk