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  1. Did you get my message?

  2. Did you get my message?

  3. unreal. down 43 ... at home. JR ejected , Bron even showing frustration , Shump can't not get called for fouls , Love disappearing maybe they should 'blow it up' Kyrie for Mike
  4. side note ... the Dubs are up 30 on the Cavs in the first half - in Cleveland. 67- 37 1:06 to go in the half w.o.w.
  5. http://www.commercialappeal.com/sports/grizzlies/grizzlies-beat-pelicans-as-conley-returns-29a2a7c6-63a6-770b-e053-0100007ff9d8-365687881.html
  6. scoring was pretty even ... did it by committee
  7. try watching the Lakers Rockets and tell me if that doesn't make your eyes bleed just tuned in and saw Dwight bring the ball up the court and twirl himself into a double dribble travel deal... and the Rockets are still up 20
  8. GAME !!!!!!!!!!! GRIZZ !!!!!!!!!!
  9. Jrue made that look way too easy right there
  10. wait .what ? missed them both ? tighten up ! please do NOT foul on the three
  11. the whole Forum was ready to explode if Lee had hit that one !
  12. water.shut.off!
  13. steal and ..ugh ... that hurts . why give up your dribble to the 7 footer beyond half court? tighten up ! Money time let's go grizz
  14. another one ! Barnes popping threes
  15. Sweet ball movement right there !!!!