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  1. Yea I look to you as the defense guy around here. Not so much specifically for Parsons but you always take the teams side when the board has gripes with something..
  2. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Oh I like Ennis but he is a upcoming FA so are we gonna pay him to stay?? I don't like losing players for nothing so Brooks could possibly make it easier to move him however they would need to bring in a sf of at least Ennis's caliber on a longer deal to make a trade make sense.
  3. How else would they be able to comment on message board topics if they weren't on them??
  4. Hell even you have more posts and you joined 2 years later plus I've seen your name pop up in threads I'm unfamiliar with "Hero" however but then again I haven't been on the board nearly as long as most of you
  5. I know but the lurkers don't usually come out with such bold defenses such as that...Just seems kinda fishy
  6. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Portland withdrew their offer Parrish went over that 100 times last year I would know cause he is always repeating himself. So no we were the only team to give him a solid Max offer
  7. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    I need to see Be and Wayne play before I am confident with this statement but I see Evans and Ennis being the ones that get traded this season.. Evans fit just seems odd I think Mario would be better off paired with Wayne or Andrew honestly I can see Brooks forcing his way into the starting lineup if he is consistent cause he's way more dynamic than Ennis but I feel it will all be based on whether Ben or Wayne can be legit at the 2. Also think Marc isn't the best fit with the style fizz is trying to play but he's still good so I won't beat him up for it.
  8. Well we'll do we have a mole in our midsts I found it odd how defensive of Parson's you were normally that is a role played by "Smit" but nothing he said stood out as much as your comments now KBM makes a post about 929 jokingly and here you come to the rescue again....looks like someone is close to exposing themselves been on the board since 2007 yet you aren't Hall of Fame???? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  9. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Exactly it sucks he got booed but oh well he has done very little to guage the fanbase and see what this city is about no one here cares about what celebrity he has sitting front row or any of that irrelevant BS he flaunts on social media this city cares about hardwork and resluts. He sticks out like a sore thumb on this roster but like I said it's not his fault we were the only team dumb enough to offer him a Max deal.
  10. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    If Parsons wasn't here none of this happens. I'm sure the fans that were booing don't think of it like me but this is should be a direct shot at the GM cause it's his fault Chandler is not gonna be what Wallace promised the fans he would be. Wallace never should have signed him Parson's is a distraction cause each game the story will be how well did Parsons play or does he still look injured or is he playing ahead of someone who should be playing. Until he fulfils the lofty promises that came with his signing "being the 3rd guy in the new core" people will be upset. Last night's storyline should have either been about Mike or Brooks yet it's about Parsons getting booed just like most of last year was about Parsons not being healthy. Parsons season needs to be the nail that either gets Wallace fired or the nail that keeps his coffin open a little longer
  11. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    What else do you expect Marc and Mike to say Marc showed his displeasure about Parsons not be helpful to the team last year and the media made a big deal about it...So of course they are gonna take his side.... Parsons got booed cause he was supposed to be the replacement for ZBo and TA yet he's now coming off the bench and they are both gone. Parsons got booed cause Chris Wallace dumb *** signed him to a Max contract when there were 1000 red flags saying not to. Parsons got booed cause the people were told he was cleared to play and looked good in training camp which likely was a stretch of the truth.... So don't get mad cause a section of the fans saw straight through all this BS trying to protect a bad decision if he doesn't want to get booed then he needs to play better or find a way out. It's not the fans fault he was hurt but it's not their responsibility to coddle the situation either. If it were possible Chris Wallace should get all of Chandler's boos but it's hard to boo a GM. If Chandler isn't good enough to do what he was brought here to do then like the Wade Baldwin situation Wallace needs to admit he was wrong find a way to move Parsons and resign plain and simple.
  12. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Brooks will be the reason Ennis gets traded at the deadline #Boldstatement
  13. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    Why are you keeping Baldwin??
  14. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    This why I don't understand Harrison criticism from the same fans that love TA... Like if Allen was still here people would be trying to figure out his spot in the rotation even though he's washed now. Harrison is a second round rookie playing off the ball mainly as a secondary playmaker and a defender on the wing. He normally takes the tougher match up to ease the pressure on Mike and he has served his role pretty well yet we want to complain cause he's not a knockdown shooter
  15. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    It's funny I don't remember this much chirping about TA's offense... People were happy to have him running around missing lay ups not even being guarded by the defense. Long as he created some random havoc and yelled first team people were all for it... Now all of a sudden if a player has bad shooting percentages he's trash no matter what else he can do well it's gonna be real gloomy around here cause I don't see Harrison getting moved