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  1. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Ridiculous baseless BS
  2. My suspicion about why it has taken so long on Jam/Tony, is that we're actively involved in trying to be a part of these inevitable trades that will happen with Houston/Cleveland/NYC etc. In recent years Wallace has been pretty savvy in situations where teams need to get rid of salary or need an extra team to facilitate a trade. We got Chalmers and Ennis for Beno/Stokes, for example. It would not surprise me at all if we're mentioned in trades this week. Otherwise we might be waiting as long as the regular season, I'd guess. Tristan Thompson, a few seasons ago, held out for his 80m contract. Obviously he had the leverage in that situation, but sometimes these hold outs get results. Best case scenario is we sign Jam to a multi year deal, 4 years 32-40m, IMO. I don't think we want him to take the QO. It's best to lock him up now if we can get him cheap. edit: words
  3. +1 . Apparently they saved 20m+ in luxury tax. They're not signing Jam. They're interested in Melo and the like. I suspect they use the TPE sometime next year or by the deadline.
  4. It's not as simple as just throwing money at them. He could have gone to any team int he NBA for that money. He chose Cleveland for a chance to win.
  5. Why wouldn't they get Carmelo for Irving? Knicks would snap that off.
  6. Why does everyone want to trade our best shooter all the time?
  7. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    We need an update to your spreadsheet
  8. Which Guys should be Prioritized to Develop?

    Source. Because I'm sure we don't give a **** about your buddy who lives next door to him.
  9. That's one of the best contracts in the NBA.
  10. "Equally significant is that, amid the ruins of an immensely disappointing season, his work ethic hums along like a clock. He arrives early for individual workouts and routinely turns out the lights after practices. He loves the scent, the rhythms of the gym, as much as he loves the game. In his own quiet, persistent way, he desperately wants to be great." Article from Jan 2015 I could keep going. Maybe do some research instead of acting like you know what you're talking about.
  11. He's recorded his workouts since he was in the league. I'm not suggesting Ben McLemore is good. I posted several weeks ago that I thought he was garbage. Here's hoping I'm wrong. But these comments ARE baseless.
  12. These are not just quotes from personnel interested in his trade market value. He's had a documented training regimen since he was in college. edit: spelling
  13. Yea, I never said he was good. Just pointing out the board's tendency to have baseless opinions.
  14. Draft And Free Agency '17

    They're making the playoffs regardless, but he could be a difference maker in a playoff series
  15. Actually, his work ethic is exactly what people like about him. He's well known to have a very strong work ethic. But I'm sure your knee jerk reaction to a 10 minute video is probably right. "t seems likely that McLemore will still be on the team by opening night given how little interest he seems to have generated on the trade market. Dave Joerger has raved about his work ethic in multiple interviews, something we’ve heard about before. But work ethic hasn’t been McLemore’s problem in the NBA, it’s been his consistency and confidence" "But he's not yet satisfied. McLemore is known for his work ethic. General manager Pete D'Alessandro talked about McLemore's diligence at the end of last season, providing reason for optimism after a rough rookie year. "I’ve said this from the beginning of the year, the guy works like no other young guy works," said D'Alessandro, per Bryan Rose of "He and Ray [McCallum] together, I really give them a lot of credit for their work ethic. If you have talent, athleticism, and that work ethic – which he does – I think it’s a recipe for success."