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  1. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    Surround the core 4 with good young players and things would have been fine. The mgmt failed to do it for years and now we are paying the price. If they would have moved on from Core 4 earlier, we would probably be in year 3-4 of no POs since our drafting history is awful.
  2. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    The GM made the wrong decision The coach advocated for scrubs. The coach did not have a system in place. Both deserve to be fired. One is gone, hopefully the other one is gone after this season.
  3. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    Wallace is at fault But so is Fizz. Fizz wanted Mclemore, wanted Parsons and Wallace agreed with him. Both needed to be fired IMO Fizz wanted to move away from ZBo and TA and in the process sacrificed veteran leadership and frankly let go of better talent. Wallace went along with what Fizz wanted but Fizz has a lot of blame for the current roster. More than the roster, I didn’t see any offensive scheme this season when he was here. It was streetball and it was gonna bite us sooner than later.
  4. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    Fizz is a living legend. Fizz can do no wrong. It’s solely Wallace and Gasol’s fault. LOL The Fizz love is crazy. Dude had a mediocre record and we really didn’t have an offensive scheme this season when he was here. It was glorified streetball and our talent ain’t good enough to beat organized teams.
  5. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    Marc got the coach fired? LMAO
  6. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    What sources? Link?
  7. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    Agree about Wallace. He needs to go as well.
  8. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    It’s stupid to think a GM won’t take the coaches recommendations and try to provide him with a roster he prefers. Otherwise the GM-Coach relationship would be fractured.
  9. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    I expected us to win 48-52 games with a healthy roster when an injury plagued roster from the year before basically won the same amount of games as the roster this past season. We went on a slide after the ASB and have been horrendous since. So, yeah the Fizz love is blind.
  10. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    He did get fired. They went with what he wanted and it didn’t work out
  11. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    That’s the mistake though : the Gasols are not alphas and will never be. IMO, Fizz had ample time to adjust. We played .500 ball from Jan to ASB and then totally fell off after ASB. That’s 45 games and over half the season. A good coach would have adjusted. This same roster (minus Lee and Green but a solid Carter and decent role players) when last healthy won 50 games, and made some decent noise in the POs. Last year’s roster had a better Gasol, a better Conley, a slightly less productive ZBo and the same TA. We had better shooting and playmaking with Vince and frankly better role players. That roster 2 yrs back had a better backup PG in Beno. So last year’s roster IMO should have come close to 50 wins. Gasol was better, Conley became a stud, ZBo was still producing, TA did TA things (some good, some bad) and we had a decent bench. The fact that we limped to barely above .500 should have been disconcerting to everyone.
  12. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    You make some good points. All I would say is Gasol still scored and assisted at a high rate for almost 30 games with Conley back. That cannot be denied. His production did noticeably drop until after the ASB. My problem with your stance is you are putting all the blame on a player. Gasol is not a star. Gasol is not a Lebron, a Harden etc. He is and always will be a high level role player. The fact that Fizz couldn’t adjust when Gasol’s production dipped (still had a career year btw) is what made me and many fans uneasy about the trajectory of this organization under Fizz. And then when he wanted a guy like Ben Mac, is insistent on Harrison being a solid NBA guard, is influential in getting away from ZBo and Vince this season all pointed to a guy who is in way over his head. He came in and disrespected the culture that the Grizz had established and instead of getting the vets to buy in to a gradual change, he went aggressive. He failed and the results of that are there for all to see. He also misjudged the caliber of players brought in, Ben Mac being the prime example. Everything is not Fizz’s fault but dude is responsible for the slide from last season and is partially responsible for the crap roster we have now.
  13. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    Leave Fizz was all Gasol’s fault 🤣🤣🤣
  14. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    I did not 😆 The cool thing about stats over a large sample size is that they don’t lie You loved Fizz and he can do no wrong..we get it.
  15. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    He started it but now can’t take what’s being served back to him.