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  1. It's all about matchups Heck the one seed Celtics were 17-13 against the West. Other the the Cavs, there isn't a single team in the East that would scare any PO team in the West 1-7. The Celts would put up a tough fight but they would eventually lose. There's no point talking about the Wiz...lack of a bench would have doomed them.
  2. Totally true any PO team in the West 1-7 would beat any PO team in the East other than the Cavs in a 7 game series you are grossly overrating the East
  3. Yup...the East is turrible IMO every playoff team in the West except the Blazers would have beat any PO team in the east in a 7 game series other than the Cavs.
  4. The Warriors lost 2 straight games at home. They had multiple chances to close it out and couldn't. Great teams shouldn't lost 2 straight at home in a championship game. There is no's the Bron hate showing from the poster
  5. It's an organizational decision. Kawhi wants to play
  6. Really disappointing its essential to get a high seed to advance...we f'd around with the Parsons rotation and screwed up the regular season. It's shameful actually
  7. IMO we would have beat the Rockets 4-2. I always thought they were our best bet to move forward. Against the Spurs, without TA we had no shot. We typically do a good job on everyone else other than Kawhi. TA was the only one that would have slowed him down and he had to get f'ing injured again.
  8. It's unbelievable man. It's insane he doesn't realize taking over with his skill set is the better play than making a read where you would pass to a role player like Ennis or TA to do something with the shot clock running down. thing I've noticed when he plays with ZBo, it takes Gasol anywhere from 6-10 s to make the "right" entry pass to ZBo. He wastes so much time trying to make the right play while wasting away the shot clock. Be decisive...if you wanna make the right read, make it quick or go to the bench. He'll never realize that the best read when he's on the floor usually involves him being aggressive on the offensive end.
  9. Trade Gasol. Bring back ZBo and TA to play from the bench. Do our best to get Butler. Conley Butler Parsons JMike Some C
  10. With the way Spurs switch, do you really believe Wright would be ok at PF and switching on guards? I would rather Wright backup Marc in spot mins if any at all.
  11. Jam is at least versatile. If he gets switched on a 3 or a guard, he can defend them reasonably well. And he is a threat for treys which this team needs.
  12. When did Wright become on of our best players? anyways...this is a bad matchup for him
  13. Offense and Marc weren't the issues. We scored 100+ and still lost handily.
  14. So glad we paid the man. This franchise's outlook would have been bleak without him. We have a great need to surround him with another alpha that's not an old fart.
  15. Selden should have played over TD in the 2nd half. TD didn't get off a single shot and played shoddy D. Falling for back to back fakes from Mills for consecutive treys basically killed any chance of a comeback.