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  1. I could be wrong but I think you have to work the sign and trade before they sign the offer sheet. I think once they sign the offer sheet it is match or don't match and if you match, can't trade to that team for a certain period of time.
  2. You think we would be the only team wanting those guys? No doubt whatever we could offer other teams could top. Plus I don't see Boston trading Crowder even if they sign a wing. It takes depth to win a title. Crowder is an amazing value on that contract. Rozier might be available. But again, I can't see us having the best (or even a decent offer) for him.
  3. What would be offering them?
  4. Don't you think they could get more for Vucevic than a salary dump, that really isn't a salary dump? If they took on Parsons, they would clear an extra $7 million or so after Wright and Martin expire. Surely Vucevic has more value than that. Also, do you think anyone would be willing to gamble on Parsons right now? I don't. I think he is currently the worst contract in the NBA.
  5. Why would Orlando do this?
  6. 1). I don't see anyone taking back Parsons. If they will and we don't have to take back a larger contract, do it. 2). I don't watch many Denver games, but all the basketball writers I follow on Twitter always talk about Faried as a horrendous defender, which is why he is losing minutes despite his ability to rebound and bring energy to a team.
  7. Let's not pretend like Gordon wasn't huge health question mark coming into the season as well. He played 75 games this year. His most games played since his rookie season. Those are the only two seasons he has played more than 64 games. The two years prior to free agency, Gordon had combined for 106 games played and Parsons had played in 127. In fact, every year until this year that Parsons has been in the league, he has played in more games that Gordon. It's easy to look back and say we should have done something differently. But be realistic- Eric Gordon was every bit the injury risk Parsons was.
  8. I think they need to focus on being PF first and stop trying to see if he can play SF. One step at a time. He has potential. But so do do a lot of other guys. We need him to learn one role before we move on to the next one.
  9. I agree. I have a friend I text during games and almost every time we are getting blown out at home, I look up at the hustle board and text him how bad we are losing the rebounding battle. Whenever we are close in rebounds, (not necessarily ahead, just close) we tend to be in the game. Another reason I have never been a huge Gasol fan- terrible rebounder.
  10. So you are using a 6 game stretch to determine that Mike is better than Steph Curry, John Wall, and James Harden? And your go to stat is his PER during these 6 games? Granted that is the best Mike Conley we have ever seen; he was amazing. I hope he can be that over the course of an entire season. But over the course of this season, all three of those guys had higher PER for the entire season than Mike Conley. It was the best season ever for Conley (and Wall) and all those guys who you say he is better than had a higher PER than him for the entire season, not just a six game series. On top of that, Curry has won two MVP awards, Harden will finish top 5 in the MVP voting for a second time, and both Curry and Harden have had a higher PER each of the last 4 years than Conley has had this year, his career year. In fact Curry and Harden have had a better PER every year they have been in the NBA than Conley did those years. I have nothing against Conley. I have always liked him and seen his potential even when others advocated trading him or that he was the worst starting PG in the league. Would I trade him in the right trade? Absolutely. But that has more to do with the cast around him than anything. As Conley is getting better, the players around him are getting worse. I do believe that all three rookies could eventually be solid rotational players in the NBA, but by the time that happens, Conley will most likely be on the decline. Every team needs a star to be a title contender. Conley has yet to even make an all star team. You can talk about how underrated he is (true) and that he should have deserved to make a team or two by now (true), but reality is that true stars don't have to argue over making the all star team. They are on it. Their talent is undeniable.
  11. Harrison plays like an undrafted rookie who has some potential. He shouldn't be playing at all, but we don't have any better options. I like that we are developing him. At the same time, he is the worst back up point guard in the playoffs.
  12. This I actually agree with you. But that takes me back to my other argument: 1) easier to get a hall of fame talent at the top of the draft but it can be accomplished anywhere including the 2nd round. Just more likely at the top. 2) By the time that player is ready to lead us to contention, how old will Mike and Marc be? Most likely the drafted players won't be in their prime for at least 5 years. Mike will be 34 and most likely not as good as he is now. But there is a good chance he is still a solid player. Marc will be 37. Unless he is the exception, he will probably be on his last legs and very limited in production. We owe two future draft picks. We have no young players that I have confidence in to become solid players except for Davis (although I am firmly in the boat of "do not discard, try to develop them, and hope for a surprise"). That is why I advocate moving guys for picks and young players. It may not work. But we know what we have does not work (as far as title contention). I also understand it is a business. Memphis is a small and poor market. People are not going to spend money to come watch a lottery team. So I understand why the team won't do it. I just think if Pera is a billionaire who can afford a few years of losses, then the way to any title hope is through the draft (without Chris Wallace making selections).
  13. I didn't. I mentioned that the first time when I said Miami was not a large market. But the beach only goes so far. What stars were interested in them last off season when they knew Bosh wasn't going to be there and Wade was likely leaving?
  14. Off the top of my head, John Stockton and George Gervin are Hall of Fame players who spent their entire career with a small market team. Karl Malone did not move on until he was a role player. I am certain that if I go to the Hall of Fame website, I can find more players who spent the prime of their career with a small market team. I bet I also find that more players have been on multiple teams than the players who remained on the same team. So even if you think players are going to force their way out, you better win while you can. Because more small market franchises have been able to succeed than teams without a hall of fame player. Get you one a true great or you can forget competing for the title. Also I find it hilarious that you told me Miami is the epitome of a large market, and then I look at market size: 16: Minneapolis 17: Miami 18: Denver 19: Orlando 20: Cleveland So all the markets comparable to Miami are small markets that can't keep their players but Miami is the epitome of a large market????? Hmmmmmmm
  15. Why would Indiana be interested in that? Trading a better younger player for Gasol who plays the same position as your best young player?