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  1. So far he is shooting light years beyond his previous career high. Let's see if he sustains it for more than 11 games. Besides, he most likely will be injured before next year based on his history.
  2. Mario Chalmers

    Chalmers was extremely wide open on that last shot. Did you see the Magic defenders go under the screen and never try to come out? They wanted him shooting that shot. They dared him and he fell for it. I will agree that he is not normally that stupid. But he's no longer an NBA player. I shouted that all off season. No one listened. Now we have another season without a decent backup PG. (Although Tyreke handles the ball, he is not a PG. He is about Tyreke and no one else.)
  3. Mario Chalmers

    No it's not an overreaction. If it were one game it would be an overreaction. But on the season Chalmers is shooting 29% from the field and 26.9% from 3. He's 31 years old, coming off an injury that players just don't recover from and regain their prior form. This is his 9th year in the league and he is averaging a career high 3.6 fouls per game despite playing the 3rd lowest minutes per game of his career. His PER is 8 (AWFUL) and the worst of his career. His rebound rate is the second worst of his career. His assist percentage and true shooting percentage are the worst of his career. What more evidence do you need to say that he is awful???
  4. Mario Chalmers

    I was extremely vocal and adamantly against bringing back or keeping Chalmers. I cannot think of one player who has ever come back from a torn achilles and was as good of a player as he was before the injury. And Chalmers was nothing more than a solid backup before the injury. He can't shoot anymore (legs are important there). He can't move his feet on defense, thus the fouls.
  5. Stat Check - Early Look at the Numbers

    Sample size is too small to have any real opinion of what we have or don't have as a team. But I will take the small sample and give my opinion of it. Harrison is awful. Chalmers is just as bad shooting but at least knows how to run the team, so we think he's good. If he doesn't improve soon, we will find ourselves in the same situation we always have- no backup pg. I hate Tyreke's style of play. He dribbles too much and is very selfish. However he is playing well right now. Let's hope he stays healthy and productive. If he does, the team will tolerate it. He needs to stay with the bench unit though, where he can be the go to scorer and ball hog without as much complaining. Dillon Brooks is a solid player. I'd start him over Harrison. I think Brooks can be a Courtney Lee- level, above average starter. I want to see more from Parsons. Although I have been encouraged by the improved play. He will never live up to the contract. I just want him to be a contributor at this point. Is this the year that Marc stops teasing us and remains aggressive all year? I surely hope so. He has looked amazing so far.
  6. Things i know wont happen, but should

    I'm just baffled how you make such definitive conclusions after one preseason game.
  7. Weezy is Lil Wayne. Yeezy is Kanye West. Get your rappers straight.
  8. I'm consistent with my opinion of Conley: Even with last year's improved play, he isn't worth that much money. However, it was pay it or possibly lose him. I was OK with them paying it. You constantly act like people hate Conley. I don't know of anyone who thinks Conley is a bad player. Plenty don't believe he is worth 30m a year; that doesn't mean they don't like Conley as a player. I honestly can't recall my opinion of the Parsons signing at the time it happened. Been so jaded for so long about it that the beginning is fuzzy. I imagine I was for it because I think a healthy Parsons would have been a solid signing. However, that doesn't mean I shouldn't criticize Wallace for it. We weren't the ones looking at the medical reports. He had access to them. At some point the front office needs to make better decisions regarding players injury histories. If that means replace the medical staff, so be it. In the end, it keeps happening on Wallace's watch, which means the blame falls on him.
  9. All Time Grizz Squad?

    I will stick with just Memphis since I never watched them in Vancouver PG: Conley, J-Will, Stoudamire SG: Allen, Bonzi, Mayo, Wesley Person (best 3 pt specialist we ever had-taking him over some better players) SF: Gay, Posey, Battier, Miller PF: Randolph, Pau C: Marc, Lorenzen
  10. #chancun

    I too believe he will never offer us anything. It's very depressing to see that our biggest free agent move is a bust. Still doesn't make sense to hate on the guy for a living the good life. If he was doing it and not putting work in to try to get better, it might be a different story. But the man is working out and making the efforts to get better. His body just isn't going to let him. Rip him for being useless as a player, but where he lives shouldn't matter.
  11. #chancun

    If this bothers you, then you are just being ridiculous. Conley has a home in Columbus. Gasol has one in Spain. ZBo kept one in Portland. They have lots of money. Real estate is usually a good investment (even if they are living in it).
  12. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Not saying you haven't seen them, just asking- how many of these guys have you seen play against other elite players on a regular basis? And that shouldn't be directed at just you, I mean it for everyone. Can we at least see what these guys can do in college before we anoint them as saviors? Lenny Cooke was considered on par with Carmelo Anthony during high school. Josh Selby was a high school all american. Eddie Curry and Kwame Brown. Ivan Rabb. On the other end, Gordon Hayward and Steph Curry. So many guys go through high school looking like stars but can't cut it when the competition picks up. Then others aren't thought of as highly and break out. Let's see what all of these guys can do before we anoint them as saviors or say they can't play.
  13. New Uniforms on the way

    I hope not. I like the collar bear.
  14. but guys....he was so emotional to hear the Grizz signed him. That means he will be great here.
  15. Mario Chalmers returns

    I hope that partial guarantee on Mario is extremely low. Who was the last player to come back from an Achilles tear and resemble their former self? I can't think of one. Dominique is the only guy who was really good after the tear. Even he wasn't the same. Kobe put up decent scoring numbers but his efficiency was awful. Wesley Matthews never shot below 41% from the field or 38% from 3 pt prior to his injury (THOSE WERE HIS CAREER LOWS. HE WAS USUALLY BETTER THAN THAT). The two years since he has been 39% from the field and 36% from 3 pt. So someone please tell me a player who has come back close to the player he once was following an achilles injury. Now take Mario specifically. Prior to his injury his ceiling was quality back up pg. He is 31 years old, not exactly the age of best recovery but not ancient either. So if he comes back be as well as Dominique did, he becomes average backup pg. If he is like everyone else with an achilles tear, he is trash. I never understood this board's obsession with bringing him back.