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  1. Grizzlies Shot Charts - 2013

    To me, this is very misleading, CL is shooting 55.6 from 2 land, TA is shooting 49.3, 2 land must be based on shooting 50% or else there wouldn't be all that difference.
  2. Do We Need To Make A Trade?

    As I remember, Cowens was ****** off at the Celtics for trading Paul Silas as they had just won a championship.
  3. Grizzlies & Rockets - 1/25/2014

    One other thing Smit-tay, in Fridays' game the Grizz had 85 shots, Saturdays' 107.
  4. Grizzlies & Rockets - 1/25/2014

    Smit-tay</p> In the first 11 games Gasol played the Grizzlies shot 100 or more attempts 3 times, 90+4 times and 80+4 times with most being 108 in a loss to SA and 83 the least Indy. 92.9 attempts pg. In the 10 games (pre JJ)they shot 100+ 2 times 90+ 7 times and 80+ 1 time going 3-7 with 105 being the most and 89 the least. 96.1 atts In the 12 with JJ, 100+ 8 times 90+ 2 times and 80+ 2 times going 7-5 with the most attempts being 111 and 83 the least vs Bulls 97.2 atts Since Gasol returned 100+2 times 90+ 2 times 80+ 1 time going 4-1. 96.2 atts
  5. Mike Conley Snubbed

    Is it not East against West anymore? If so, why are you even mentioning Rose Beal Kyrie or Korver?
  6. Hollins Style Bball Looks Terrible, Joerger Bball Works Plus Exciting

    Last night is a good example of why Koufus should be kept, he was brought here to be a back-up center and he is doing that quite well. Yeah the Grizz does need another pg, although I now think it may be possible for Calathes to play better in an uptempo game.
  7. Grizzlies & Rockets - 1/25/2014

    (Does it matter?) Smit-tay,Sure it matters I gives the players more confidence that they can beat them. I couldn't believe how few people were at the game.
  8. Grizzlies & Rockets - 1/25/2014

    Anyone who don't think this was an uptempo game has got to be fooling themselves, 109 fg attempts, 99 points total after scoring only 16 in the 1st quarter. The bench scored 23 of 30 points in the 2nd Q, 44 for the game. Awesome game.
  9. Grizzlies & Rockets - 1/25/2014

    Wonder why Leure didn't get to play any, he in the dog house?
  10. Grizzlies & Rockets - 1/25/2014

    Here's hoping the Grizzlies keeps Parsons from setting the record for 3s in consecutive games.
  11. Zbo And Davis Vs Playoff Pfs.

    That tip also counts as a rebound for him so why not consider it a shot just like it does for all the other players in the league.
  12. Grizzlies & Rockets - 1/25/2014

    No Sam I'm her eighth old man I'm Henerie Henerie the eight I am I am
  13. Grizzlies & Rockets - 1/25/2014

    Second verse same as the first.
  14. Grizzlies @ Rockets - 1/24/2014

    (Davis got his points against Motiejunas and Zbo got his against Howard,) I could only find where Z made 3 points against Howard in the 1st half, 9 in the second half.
  15. Grizzlies @ Rockets - 1/24/2014

    Marshall had 11 assists last night against the Heat.
  16. Grizzlies @ Rockets - 1/24/2014

    Great win tonight. Need another one tomorrow night.
  17. Grizzlies @ Rockets - 1/24/2014

    Big game tonight, need a win. My motto is, hammer Hardin, he's going get the call anyhow.
  18. Hollins Style Bball Looks Terrible, Joerger Bball Works Plus Exciting

    One thing I saw when the team was playing good was that Z had widened out and was shooting more from the outside which is something I had been talking about. His posting down load don't work, it clogs up the lane for Conley to drive to the goal. They can give it to Z outside and let him shoot or drive but keep the lane open for other guys to do to the goal.
  19. Importance Of Backup Pg

    GTF You are just not getting with the program here, repeat this over and over, former champion who brings veteran leadership to the Grizzlies. That's what PP, BK, and ST say, former champion who brings veteran leadership to the team. Now say it again. Looks like to me he should be drawing SS.
  20. These guys are playing good ball now.
  21. What's Going To Happen When Gasol Comes Back

    Yes I would if I only could I surely would.
  22. Hollins Style Bball Looks Terrible, Joerger Bball Works Plus Exciting

    It didn't happen too much last year.
  23. Do We Need To Make A Trade?

    WOW, Gasol not a key asset??? You got to be kidding me.
  24. What's Going To Happen When Gasol Comes Back

    You don't think Jabbar was a big man?
  25. Hollins Style Bball Looks Terrible, Joerger Bball Works Plus Exciting

    I can take looking good and losing to good teams a whole lot better than looking terrible and losing to sheety teams.