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  1. Will the Grizz win another game this season?

    one up him and go straight at Penny
  2. Grizzlies valued at more than $1 Billion by Kaplan

    uhhh... that’s not how it works... that’s not how any of this works. not spending more money than you make marks you as ‘thrifty’ . dirty don was pretty much outed as a racist somewhere in there. he has earned his hatred the old fashioned way - opened his mouth and stuck both feet in it
  3. Chicago @ Memphis 03/15/18

    i’m trying to tank too ... BUT ... the stars in some of these posts make it extremely difficult.
  4. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    ( if money is not an issue) -> would you pull the trigger on Marc for D Howard ?
  5. Will Memphis Ever Host An Nba All Star Game?

    Truth... went to a game last month , got there early decided to eat at Gus’s...parked right in front of the door . Thought about saving a few parking dollars ,leaving my truck there , and walking to the Forum ( do we still want/ get to call it the GRINDHOUSE? ) . The walk there with some daylight - no problem. Trying to walk back after a game - nahhh. Paid the man and parked outside of the Forum.
  6. How do you grade JB Bickerstaff during a tank?

    Agreed. Really need a coach with a system that matches the pieces we have or will have next season.
  7. Trade our 2018 1st for Kawhi Leonard?

    Read my mind !
  8. Oklahoma @ Memphis 02/14/18

    Just saw Russ take somebody’s soul... couldn’t tell on the replay who it was but ... ughhh - filthy
  9. Robert Pera

  10. OJ Mayo

    I see what you did there ! 🤪😜😝 those were some interesting days!
  11. Mike Conley done for season

    ‘Call me MR. TIBBS !’
  12. Duplicate post

    Y.o.u. W.i.n.
  13. Phoenix @ Memphis 01/29/18

    I saw that too... he was holding it on the way to the bench.
  14. Phoenix @ Memphis 01/29/18

    *poof* sayonara
  15. Phoenix @ Memphis 01/29/18

    Don’t know you ... but in just this thread -> you’re doing way too much. I respectfully request that you tone it down . thanx in advance