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  1. What Does Marc Mean?

    9 hours ago – via ccma.cat Marc Gasol: I’m very ambitious and I’ve wanted Memphis to be a great franchise. We’ve grown a lot the last 6-7 years, but we have to keep growing. If this is not lined up, maybe we may have to revisit things. Marc Gasol, Memphis Grizzlies
  2. The Return of Tayshaun Prince?

    I see no downside to this.
  3. Ben Maclemore out up to 3 months

  4. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Josh Lewenberg @JLew1050 1 minute ago Kyrie is a helluva player, one of the NBA's most gifted scorers, but "not wanting to play with LeBron" speaks volumes about his priorities
  5. TA sign and trade with Clips?

    Right. A second round pick in the 40's in 2023 is better than nothing.
  6. ZBO ??

    If he goes somewhere else, he will probably hammer us when we play his new team.
  7. Mario Chalmers In Grizzlies Court?!

    Giving up a roster spot for a 30 year old PG that hasn't played an NBA game in over 18 months (by the time practice starts)? No thanks. We have enough injury-prone players to deal with already. I don't care to possibly be adding another one.
  8. iF i Was TA and Z

    It's a business, nothing more and nothing less. I don't want our roster hampered by loyalty to players that would take the most cash offered.
  9. Draft Day 2017

    I expect this to happen so we get a pick.
  10. Draft And Free Agency '17

    Does this sound like VC is leaving?.............. ESPN’s Rachel Nichols asked Carter if he would be willing to take less money to be part of an organization like the Warriors. Here is what Carter said: I’m open for it. I want to win. I want to play. Somewhat what Kevin Durant did, I want to do for my team. I want to go out there and play and provide and show that I can still play this game. It’s a lot going into it. I’m just one to just go to a team and ride the coat tail. You could say how old I am or whatever but I’ve proved I can still play in this league. I don’t want to go sit on the bench. – via HoopsHype
  11. Tweet about "Pasons for Porzingis"

    If it was posted to just have fun, I could do that. However, I believe it was posted as something with substance to it. That's ridiculous.
  12. Tweet about "Pasons for Porzingis"

    Can't you folks at least expect some sort of credible evidence to support something this absurd before running with it?
  13. Can We Help The Cavs Get Butler?

    Why would the Bulls be willing to give up Butler for Parsons?
  14. Fisher/Barnes

    Report it to oldmanGrizz. He would be fair, non-biased, and conduct a thorough investigation of the matter.
  15. Fisher/Barnes

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it's wrong. Report me.