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  1. Marc Gasol highlighs from Venezuela games 2017

    Marc is so underrated. I don't know a true center id rather have on our team. He plays the right way and we just have to keep him inside the game and not be too timid. I love his IQ for the game and that helps us also. I don't want him taking games off so to speak or not take enough shots when it's his time.
  2. I just hope Parsons comes to life this year and makes us a way better team. I remember when VC got here I thought he was just used up and didn't have to anymore. He could barely run but I just thought that is what he had left. He came back the next year healthy and wow was he a better player! I hope Parsons has that in him but who really knows.
  3. Sorry I been a Grizz fan for a decade but I don't post much on here because everyone wants to be negative and belittle people like you had to do. I simply asked a question and wanted to hear what someone else had to say. I know Mike made big money but I had the feeling he wanted another guy to help score. No matter what I'm glad he came back
  4. Do you really think Mike resigns even if we don't sign Parsons? ( who we thought we be a great addition) I'm just asking cause he seemed to give the vibe that if he doesn't get another guy then he might be out ?
  5. ZBO ??

    Wow... you're right looks like we should have traded him when we had offers
  6. ZBO ??

    Meeting with OKC-LAC-SAC tonight ??? Aldridge reported
  7. Joergger Has Lost The Starters

    I don't think Dave is that bad but who knows. I think we have to get Marc to learn how to play down low and use his big body to dominate guys and when they double he can kick it out and zbo could even hit the mid range J. I don't think Marc uses his body enough and he could very easily be a dominant guy on offense down low. I think we should focus on Marc and if zbo can't accommodate that kind of play with Marc then we need a different starting 4. I love zbo but he just doesn't seem like he is the force he use to be. I hope he proves me wrong tonight tho.
  8. Mario Chalmers?

    I can understand chalmers running the second unit faster than beno for sure. Dead last in the league in field goal percentage is not going to be fixed over night though
  9. Mario Chalmers?

    Why and who would we trade for him??? Does anyone have a logical reason as to why we would need him?
  10. 5-2 Record Hawks score 81 in an L Can't wait for the season to start!!!!!!! Grizznation
  11. Vernon/ Q On Twitter?

    Yes I really hope that interview happens haha
  12. Anyone see the Twitter argument they had going today?? Pretty intense
  13. Pick 10 - No More Mr. Nice Guy

    Grizz beat Minnesota 106-92!
  14. Stein Reports Grizz Pursuing

    I think Wilson chandler would fit in great! He can play D just like we do in Memphis and spread the floor. He is long and athletic which is exactly what we need at the 3. He doesn't have to have the ball all the time either