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  1. Mario Chalmers returns

    I hope that partial guarantee on Mario is extremely low. Who was the last player to come back from an Achilles tear and resemble their former self? I can't think of one. Dominique is the only guy who was really good after the tear. Even he wasn't the same. Kobe put up decent scoring numbers but his efficiency was awful. Wesley Matthews never shot below 41% from the field or 38% from 3 pt prior to his injury (THOSE WERE HIS CAREER LOWS. HE WAS USUALLY BETTER THAN THAT). The two years since he has been 39% from the field and 36% from 3 pt. So someone please tell me a player who has come back close to the player he once was following an achilles injury. Now take Mario specifically. Prior to his injury his ceiling was quality back up pg. He is 31 years old, not exactly the age of best recovery but not ancient either. So if he comes back be as well as Dominique did, he becomes average backup pg. If he is like everyone else with an achilles tear, he is trash. I never understood this board's obsession with bringing him back.
  2. What's the Current Lineup?

    What if I liked Hollins, then liked Joerger, and now like Fizdale? Then there would have to be another reason why I like Fizdale, right?
  3. MEM Summer League Thread

    When making this comparison, do not forget that Bell is 2 years older than Davis. Age matters; it matters even more with big men who usually take a little more time to develop. Best approach for everyone to take
  4. MEM Summer League Thread

    We don't have any! I mean the team ignores/ doesn't bother getting shooting even during the summer league.
  5. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    Wade is a 6'4" SG who can't shoot worth a lick but has had a Hall of Fame career, Dwyane Wade. Wade Baldwin is no Dwyane Wade, but to say he is too small and can't shoot thus cannot play SG is to ignore one of the all time greats. I'm not sure Wade Baldwin will ever be a good NBA player. Every time I watch him, he looks as if he has no clue. But I am not ready to write him off because he is short for a SG or can't shoot. (Also Wade Baldwin has a longer wingspan and higher vertical than Dwyane Wade had at their respective combines)
  6. MEM Summer League Thread

    I'm really happy that they keep finding ways to win. I am happy that Selden has looked like he could be a rotation level player. I think Kobi Simmons will be a good player to have on a two way contract. I like Deyonta flashes. I am like Chip in that I wish he would be more aggressive. I'm disappointed that Deyonta Davis was a -18 and Jarrell Martin was a a freaking summer league game. That is pathetic. But I also understand it is just one game and hope it was just a weird coincidence. I hate that we ignore shooters even on our summer league roster. I hate watching Wade Baldwin play; it truly seems like he has no clue what he is doing.
  7. People say he works hard. Thank you for sharing that. Everyone agrees that he is athletically talented and has massive potential. This makes him the first ever player to be both gifted and work his *** off but never get better. I'm glad to read all these people talk about his work ethic. I'd prefer results over words. If he keeps being crappy and unable to dribble, does it matter?
  8. See I was going to let it slide, but you called my opinion baseless. It's actually based in two things: 1) he just quit his workout to celebrate. Finish your workout and then celebrate. 2) he has not gotten any better and can't dribble. If you work that hard, he would at least be better at dribbling. I do not know of anyone saying he has bad work ethic. I was just seeing him stop a workout prematurely and noticing no improvement in his game. Those are generally signs of bad work ethic. You came up with people saying he worked hard. I cannot dispute them. That does not mean my opinion was baseless.
  9. Glad to know I was wrong. But that is kind of scary that he has natural talent and great work ethic and has still been so bad. ANd still can't dribble.
  10. I guess you're right. There is no way for me to truly know. But it does show him walk out from the back area where he was taking the phone call, and the guy running the workout tells him to shower and go party. From there he takes another phone call before he begins packing up his stuff. Pretty strong clues he was just going home. Given that he's been a bust up to this point in his career and that Sacramento had no desire to retain him, I imagine I'm not going too far out on a limb when I say his work ethic is not what it should be.
  11. Why should he? It's not like he had to go sign then or even could go sign then. I wasn't made about to stopping to take the call. Conduct your business. Then get back to work. Don't go celebrate when every metric shows you have not lived up to your potential. Go put the work in and next time you won't have to sweat whether or not a team will sign you.
  12. I'm 100% for real. I'm not about that emotion. Regardless if he is happy to be here or just happy to sign anywhere (which I think is more of the case), I really don't care. I want him to produce. He has a lot of work to do. That handle was loose as can be in a drill with no one defending him. Tighten that up.
  13. Tony? Great defender, great energy guy. Can't shoot. Can't dribble. Bad decision making skills. Overall impact was a positive. But he frustrated the hell out of me when he got in offensive attack modes. Between Tony, OJ Mayo, Rudy Gay, Jeff Green, and others, I feel like the Grizz love perimeter guys that cannot dribble worth a ****. So it bothers me to see we just signed another one.
  14. New Commercial Appeal article now says Grizz never made an offer worth considering, which is vastly different than never made an offer.
  15. Is he happy to join this team? Or happy to join any team? I'm guessing he would have been just as ecstatic signing anywhere else. It's just a blessing to get that kind of deal. But I'm not concern about his feelings. I'm concern with his skill. Tighten up that handle and keep working.