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  1. Yep, we are almost four months away from the Draft and the Free Agency, but considering that there is not a lot to talk about in the boards, I guess we could start with the next season draft/free agency topic. We have no picks as the only pick we could have had is a second rounder from Miami protected from selections 41-60. But I see us moving Martin for a early second round pick. In Free Agency: Carter, Allen, Z-Bo are free agents and JaMychal is a RFA. I see us resigning Z-Bo and Carter, not so sure about Allen at all.
  2. He will join Red Star Belgrade (Euroleague team) for next season. http://www.sportando.com/en/europe/serbia/204634/rade-zagorac-to-red-star-belgrade-done-deal.html We're going to be able to watch him play against decent competition. Nice.
  3. Big win tonight. Great defense. Last time we did the addition by substraction thing with our starting SF we went to the Conference Finals. Just saying!
  4. Just here to remember that Toney freaking Douglas was getting minutes over Harrison.
  5. If Casspi ends up here, I guess Douglas is gone. Been defending Harrison for a while now, I hope he'll gain more confidence in his game.
  6. Harrison is the best defender of the team. Yes, I just said that.
  7. I was thinking about that. Put the rookies out there and bench the vets to send a message, even if it cost a loss. The coach is the boss. Period.
  8. Douglas is the worst dribble defender I've seen in a basketball court.
  9. Rade is coming this summer I guess, but what do you think about offering someone like Sergio Rodriguez a 10x2? If Fizz wants Conley off ball he could be a nice fit, although he's a nono in defense.
  10. Douglas with a -17 in 6 minutes.
  11. I'm assuming we ain't gonna see Daniels tonight.
  12. Another victory for the Wallace administration.
  13. The team is going nowhere. I mean, at this pace, the Thunder will pass the Grizzlies for the 6th seed. First round exit against the Spurs in less than six games. And I repeat. Harrison is a better player than Douglas. And eight years younger.
  14. Pathetic effort.
  15. Harrison is a better player than Douglas.
  16. Not a pretty game so far. If shots start to fall, we got this.
  17. I hate Tony Allen. A lot.
  18. Houston trading Tyler Ennis to the Lakers. They want Bogut.
  19. Lauvergne and Morrow for McDermott, Gibson and '18 second round. Milwaukee will send Hibbert to Denver. OKC trade is amazing for them...
  20. Win-Win trade for sure. Without Lou on the market, now I'm 99'9% sure we're not making any moves.
  21. Galloway and/or Reke are going to be waived. Terrence Jones is on the block too. Celtics should make a move to get an all-star caliber player. It'll be a fun deadline.
  22. Portland is trading Plumlee and a second rounder to Denver for Nurkic and our first rounder. Portland has three first round picks in this draft now.
  23. PJ Tucker and Shabazz Muhammad are on the trading block, apparently.
  24. Marc realized he's the best player of the team today.
  25. I read on this boards that he was declining, that he was never going to be as good as he was after the injury, that the FO should have trade him for picks, etc etc etc. Just ridiculous assumptions to make on the best center of the game. And yes, he is being more aggressive. He has to and I'm glad that he's doing it. It's on an MVP level right now. No kidding.