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  1. Oklahoma @ Memphis 02/14/18

    Just saw Russ take somebody’s soul... couldn’t tell on the replay who it was but ... ughhh - filthy
  2. Robert Pera

  3. OJ Mayo

    I see what you did there ! 🤪😜😝 those were some interesting days!
  4. Mike Conley done for season

    ‘Call me MR. TIBBS !’
  5. Duplicate post

    Y.o.u. W.i.n.
  6. Phoenix @ Memphis 01/29/18

    I saw that too... he was holding it on the way to the bench.
  7. Phoenix @ Memphis 01/29/18

    *poof* sayonara
  8. Phoenix @ Memphis 01/29/18

    Don’t know you ... but in just this thread -> you’re doing way too much. I respectfully request that you tone it down . thanx in advance
  9. Phoenix @ Memphis 01/29/18

    Just took a pic with Big Spain ! He is HUGE! Best seats I’ve ever been in . Next - took a pic with B. Knight. Stupid cold outside- hoping to see some heat in here . Conflicted ... I know we need to lose BUT - I won’t be mad at a W either
  10. Phoenix @ Memphis 01/29/18

    I’m in the Grindhouse! Section 118 holla! If anybody from the boards is coming to the game - swing by . I’ll be the grown man with a silly smile hanging over the tunnel dapping errybody! -toke
  11. sooo... this is what we’re doing now with the cussing and personal attacks ? Be better. -toke
  12. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    the weather definitely played a part ... they were showing projected school closings for tomorrow... something about a snowflake or two ...
  13. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    I know we need to lose ... but to have them be this close is maddening!
  14. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

  15. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    Bravo . Well said.
  16. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    We need a superstar.
  17. Seasons Greetings

    Good thread Merry Christmas... wait - we are still allowed to say that right !? Happy holidays to all of you and those that you care about! 2018 is right around the corner. Mery Christmas Grizz family! and if any of you are planning to be here in memphis during the holidays -> let us Memphians show you how ribs are supposed to taste ! Slow rolling dow Beale -toke
  18. Memphis @ Golden State 12/20/17

    This ... so much this. First name 20... y’all know the rest. Teams may not have feared us before but the had to respect the big fella out there.
  19. Atlanta @ Memphis 12/15/17

    Confession: I watched the 6ers and OKC have a classic battle. Embiid vs Melo , Simmons , Paul George , reigning MVP Westbrook- all the overtimes ... and I liked it -a lot! Got caught slipping and accidentally absolutely enjoyed watching the rockets shoot from outer space and Leonard clinically going for his ...Chris Paul didn’t irritate me as much as he did with the Clips... I got to see enough to know that the rockets are for real. As I watched both games it dawned on me that right now or the recent past - we are not even close to being where we need to be in order to even compete out here. Even if Mike was healthy. long season i know... looking for the positives.
  20. The amazing Brooks disappearing act

    don’t know who coined it but from now on - in my house anyway -> Dilly Dilly he is !
  21. 34-22.....You Do The Math

    grudgingly agree... we will search high and low for Thabeet 2.0 ... actually Thabeet 1.2 cause it’ll just be the same player with a new set of bugs ...
  22. nope. not wrong as a fan. I’d ride downtown and park in the $15 parking spot ( actually it’s dirt/mud ... but yeah) - get me a ticket in the nosebleeds and creep down as close as I could while eating a hotdog and a smashed bag of Lays that I brought from home- on the rainiest day and know that when TA laced em up -> we were gonna get a show ... sometimes good , quite a few bad BUT no one could ever say that he wasn’t all in. I really don’t care if the defense ‘looks better’ (whatever that means) with our current losing streak... I’d rather pay to see the TA show : missed layups and all . Already told y’all - i’m a Zbo fan too ... We would pick the year i get home to roll this collection of individuals out on the Grindhouse Floor ( not a team yet) and wonder why the seats are empty. Side note : kinda feels like the name Grindhouse should not be associated with this whatever it is we roll out there and get smacked at home in front of our friends in . His value was when fans from other cities would see you in the streets and big up TA and Zbo and Mike and Marc ( to a lesser degree). Remember when we were not only going to the playoffs - we were doing ok ... Spurs were / are still a monster. Now ... who do we have that an opposing coach has to game plan for? Who gets the standing o when they head to the scorers table? ( twin is growing on me and I think Dillon is gonna be that dude soon- i like his hustle. While I’m at it - who came up with the slogans on our growl towels? Zbo reminded Boogie that he will put them hands on him for real - no matter who he plays for. so yeah ... nah - I’m right TA ‘s value to me was the entertainment he provided and the heart ( the head was always questionable ) but his heart -> always brought it with him. \ rant over didnt mean to type this much ... been a while ... i’m working the rust off
  23. Miami @ Memphis 12/11/17

    I bet his sense of smell would have no problem identifying the stench surrounding this year’s team...
  24. Miami @ Memphis 12/11/17

  25. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    Uhhh... yeah . Definitely a foul.