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  1. 15 minutes ago, Grizzled Vet said:

    I hate the way the NBA distributed the Grizzlies schedule this year.

    Way to many longer home stands that have kept the crowd size lower.  I can't imagine a lot of smaller markets doing well with 3 home games in 4 or 5 days. 

    Probably not an issue in New  York or LA, but I'm guessing most the smaller markets have an issue with it.

    Good point.

  2. 44 minutes ago, Dwash said:


    I see you didnt respond to anything I really said. I dont care how they used him last night. Im saying straight up, **** him and how they are using him. Really. Using him as a focal point any way on the court is not going to create some consistent method of offensive success. They have tried and tried to use him in many ways. In the post, elbow, at the three point line. He isnt consistently efficient and does little with the game on the line. You cant see that? In the post he isnt good. On the perimeter he is too slow,  especially against a quicker big who can hedge and recover. Now when he puts it on the floor teams are baiting him to spin backwards and waiting to rip him on the spin. Last night he got off with some catch and shoot jumpers.  9 of his 11 field goals were no dribble jump shots. As you saw in the 4th the other team will clamp down on that. This makes what he does a bonus. A random hot streak. Rarely is this going to produce a high scoring efficient night. Thats why Im saying f him.

    I didn't see anyone clamping down on him, all I saw was Mario trying to do way to much and coming up short except for the 3 he hit in the corner and guess who passed him the ball, Gasol. Apparently most of the people at the game doesn't feel the same way some of these posters on this board do about him.

  3. JB is not as good of a coach as his dad was. JB took over a team that was 4-7, a team that had won 56 games the prior year and he only came in with a 37-34 record after he took over. If you look at Bernie's record he improved the Sonics every year he was there. CW made a big mistake when he selected him but it would have been hard to bring in a coach that hadn't been involved with the Grizz.

  4. 2 hours ago, Memfizz said:

    Are you high? It's actually the opposite. But I'm not surprised coming from you.

    Gasol operates much better against bigger centers because he can feel them out from his post, the smaller ones are what gives him trouble and get into his head.

    I'll never forget when Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes switched off on Gasol and shut him down because Gasol simply doesn't know how to back down, he only knows finesse.

    You're the biggest fool on the board.

  5. JB, you're gonna have to rein Mario in or sit him out. Fiz let him run wild and it got him fired and now you are doing the same thing and it's going to get you fired 2. Didn't you see how wild the crowd went last night when Gasol was balling and you let Mario screw things up just   like Fiz did. Gasol was on fire and he didn't even get a shot until the game was just about over, you know who that comes back 2? YOU

  6. 10 hours ago, bhoyal said:

    It's the cautionary tale of be careful what you wish for.

    Gasol and Evans combined for 55 points tonight.    Everybody on here was wild and crazy over JaM and Ennis.  They combined for 7.

    Despite Gasol's 30 & 10 double double, he is who people will gripe about.  Not the scrubs who are barely even NBA level players.


    You forget, the Grizz was missing their 2 highest paid players. Gasol is not a SS, he is just a corner brick in the wall. I think the Grizz should have learned something from the game last night, getting up and down the court even helps Gasol get better shots.

  7. 12 minutes ago, Dwash said:

    I question what he is really capable of. I think last night was a bit fluky. When he does stuff like that he is hot and is getting the looks he likes.  Consistency and reliabilty is what makes a superstar. Being able to turn up when the chips are down is what makes a goto guy. Not just having random hot quarters. If Kyle Korver gets some looks from the perimeter and puts up 20, its great, but you dont know if you can count on 20 efficient points the next game or even 20 inefficient points. He might only give you 5.

    I am very surprised that none of you so called basketball fans has noticed that Gasol has trouble with teams that have BIG centers and John Henson.

  8. 1 hour ago, TimBC said:

    The Celtics have rarely, if ever, had reason to consider tanking.

    lakers did recently, but like us, they didn't need to.

    we have one chance to get better, and it's that draft pick.

    Oh man, get out of town, they were nothing until Kevin McHale gave them Garnett and they added Ray Allen. They let Billups go, had the 2 Ky boys but they never went anywhere under Pitino.

  9. 1 hour ago, smit-tay griz said:


    Lately I would say it's been the opposite (I'm talking about where you would expect a late second round pick in his second season to be).  Harrison makes way better decisions overall than many of the younger guys.  If he could just shoot a little better...

    I agree that Jam hasn't been rebounding as well as I had hoped on a consistent basis, but he has played better the last few games overall.

    JMG not rebounding very good is because of Gasol being down on the low post. You got 2 around Gasol and JMGs' guy, it's hard to rebound when it is 3 against 1.

  10. 32 minutes ago, smit-tay griz said:

    Well, we can't have a team hero in a loss according to the Chip Crain rules, but Marc and Tyreke both had a good game.  We also got good minutes from Jarrell Martin, who I haven't really been a fan of, but I will root for him until the end just because he wears Beale St. blue.  Kobi Simmons also had some good minutes.  Dillon Brooks showed us what we saw early in the season again , nice game.  DD had good minutes in the first half, I think his second wasn't as good, but I still like what he can give us.

    Funny how Memfizz disappeared when Marc started lighting it up, but I'm sure he will give us a good excuse.

    Well you have STUDS & DUDS thanks to GF1. I like the way the young guns played tonight, you know those guys who aren't deserving to be on the NBA. A good coach might be able to make a STUD out of Jarell, he's got so much talent and ability but I think he has be ingrained so much with get it to M&M. These damp guards don't know you can't throw down at the knees, it's hard for a big guy to run and bend that far over to pick up the ball. He'd have a better chance at an extra high lob.

  11. 19 hours ago, Memfizz said:

    I think Fiz is just too intelligent for some of you and obviously confusing for a guy with a language barrier (Marc) to be completely honest.

    Fizdale flashing his 'rings' is just him being him..flashing his 'bling', in a way to tease guys and motivate them in a bit of a humorous way.  It's funny when someone takes it so literal and acts like he's the devil to do such a thing.

    Fiz has a sense of humor, you should try it.  When fans come out with giant glasses on you think Fiz was crying inside thinking they're making fun of him? No, he was being embraced and had a good personality for most NBA players and fans.  Sorry stuff like this goes over your head.

    You would've probably gone ballistic if Hollins had done what Fiz did but Hollins actually did win his ring.

  12. 54 minutes ago, Dwash said:

    Nobody said anything about Olajuwon. The question is are we trying to build an offense around a guy who should be a complimentary player.

    Yeah they are but is that his fault or the coach'? He's never really been the offensive powerhouse on a consistent basis that most people on this board think he should've been. He is a good solid player but when the coaches tries to get him to do more than he can, he constantly fails. 7 footers don't need to be trying to dribble the ball down the lane, they have to bounce the ball too high.

    A guy like Kevin McHale could make Marc much stronger on offense down low and JMG and JM also. It seems a lot of people on this board wants to blame Marc for what is the coaches' fault.

  13. On 12/15/2017 at 9:24 AM, ItIsWhatItIs said:

    We're cheering for the betterment of the team. When your house burns down you tear down what's left, you don't try to build around it.

    That depends on how badly it is burned, that would be the same with any sports team. If you got the money, you can do what you want but if not, then you have to take what and do what the insurance payout will allow you do.