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  1. I don't expect him to be lights out when he first comes. I just hope its another building stone for the future.
  2. I'm all for Rade! Lets see what he can do. Can he hit 3s?
  3. Wright hasn't been what we were looking for. He needs to be moved asap.
  4. I would have supported a move for Hayward
  5. What if Parsons was around at 85% would that have helped?
  6. I always hoped he was going to turn into a 12/10 kinda guy. I still hold out hope but I don't think its going to happen. I always hoped too Jordan Adams was going to be that OJ Mayo type of shooter we needed. That didn't happen as well.
  7. Is Zagorac ready to come over yet?
  8. Hardaway would be a nice fit here I think
  9. So this draft is a wash for us. I couldnt remember if it was this years or next years draft that we got nothing
  10. Random Question What do we target in the draft this year Also. I think this team could make it to the WCF if healthy and with 1-2 more peices.
  11. I hope Zbo comes back for the Min. He doesnt have what he use to have in the tank every night but maybe he can help Davis?
  12. I feel like Im going to puke
  13. We take it in 6. Time to make some noise so people remember who we are.