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  1. We have the 3rd worst record in the league

    When your coach keeps doing the same thing over and over expecting things to turn out differently then you have a coach problem. This has been an ongoing thing with OKC ever since Adams joined their team.
  2. We have the 3rd worst record in the league

    No he is not. Maybe JB needs someone giving him advice, like Adams has been giving Gasol fits for a few years now. I would've went with DD and Gasol together to see if DD could contain him and on offense let Gasol play the high post, DD is getting much better down low. I really doubt Wallace is telling JB who to put on the floor.
  3. We have the 3rd worst record in the league

    Because he isn't the 1 coaching the team or putting the players on the floor.
  4. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    I still think they gave Conley and Gasol too much green. This team is better than what they are playing. It hurts when Parsons doesn't play.
  5. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    Nope I'm still bleeding blue. Sometimes I want to cry.
  6. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    I don't get it, DD has played really well the last 2 games but JB hasn't given him much PT in the 2nd half. I don't think he is a good coach.
  7. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    I thought you must be dead. Glad to see you back.
  8. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    I don't understand JB taking out McLemore when he did to give him a blow, you want him to stay as hot as he could.
  9. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    You should watch the old NBA, when a player couldn't get up on his own they called a trainer to him.
  10. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    Are you laughing so hard that you are crying?
  11. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    I would rather have Jarell on him. He's too strong and tall for Brooks. Look what DeRozan did to him.
  12. If Philly is willing to let him go for a 2nd round pick. That would allow Marc to go to the high post. They probably would never get a player with the potential that he has with a 2nd pick.
  13. I have no regrets moving on from Zach Randolph

    He wouldn't have walked if they had offered him anything. They wanted 1 last shot with him and that went out the door when TA got hurt.
  14. I have no regrets moving on from Zach Randolph

    1 or 2 was all the ever shot for the Grizz. Wouldn't surprise me if he were the only Grizz to ever make 2 from 60+.
  15. Oklahoma @ Memhpis 12/09/17

    Dillon Brooks can't handle Paul George either. I don't see why the coaches can't see that is a bad matchup.
  16. How long is J B going to last?

    They got to get better at handling it.
  17. How long is J B going to last?

    Well they're playing better but they can't handle the pressure when the other team ups theirs. You think Jarell might be getting traded?
  18. Toronto @ Memphis 12/08/17

    Jarell was 4-6 against the Knicks yet he didn't even get on the floor tonight. Gasol missing about 6 in a row really did hurt.
  19. Toronto @ Memphis 12/08/17

    The bench was 18-30. That's about 60%.
  20. Need to go big tonight

    Start JM, or JE, JMG, MG, AH and TE, make it tough on DeRozen and Lowry. Put DB back on the 2nd unit even though he has been playing pretty good. The Grizz hasn't been winning much since he was elevated to the starting unit.
  21. Need to go big tonight

    I don't think he can handle DeRozen, I want a pretty agile bigger guy. Tyreke could go half and half with Parsons if he play, they work good together.
  22. I think the Grizz should go after Okafor

    Would you have given up a 1st for them?
  23. How about another prediction

    Do you think the Grizz will make it back to 500? If so how many games do you think it will take? I say they will in 46 games.
  24. How long is J B going to last?

    You know what, that is just ( creatively spelled cuss word was here)STUPID. Look at who the GRIZZ played before and after Fiz was fired
  25. We could be looking at new ownership in October

    They do have talent and it wouldn't surprise me if the come roaring back. I do believe NO has less attendance than Memphis does. Look at Atlanta now.