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  1. You are missing the point. Its not about Specifically Martin. Its about the overall drafting process and the way the FO has ran this franchise.
  2. That sound like the best idea the wing is going to be stacked next year baring any moves and hes not read to be a stretch 4 in the NBA. I wonder if he can become as good as Saric for Philly.
  3. Sorry I completely missed you asked a question let me go check his draft..... If we are sticking with the pf position Larry Nance Jr and Jordan Mickey were both better options. Now let me say I liked Martin when we picked him and I like him still now. But my issue is why take a guy that is so behind development wise when your franchise has no track record of developing anyone. Why not take the guy that can most help now if needed. Back to Brogdon v Baldwin I understand Baldwin has the better long term potential but the Grizz needed and need help now. Lets say they both only have 5 good years Brogdon's 5 are up from and Baldwin's are later. With this current team id rather have the 5 up front years while the team is still good. The team might be trash when Baldwin's years hit so what do you gain from that.?
  4. Well thats way too high for Marc. Maybe you could trade him to Sacramento for their pic and some young pieces.
  5. He has the tools and size to be a good defender but I wonder if his scoring will ever come around.
  6. Well that should just about do it for Martin though I was really hoping they be more interested in a guard that can score. I like Josh Hart and Tyler Dorsey
  7. You dont know that player is tapped out potential wise until years after hes been drafted. Lets take Baldwin and Brogdon for example. Baldwin has all the potential in the world to be something. Brogdon came out as a rookie and was good. Now this FO knew going into the draft that they were gonna let the rookie pgs be the back up we already had Harrison who was shaky at best then we drafted Baldwin what if Baldwin never turns out to be what his potential suggests he should? How many solid years of Brogdon could we have had while we waited for Baldwin to realize his potential. Most young rookies picked outside of the lottery spend their whole rookie deal developing and they start to signs of what they are around 23-24 you can just draft an older rookie and hope you get lucky and hes the next Draymond for example.
  8. He's not gonna want to come here and sit behind Parsons though and Parsons will be the starter next season.
  9. I think Deyonta needs minutes to develop into Marc's replacement
  10. Of they draft a pg and sign Hayward then you would have to think Crowder and either Smart or Rozier would be available. Id try and get Rozier but Parsons makes getting Crowder impossible.
  11. I didn't say abandon development but maybe take rookies that are slightly more developed than Martin was.
  12. Pera had very little to do with anything basketball related. Wallace is the final voice he's the one that makes the calls. Now I'm not saying he is the ones that brings every new player in but he is the one that makes the actual call. So he has the last say so even if we have a guy that Wallace may not have liked, he didn't man up and say no we aren't drafting this guy or no we aren't signing him. Wallace is a yes man so if they come to a consensus on a player hes gonna go with that.
  13. He needs to be on a team that lets young guys play despite if they are ready or not. We have to remember he hasn't played basketball all that long so him having a low bball IQ makes sense. I just don't think we are the franchise to be taking on players like him cause we have no history of developing anyone.
  14. A trade chip? What for another second rounder?
  15. Doesn't really matter if I were the Celtics Id trade the pick they don't really need anymore young players see if they can finish the jimmy Butler deal.