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  1. Why Is Gasol Still "resting"?

    A quick google search this afternoon said that he has a strained foot and was unlikely to play against Pacers, but day to day in terms of when he is expected back. Wins don't actually seem that important right now because 7th seed seems almost a lock. But in the week or two before playoffs start.. winning a few and getting some momentum or confidence would be something. Confidence has been really low in the last month.
  2. Doing that 4 times out of 7 against a top team in the West is going to be hard. That's what the aim is. Actually.. that's not even the aim. The aim is to win the championship, as stated in the preseason. But trying to be fair and reasonable for a second.. winning 4 times out of 7 against a top West team, and winning a series.. would at least be something. Everything that has happened from September until now is a stepping stone towards getting to that point.
  3. Indiana @ Memphis 03/29/17

    Mike's been one of the few bright spots this season.
  4. Memphis @ Sacramento 03/27/17

    IMO there was so much depth on this team from 2010 to 2015. And predefined roles, where people knew what they had to do. Now.. there is a lack of depth and players are having to try and go beyond what they are capable of. And they might be able to do that here or there, but not consistently. It's starting to seem like making the playoffs won't matter, because either way the ceiling is very low. Conley and Gasol are talented players but their best years are being wasted because they are having to go beyond what they are capable of. Z-Bo is still good for a year or two, but everyone else is below par IMO. VC is great for his age, and should come off the bench for 10-20 mins, but compared to other starting SG's is below par. Wright is ok. But everyone else is a bit average. The team used to be so full of talent.. for years at a time. I wonder what happened. It'd be a shame to blow it all up while Conley and Gasol have so many productive years left.
  5. Memphis @ Sacramento 03/27/17

    Really depressing last two seasons, especially this one, due to the lack of injuries. The whole franchise seems lost in terms of direction. There's 3-4 good players, but from there down.. it's a bit lost.
  6. San Antonio @ Memphis 03/18/17

    Jekyll and Hyde Grizzlies.
  7. Memphis @ Atlanta 03/16/17

  8. Milwaukee @ Memphis 03/13/17

    If the Grizzlies go on a run, which would be hard to believe but possible.. it's sort of similar to when Rudy was out for the season, but they went on to beat the Spurs in the first round. But just imagine if they took that salary for a Rudy Gay/Parsons type player, and have it add a valuable player to the team (who can shoot, defend and play team ball) and then if the team could still play the same way. Additional by subtraction is great and all, but it's a lot of wasted potential and wasted salary cap.
  9. What a disaster this signing has turned out to be.
  10. Atlanta @ Memphis 03/11/17

    Dark times since the All Star break.. sigh.
  11. Memphis @ Brooklyn 03/06/17

    Grizzlies lineup is relatively healthy as well, so can't blame injuries.
  12. Memphis @ Brooklyn 03/06/17

    This is pathetic..
  13. Is It Just Me...

    Not just you.
  14. Memphis @ Dallas 03/03/17

  15. This Season Has Been Like A Kick In The Gut For Me

    Yeah that was maybe the best Grizz team ever. That was the most optimistic I've ever been for a Grizzlies team during the whole season. They had something that season, the kind of thing that elite teams have. That is hard to explain but you know it when you see it. After that season, I hoped that either Z-Bo or TA would leave or be traded. I'd be hoping it was TA. Nothing against him personally, but I just mean for the sake of the team and moving forwards. He'd been exposed as a liability that top teams could exploit in pressure situations and he'd only be getting older year after year. That never happened. It's been a bit of a downwards slide since then to now. All of the injuries last season didn't help either. There's still some potential for this team in the coming months and maybe another year or two, but it's hard to get really excited about it. I sort of agree with the OP that it's been a flat emotionless sort of stagnant year so far.. where it's hard to be too optimistic. There's been some good moments but they've been short lived and there's been too many games losing against weak opposition. Most seem to agree that Conley/Gasol are good. They've both had some good moments this year. Z-Bo has also been a good surprise this year in that he still has some life in him. Vince has also had his moments but at his age he can't be depended on. The rest.. I'm not sure about. There seem to be a lot of role players and players that can contribute here or there, but the overall talent on the team isn't very deep. For a simple example.. if Chalmers had of been healthy last season and stayed into this year.. that would have been a huge difference in the backup PG role, compared to what we've had this year. Parsons has been a huge disappointment but it depends on whether or not he improves into the playoffs or even next year. Up until now.. with the amount of salary he has, it's a joke because that same salary could fix a lot of these other problems, for example a decent backup PG, or a serviceable SF. Because at the moment.. if you didn't know who Parsons was, and he was on a 10 day contract, would he even be on the roster? All the optimism is based on his previous years and his future potential. I'd prefer if he came into the game 6 mins in, and played most of his minutes against second units, built up some confidence and then transitioned into a starter role. But yeah. He could still play in the clutch if he was having a good game. The overall culture within the team and city is good, it's been good for the last 6-7 years. The talent of the top players are good. Some of the depth in the other positions is lacking IMO. The ceiling is less with this team, than a few years ago. There are too many holes that opposition teams can exploit and if Marc and Conley have an off night, there isn't enough to carry the rest of the team against the best teams in the league. I usually feel like the Grizz are underrated and the ESPN's and TNT's don't realise how good they are, but I don't feel that this year. The other thing with this team is that they have some predictable patterns, and I knew that they'd be flat around the time of the ASW break. Before and after. But there is also some good veteran leadership and they should also be better at peaking in the final weeks of the season. There can be some fun playoff games to watch if everything goes well. But it's hard to feel as optimistic as previous seasons. To make it into the second round would be a good effort I guess. But hard to see them making the WCF. At this stage, it would seem that it needs to be some sort of miracle.