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  1. Memphis signs Myke Henry from G-League

    January 15th is the deadline to sign a player to a two-way contract.
  2. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Nice. We have company in the Luka bandwagon, @fanboyslim .
  3. KBM's draft thoughts and opinions

    Yep. Outside of Luka, maybe Musa will be a good NBA prospect. And that's it. Qyntel Woods was playing in Poland. That should tell you why he was highly regarded. And why he didn't play for an EuroLeague juggernaut after playing quite poorly with Olympiakos, too. He played against actual NBA players in the summer. And he won the tournament, by the way.
  4. KBM's draft thoughts and opinions

    I can understand you guys not watching European basketball but saying a borderline role player is better than the best Euroleague player this season is quite insulting honestly.
  5. KBM's draft thoughts and opinions

    You have completely forgotten Doncic and it's really sad lol 20+10+8 against EL champions in his last game. Wish you could watch him play...
  6. Inverted Standings Watch

    Yes about the based on record stuff. And about owning our second rounder, it depends. We'll receive the most favorable pick between the Hornets one, the Heat one and our own pick. Right now we would get the #33 pick if I'm not mistaken. We'll receive the Suns second rounder if it falls between 55-60 too, but whatever. That's not gonna happen.
  7. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    Reke should net a protected first round pick. Something like 2019, 2020 lottery protected, if not conveyed pick original owner sends his 2021 second rounder.
  8. MLK50 - New Jersey

    Like it a lot.
  9. Inverted Standings Watch

    Comparing Hezonja with Luka is insulting. Hezonja did not even play at Barcelona. Doncic is dominating EuroLeague and won the Eurobasket against real NBA talent carrying Slovenia along with Dragic.
  10. Inverted Standings Watch

    If they wanna ride Marc and Conley we should pick Doncic, who has already face NBA talent at Eurobasket. Safest bet. To be fair, I would pick Luka no matter what. I'm lucky enough to watch all his games on TV or on the arena. I know I'm a bit of a homer...but kid's unreal. I swear.
  11. He's not even talking about protections dude.You don't even read your own threads lol
  12. Who would you select with our lottery pick? That's the million dollar question. Draft tracker: http://basketx.es/nba/draft-tracker/ Mock Draft (updated every week or so): http://www.nbadraft.net/2018mock_draft 2018 Draft Prospects Luka Doncic Fav player, sorry for that. Best prospect of this draft hands down IMHO. Most NBA ready player. Already putting big numbers in Euroleague. Alpha mentality. Marvin Bagley Scouts say that he's like Chris Bosh with better athleticism. Huge motor, nice jumpshot. DeAndre Ayton High upside big. Smooth shot. I wouldn't get a pivot with the pick, but whatever. Michael Porter Jr If Wallace is still in charge, we will pick this guy lol Draw comparisons with young KD. He'll miss the college season due to injury. Maybe he does not declare because of that. I'll update this thread with more top prospects. Keep tuned.
  13. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    #1 Pick Luka Doncic showing skills on 'El Clasico'
  14. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    Nope. Parsons gonna be at least a bit valuable next year if he keeps his production. If they trade Marc and/or Mike we need his contract to hit the salary floor.
  15. The amazing Brooks disappearing act

    Tatum had 4 points yesterday and was 1/7 from the field, including 0/4 from three. He's a rookie. Brooks doesn't get as many touches as Tatum does, too. He's a rookie. He'll have some bad games.
  16. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    Hawks and Bulls now 1,5 games away. Lukita is getting closer!
  17. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    Nah. He's not Steve Francis. Really humble kid. He went for 16+7+4 in an overtime win today. He didn't shoot very well, but still posted nice numbers. His court vision is unbelievable. For real.
  18. Grizzlies Draft Tracker

    I have updated this thread with a draft tracker, a mock draft and videos of the best prospects. Let's the debate begin
  19. is the worth it to tank

    Why would the Suns do that? lol Doesn't make any sense for a rebuilding team to trade for a 33 year old veteran pivot. Keep in mind, we can only trade Marc to a contender/a team who wants to be a contender. That's where his value is. I would also keep Parsons. After this year, he only has two years left of his contract. We would be rebuilding, so no biggie. Keep him til his final year. He will get value as an expiring.
  20. I think the Grizz should go after Okafor

    Okafor is an expiring too. Stauskas is an RFA this summer. This trade doesn't move the needle on Philly salary cap situation. Booker is a 10/6/2 player logging 20 minutes a game. Pretty effective, if you ask me.
  21. Dejo este artículo que ha hecho un compañero para la web BasketX. Recomendable lectura: Lo de Harrison es sangrante. La mejora que ha pegado con Bickerstaff es brutal. Y fijo que lo único que le ha dicho el entrenador es que deje de tirar triples sin sentido xD
  22. I think the Grizz should go after Okafor

    Because Okafor trade value is close to zero.